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Marketing intelligence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Marketing intelligence - Essay ExampleMore and more than than consumers atomic number 18 shifting their get patterns and are aligning them with the ethical consumption which caters for the requirements of environment. (Joergens, 2006) As consumers are decorous more ethical in nature, they expect the firms which they deal with to act ethically, too. Showing concern for environment and defend it are also important ethical issues. (Bezencon and Blili, 2010) New and renewed concern for the environment is translating itself into unique consumer buying decisions. There is a growing trend where consumers also tend to prefer to do their weddings in a manner which supports the environment. The overall marketplace of super acid weddings is on the rise, as people are showing more concern for the environment and are willing to act as eco-friendly stakeholders. (Grant, 2008) The existing location Manor post and its overall proximity with the nature can really prepare it to cater to the needs of customers who need green weddings. However, in order to know whether consumers will be willing to do duty with us and practice our green wedding facilities, it is important to perform a system marketing research and review to take care the trends. ... In order to particularly cater to the needs of customers looking for eco-friendly places to perform their weddings, it is critical to develop cross-selling opportunities so that consumers can get a complete shopping experience. (Askegaard and Bengtsson, 2005) In order to understand the dynamics of the market and to understand consumers buying behavior, it is important to perform a market research. In order to develop a comprehensive marketing plan, it is important to perform external and internal analysis of the environment in which this proposed business will operate. External Analysis Political Environment Political environment in UK is stable, with government being supportive of establishing free enterprises. Laws are b eing made in a manner which is supportive of the firms, with lowly or no interference from state into the affairs of the firms. There may be no risks of political destabilization which can actually result into significant threats and risks for business. Economic Environment The economy of the UK is experiencing economic downturn and is not experiencing the required level of economic growth. Low economic growth and the depressed future outlook, therefore, are adversely affecting the consumer confidence. Low consumer confidence may result into low consumer buying activity and indeed can reduce the demand for new services and products. Consumers prefer to save rather than spend, causing downsizing in consumer spending and demand. Social Factors As discussed above, trends are suggesting that society as a whole prefers to conserve the environment and give more credibility to the firms which enhance the environment and protect it. Consumers are becoming more aware of

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As Most Theories on Motivation Are Ethnocentric In Nature, They Have Essay

As Most Theories on Motivation Are Ethnocentric In Nature, They redeem Little Value in A Geocentric World - Essay ExampleEthnocentrism is considered as types of attitudes as well as conducts of various individuals. Ethnocentrism behaviour involves cooperation of members within groups and absence of cooperation outside groups. An individual with ethnocentric behaviour considers ones group as superior and outside group as inferior and disgraceful. The deductive reasoning of ethnocentrism is not only present in war and conflict rather it may be open in consumer choice. It also arises from the competition between individuals. There is no precise difference between the evolutionary procedures in order to deal with own group members and members of other groups (Axelrod & Hammond, 2003).In ethnocentrism facts, the psychological aspects of individuals possess two negative and positive outcomes. It may also cause misunderstanding and intercultural-willingness-to-communicate may get decrea sed. When the sensitivity of intercultural confabulation increases, the competence level also rises, but ethnocentrism acts as an obstacle to intercultural dialogue competence. The sensitivity of intercultural communication as well as multiculturalism encourages cultural diversity and maintains cultural appreciation so as to cause the people for eliminating ethnocentrism (Dong & Et. Al., n.d.).The policy of ethnocentrism may lead to cultural myopia and the staffing of ethnocentric brings restriction in the growing of opportunities in host nations (Hill, 2008).

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Middle Eastern Studies Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Middle eastern hemisphereern Studies - frontier Paper ExampleOthers include the nationalization of assets previously owned by strangeers or enemies of state and foreign aid. Collectively, such taxation streams are economically referred to as lock similarly, states that are primarily dependent on such revenue streams are referred to as rentier states (Gelvin 247). Infamously, such states are referred to allocation states coined from the fact that the states distribution of rent generated in the aforementioned manner favors particular clients or projects. Each state in the Middle East-more or less- relies on rent income. In the period between 1980 and 1988, a third of Egypts government revenue was derived from rent. Over the same period, it also benefited substantially from aid from the United States amounting to about $2 billion yearly (Gelvin 247). The involvement of Western powers in the cover wealth of the Middle East has entrenched historical backgrounds. more(prenominal) specifically, their participation was cemented through the establishment of agreements or concessions that saw the emergence of strong consortia that have firm hold-unto now-within the petroleum industry (Fawcett and Giacomo 15). Oil companies would come together to undertake large contracts which exceeded the capacity of any single firm. such(prenominal) contracts perhaps uncharacteristically so-extended between sixty and septetty-five years and granted these consortia exclusive rights to exploit, produce, refine, transport and merchandise the oil. Over the past half century, the most dominant consortium in the oil industry has been that of the seven sisters consisting of Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, Gulf Texaco and British Petroleum (Gelvin 249). However, the blatant imbalance in the distribution of the benefits from oil exploitation as to the host nations propelled the formation of an association that would better represent the concerns of oil producers. Furthermore the threat of dim inished returns arising from a fall in demand and subsequent slashing of prices by the consuming West-as was the case during the recession of the 1960s- had to be effectively dealt with. The formation of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in 1970 significantly increased this power and with it oil prices rose by 380 percent. Oil wealth therefore shifted from the industrialized and importing Western states to the producing Middle East (Gelvin 250). The Middle East has seen the staging of two major games. Firstly, and which has recently surfaced with revolutionary effects, that of citizens and governments usually on oppose ends and rarely in cooperation (Richards and Waterbury 1). The recent revolutions in Middle Eastern states-dubbed the Arab Spring-such as Libya, Syria, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Greece have born raise to this play. In this game, the motive and desire for the advancement of prosperity and national development has seen the ousting of long-serv ing governments. In Egypt, specifically, it has seen a transition in which the ousted government and long-serving officials additionally face criminal proceedings. The political space internally is highly uncertain with the much anticipated calls for free and fair elections pitted against the influence of the interim Egyptian army council. Secondly, another battle is underway intersecting the region

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Comparative Legal System Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Comparative Legal System - Article ExampleDuring the early centuries, the judge and justices were responsible for adapting the writ system to meet everyday needs, and the application of a mixture of common sense and precedent in order to create a body of intern eachy consistent law. For example, the Law Merchant began in the Pie-Powder Courts (a degeneration of the French pieds-poudrs or dusty feet, meaning ad hoc marketplace courts). As Parliament developed in strength, and field to the doctrine of separation of powers, legislation gradually overtook judicial law making so that, today, judges are only able to innovate in certain very narrowly defined areas. succession before 1189 was defined in 1276 as being time immemorial. (English law English law. http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_law) According to bloody shame Ann Glendon, Reception of a sanctioned system depends upon the fusion of the local culture with that of the settling nation ... Where a cultural assimilation has oc curred, the English common law has shown remarkable capacity for adaptation. (Mary Ann Glendon et al 1999)During the British Empire, Britain exported its legal system to various countries in the Commonwealth of Nations, including the United States, and many aspects of the British legal system rich person persisted since the withdrawal of the British. English law before the Independence Wars still has an influence on the law in the United States, and English law provides the basis for some American policies and legal traditions. Many states that were powerly subject to English law (such as Australia) continue to recognise a link to English law - subject, of course, to statutory modification and judicial revision to match the law to local conditions - and decisions from the English law reports continue to be cited from time to time as persuasive authority in present day judicial opinions. For a few states, the British Privy Council remains the ultimate court of appeal (English_law h ttp//www.smso.net/English_law)Similarly, beca make use of the UK remains a vigorous international trading nation, international consistency of decision making is of vital importance, so the Admiralty is strongly influenced by Public International Law and the modern commercial treaties and conventions regulating shipping (http//www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/English-law) As former colonists of Great Britain, the Founding Fathers of the United States tended to adopt much of the British legal system. The United States, Great Britain and Wales all have a law that is made by courts (common law) rather than laws handed down by a monarch or some other central governmental authority such as a legislature. The jury, a panel of ordinary citizens chosen to decide a case, is an integral part of our common-law system. consumption of juries to decide cases, is a distinguishing feature of the American legal system. Few other countries in the world use juries as we do in the United States. Ove r the centuries, many people have believed that juries in close to cases reach a fairer and more just result than would be obtained using a judge alone, as many

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Soda Ban NYC Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Soda Ban NYC - Research Paper ExampleIt is in the wake of this view that the Mayor of New York decided to undertake yet another step to help the citizenry visit back on its damaging lifestyle, reduce soda intake.This move comes at a time when triplet crucial issues loom over the city. The first one is that previous methods to address obesity yield stripped positive outcomes. In the past, the mayor has implemented a few notable policies. Restaurants indicate on the fare the amount of large calories in each meal, but people still order big Macs. A ghastly depiction of the dangers of smoking did nothing to reduce the smoking rates (Hu). Stores started stocking low fat draw and replaced white bread with whole meal bread, but there is little to report in hear to positive results. As such, naked as a jaybird more aggressive methods beckon, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg is taking the bull by its horns.Secondly, the health of the population is at its worst compared to a decade ago. Th e connection between the high rates of burthen gain and the lifestyle of the people is not questionable. Shockingly one of the lifestyles people choose is the high calorie giant sodas It is shocking because people have alternative, healthy beverages, but they still prefer unhealthy soda. Doctors take aim that there is an increase in diabetes, hypertension, and cardio vascular complications related to unhealthy lifestyles and weight gain (Hu). These complications are liable for a significant portion of mortality among Americans. Sadly, even young children are catching on with the new trend of diseases previously thought to affect only adults. Doctor Dr. Steven M. Safyer is clear on the fact that go through too many calories in the absence of exercise is a sure way of adding not notwithstanding weight but excess weight.Thirdly, the cost of health care is spiking, and the amount of money spent on these health complications is crippling. Currently, over 20% of national medical spen ding is for addressing obesity and related

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A proposal to Rutgers University about the increasing problem of Research

A to Rutgers University about the change magnitude problem of mixing energy drinks with alcohol on college campuses - Research Proposal ExampleOn college campuses, a high concentration of the age group likely to use these beverages is found, putting universities in a curious position to provide educational and preventative interventions.On November 17, 2010, the United States Food and Drug Administration issued pen warnings to manufacturers of alcoholic beverages with added caffeine (FDA, 2010). The FDA had both reviewed existing medical literature and conducted independent lab tests on the beverages, and in the process found them to be representative of a significant public health concern (FDA, 2010). As more data surface suggesting the health risks associated with these beverages, it is necessary to evaluate how their use and availability on college campuses could trespass students health and well-being. Based on an analysis of recent peer-reviewed studies, this literature revie w will provide a background context from which to view the issue contribute to the identification of methods and interventions that will raise awareness on the Rutgers campus contribute suggestions for reducing the harm that results from the use of alcoholic caffeinated beverages.Alcoholic beverages with added caffeine are relatively untested products. In 1997, the first energy drink to achieve mainstream popularity was introduced (Red Bull) (Malinauskas et al., 2007). The first Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages (CABs) entered the merchandise about five years later in 2002 (CDC, 2010). The beverages saw a very rapid and nippy increase in popularity, with 337,500 gallons sold in their first year and 22,905,000 gallons sold in 2008 (CDC, 2010). What was at angiotensin converting enzyme time a niche product is now available in retail outlets and convenience stores, and by 2008 there were 25 brands selling the beverages (CDC, 2010). The advertising industry has capitalized on the drin ks attractiveness to young people by creating ad campaigns that are similarly attractive to that age group (CDC, 2010). With names like Sparks,

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Wal mart Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Wal mart - Essay Examplegovernment for $508 million, it can be predicted that the verdict of the solicit will be in favor of the plaintiffs, as this case is also headed in the same stress (Forbes, 2004).Being an HR, at the outset, I will try to accumulate the statistical data that can be used by the plaintiffs. The next step will be to locate any such accompaniment that could reveal the companies position against the issues raised. For an instance, if the accumulated data support that few of the women employees are in high-paying job compared to their masculine counterparts, then it might be beneficial for the company to handle the issue.Simultaneously, I shall give my entire motility to ensure that the pay system is fair. Publicizing data is definitely subject to admission of the liability for preceding(a) discrimination but on the basis of the current status of the case, it can be said that thither is minimal chances of getting victory. Therefore, it will be better to emphasi ze more on modifying the policies and previous practices to kick upstairs the productivity and future performance level of employees.In March 2005, Wal-Mart was fined $ 11 million because of employing myriad of mislabeled immigrants to clean its stores in United States. From Wal-Marts perspective, it was made clear that they did not have any reading regarding the status of the nationalities of the employee force as their contractors were in charge of hiring. This is another legal issue that involved Wal-Mart (White, n.d.).Sournar, F. A., (2007). liquidate Discrimination Backfires on Wal-Mart. The Smith College Sophian. Retrieved Online on September 20, 2010 from http//media.www.smithsophian.com/media/storage/paper587/news/2007/02/15/Opinions/Pay-Discrimination.Backfires.On.WalMart-2723733.shtmlWhite, D., (No Date). Part 3 - US Employers Routinely Hire Illegal Immigrants, With Little Penalty. Illegal Immigration Explained - Profits & Poverty,

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Health Care Providers in Different Religions Essay

Health Care Providers in Different Religions - canvass ExampleIn m any(prenominal) cases however, one does encounter a variety of different faiths when seeking unwrap health safeguard. In Christianity there are seven aspects of providing health care to uncomplainings. All of these are fastened to religion and the Holy Bible and its sayings. The first is a moral code of conduct and justification that go forth guide health care providers to tend to patient ofs in a manner that is in alignment with religion. much(prenominal) as the fact that they cannot present life threatening drugs or force people to take a drug that may cause death. At the same(p) time, women cannot be advised of abortion etc. secondly the doctor patient relationship conducts to be built on the element of trust the patient is entitled to receive all the information regarding treatment, health care and any aspect of a military operation that they pitch to undergo. Even though the provider is the true heale r and is believed to be so by the patient as well, all sides of the story is a duty of the doctor to the patient. Thirdly, patients are autonomous, that is, they are allowed to make any decision they want to, after being presented all the facts of the situation. At the same time, health care providers have to act like good citizens, victorious it on their conscience to care for the patient and heal them and not just go with with this procedure in a mechanical fashion, exclusively to be fondness and loving and compassionate towards the patient. God will only show mercy to him who showed mercy on his creation, and so providers need to offer not just treatment but compassion and mercy to patients, praying for their well-being and taking it as a duty as Gods servants to take care of his creation. At the same time there is the concept of non-maleficence in Christianity which essentially translates into never trauma anyone. According to this principle, health care providers need to be such that they give the pay kind of prescription to the right patient and they need to assess whether a particular treatment would harm or benefit the patient in question. Christianity withal believes in the principle of justice. Therefore patients are all to be treated equally and fairly, and treated work on depth of the providers ability as that is their right as not just patients of the doctor, but also as human beings. He is also to provide access to the patients to health care if he himself cannot suffice. Lastly, it is believed that one, no matter what profession he follows, must have a character of integrity and virtue, so that no matter who he is dealing with, he will uphold his virtuous character and appoint to the Bible and never wander from what it deems to be right and wrong. (Benedict M. Ashley, 2006) It is the general view, that all the principles aforementioned should be followed, whether the soulfulness seeking treatment is a Christian or otherwise. Doctors nee d to be compassionate, caring, try their best to hold the proper and complete treatment to their patients, while at the same time, upholding the ethics of their profession, that is, anything that can cause harm to their patients is supposed to be out of the question. However, some cultures and religions have different aspects or an addition to the aforementioned principles. Buddhism originated through the concept of suffering, the state of the soul being in trouble rather than the body being in any agony. The Buddhists believe in both technique and discipline, and those principles along with the eight fold path define all other aspects of life even health care. The eight fold path includes right speech, right view, right

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Tourism Sculpture Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Tourism Sculpture - Assignment ExampleBarossa world(prenominal) work symposium, which took place in 1988, resulted to Barossa Sculpture Park after nine sculptors met and carved sculptures in granite and local marble. The parkland is situated at Mengler Hill Rd, a short distance from Tanunda by car. The sculptures were created to express the spirit and ambience of Barossa as well as reflect the environment (Mayer, 2013). The challenges facing this sculpture park is lack of vie grounds for children and poor access to public mode of transport.The China Changchun International sculpture symposia have resulted to Changchun introduction Sculpture Park and five other sculpture parks. The Changchun World Sculpture Park has 451 sculptures made by 400 national sculptors from various regions and countries and is located at the South of Renmin Street, at Urban City. The park is extensive with large bronze and stone sculptures, over 6 meters tall, at the parkland setting. It also has a sla m of a huge lake that adds to the parks serenity. Changchun world Sculpture Park is spread over 90 hectares of land and has the largest sculptures in China. The park has displayed hundreds of African woodcarving, foreign and Chinese fine sculptures. Marble sculpture International symposia resulted to sculpture park in Thassos with the help of Emmy Varouxaki who invited and hosted artists in Thassos and provide them with raw materials to create their works at the marble of Thassos . The sculpture park of Thassos is located at the olive groove of Lampidis family in Kalirahi village.

Research paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 28

Research Paper ExampleMany societies around the world wear from poverty as a result of poor methods of sustainable development in the past(DeNavas-Walt and Proctor, 11). Poverty in various societies around the world is rooted from cultural and historical events. For instance, Poverty in America is portrayed by economic inflation created in the transition from the period after the American Revolution which was exalt by rebuilding strategies as the nation had undergone through a massive loss of lives and property cost billions of dollars. This document looks at the difference and similarities depicted in the transition with a comparison to Orwells supposition of poverty as written in experience and Out in Paris and London. Orwells Down and Out in Paris and London, is a reflection of the current poverty state in or so parts of the United States as it consists of similar events which link the 20th and 21st century.Down and Out in Paris and London, is George Orwells story about the poverty state of immigrants living in Paris and London. In the story, the narrator tells the challenges that befall foreigners when in search for employment in a foreign land. He acquired his starting job as a dishwasher in one of the hotels in Paris where employees who were mostly foreigners worked for xii hours each day of the week with little pay. This made him live in a small and inveterately sloppy room as there were no maids to clean the room since they were extremely cheap. The narrators plaza of residence depicted poverty in the immigrant society as most of his neighbours were foreigners from different countries in europium with few coming from other continents around the world. The narrator describes the condition of the room in which he lived eon in Paris saying, The walls were as thin as matchwood, and to hide the cracks they had been covered with degree after layer of pink paper, which had come loose and housed

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World Peace and Prayer Day Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

World Peace and Prayer Day - Research Paper Exampleent epoch crisis were over consumption, population offshoot, pollution and natural resource depletion have damaged the life-sustaining capabilities of our Earth. Nuclear, biological and chemic technologies be wiping out humanity and making the planet unable to self-sustain (Susie, 2013). We have a short meter to cherish the earth and thus the message by the White Buffalo of global harmony, peace and wholeness should be sent worldwide.In the year 1985, the message of justice was addressed to the worlds concourse while inviting them for a new social order consideration. The greatest process of world peace and the foundational elements are addressed within The Promise of World Peace, a document drafted by the Universal church building House of Justice. World peace is a tool for peace, happiness and freedom among all the nations and plurality of the world. All nations should cooperate voluntarily or under a governance system, thu s preventing warfare. The term very much refers to absence of hostility among all humanity. It crosses boundaries finished technology, medicine, diplomats, engineering and human rights, and in this way, it aids in addressing or so of the worlds problems such as climate change, desertification and global warming that has to be addressed through a peaceful global consensus (Susie, 2013).Ancient prophecies have predicted the time when overconsumption, pollution, natural resource depletion and population growth is damaging the life-sustaining capabilities of the Earth. The personal commitment of the Chief Looking horse as a keeper in the sacred bundle is assisting in the fulfillment of the Mending Hoop of Nations. Besides working with his community, he also conducted meetings with the spiritual and global leaders worldwide in addition to offering prayers and speaking at environmental symposiums and universities. The mission of the Chief Looking horse with the Prayer and World Peace Day has make tremendous contributions to the progress of World Peace

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Organizational Change Applications Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

organisational Change Applications Paper - Essay ExampleThis is the process used by a company to put through its desired and required channels in it. And also controlling the environmental impacts of this change within and outside of the company. This enquiry paper leave behind sell up almost all the basic concepts of Change and also cover up all the steps involved in Change Control and Procedures. This method will be applied to Amazon, the number one internet company, that have the best internet online library for its readers. With the help of funny procedure and planning, it is possible to reduce risks associated with changes thereby minimizing the likelihood of detrimental impacts on business operations (5 posting to minimize risk).A change is something that is completely unavoidable and it is one of the most adopted facts of life. To be changed, is a matter of human nature and the need of time in order to provide defined armed service Level to the users and give them ultim ate satisfaction. Amazon, with its advanced Information Technology, is required to give all the required books to its customers at its library (How to Make Better Decisions).To bring change, is to bring betterment and advancement for the maximize availability of products. But, at Amazon, we will maintain our standard along and with the adoption of new enabling technologies for our clients, whose mostly argon students. Although this change will help us grow our business and bring positive feedback to us but, we surely will maintain a high level of internal security of the company (Amazon, 2012).Amazon was founded in 1994 Founded in 1994 in Seattle, USA and currently it has up to 28,300 employees working with its online internet and shopping services. Amazon is the Global draw in e-commerce and a best internet company which has a wide range of products for its customers which all are available at very affordable price and

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Union Organization Campaigns Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Union cheek Campaigns - Research Paper ExampleFrom the critical perspective, the overall efficacy of grasp union and its ability to save up entrusted objectives is largely determined with the effectualness of union organizational campaigns and tactics utilized to achieve desirable goals. Unions scum bag organize corporate campaigns ranging from various on-job actions and litigation to strike and negative publicity campaigns. The overall purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of union organizational campaign, its triumph or failure is to reveal combinations of tactics useful in specific labor actions that ar associated with more coherent strategies for winning employer concessions. Since the late 1970s, scholars have taken notice of unions change magnitude use of union organizational campaigns. Some view it as the means necessary to make labor more mobile and flexible, in order to keep up with how corporations have restructured themselves to compete in the world(a) economy. Business has become leaner and meaner incorporating changes to increase productivity and cut costs (Champlin and Knoedler, 1999). Union organizational campaigns are attempts to address these new transformations in the economic environment through focused strategies executed to bring counselling into bargaining and counter unfriendly labor actions through targeting a companys points of vulnerability in order to change magnitude its profits (Heckscher, 1988).Others authors see the incorporation of new tactics as facilitating the overall expansion of union membership, resulting in a revitalized workers social movement. s social movement. They estimate this will increase the side of unions through increasing the power of unions as a whole. This perspective supports restructuring in order to change value and objectives within unions so that they can gain external benefits, such as increasing membership (Moody, 1998). shakeup would include forging multi-union connections to coordinate bargaining across industrial lines to attack the centers of capital (Moody 1998, p.341). Extended solidarity and mobilization could increase the legitimacy of picket lines, strengthen the ability unions to use their combined leverage to prompt genuine contract negotiations, and may garner widespread public support for workers.There is no consensus on how to sic union organizational campaigns. There is also no conclusive classification of what actions and expected outcomes delineate the success or failure of a campaign. Kim Moodys book (1998), An Injury to All The Decline of American Unionism, credited beam of light Rogers as the first to coin the term corporate

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Define and discuss the relationship between language variation, Essay

square off and discuss the relationship between oral communication interpretation, wording attitudes and linguistic discrimination, drawing on particularised examples from prehistorical research - Essay ExampleTo this end the paper will examine the relationship between language variation, language attitudes and linguistic discrimination. In order to attain this end, the following objectives will be exploredLanguage variation is the differences in systems of a language that result from historical, geographic, social and fundamental changes. This affects a dialect and divides up a language to sub-groups1. Language variation therefore signifies the ways and systems through which people who speak the same language vary the way they speak and convey ideas and communication through a peculiar or specific approach to conveying their messages.Language variation therefore hinges on the fact that unlike people confound different approaches and different processes of presenting their in formation and message and this varies from person to person. In throwing more light on the union of language variation, Thomson identifies that language is a historical entity. It is intended to communication ideas and concepts. Variations are persuasive and change with beat2.Thomsons view of language variation has to do with the fact that language is meant to present ideas and concepts. And within cartridge holder and space, these concepts and ideas might vary and change as per the changes and modifications in the society. Hence, there are different variations and different approaches and processes through which this communication is carried out and through which different people have and build different views on presenting their ideas and concepts.To attention deficit disorder more explanations to this, it can be said that homogeneity in society and in perceptions in the kind-hearted race is fiction3. This implies that language, which is a product of the wider society within which people lives is bound to be as tangled as the society within which it is used. Therefore, linguistic variation allows linguistics to study about the different versions and different processes that influences and

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Socialism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

socialist economy - Essay Example America is perceived as an exceptional country by many of the policy-making thinkers. In fact the term American exceptionalism is generally used when people try to compare American societies with other societies. There is no questioning the fact that, from the last quarter of the nineteenth century on, the nigh developed country has been the United States (LIPSET & MARKS). In other words, the conditions of the working class was comparatively better in United States than in any other country in the world from the latter half of 19 th century onwards. So, American workers never thought about forming a political party to bulwark their interests as it happened in Europe and other parts of the world. Engels attributed the political backwardness of American workers to the absence of a feudal past. Thus, he wrote in 1890 that Americans are born conservativesjust because America is so purely bourgeois, so entirely without a feudal past and therefore proud of its purely bourgeois organization (LIPSET & MARKS). contrary many other societies in Europe and other parts of the world, feudalism had not much root in America societies. In other words, the working class never experienced much solicitude from the dominant wealthy community even though American economy was a capitalist economy.

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Describe the effects of the Blitz on everyday life in Britain Essay Example for Free

Describe the effects of the Blitz on frequent life in Britain EssayAt 456pm on 7 September 1940, the air maraud sirens wailed as the German Air Force, the Luftwaffe launched a massive raid on London.Over 350 bomb calorimeterers flew across the Channel from airfields in France and dropped 300 tonnes of bombs all over Britain. This ca utilise a lot of problems for the mint of Britain. The aim of the Blitz was to break the esprit de corps of the British plurality by destroying their homes, their source of transport and industry. In London the docks were attacked regularly and across Britain the Luftwaffe in like manner time-tested to hit railway lines and junctions, power stations and ports. Peoples daily routines were also ruined. Because of the wishing of availability of food, the Government were forced to ration the small amounts of food that was left over(p) in the whole of the UK, which left precise many people with virtually nonhing. Bacon 6oz, cheese 4oz, dried milk 4 pints a cal polish offar week and dried eggs 12 every eight weeks. This is save a small fraction of what the governance had to ration. In the morning queue would be everywhere and anyone would stand in one queue just to see what was selling.Hopefully it was food. The government took a number of steps to try and protect people. They ordered a total blackout at night to found sure that none of the bombers could see them. All windows would advance to be covered by thick black curtains street and vehicle lights were shielded of dimmer. It was known as an offence if light was shown, because even the smallest amount of light could tell the Germans were to bomb. Every night an inspector would come and make sure that each house was covered up properly and if it was not, a fine would be issued and the owners would fix the problem. Everyone was also given a gas mask in case the Germans were to drop a gas bomb anywhere.Throughout the whole time, 31% of the population got no sleep at al l, 32% got less than 4 hours and a mere 22% got 4-6 hours sleep. This cause a lot of problems for people who were working. Workers were falling fast asleep(predicate) at their stations and even more were emptyd because they kept on arriving late to work. However, the people who did make it to work, never gave up they were determined to carry on. Shopkeepers covered their smashed windows with plywood and put up notices manifestation business and usual, to show that nothing had knapped them from running their lives. Transport was still running, even though there was a lot less.Postmen and milkmen marched through the rubble to make their deliveries, Clergymen held regular services in bombed churches, bomb sites were used as pen-air concerts and dances and many theatres, music halls and cinemas stayed open throughout the whole war. Even though people were moving on with their lives, over 1.4 million people had lost their homes and many had their friends killed or badly injure by the Blitz. This drove many people to theft. They would break into bombed factories and steal whatever they thought would have a value for money. They would then sell these items on for as much as they could and use that money to debase food if they could find it. If anyone was caught, the punishment was death.Even though there were two million Anderson shelters produced in the other(a) years of the First World War, many people had no shelters to stay in while the bombs were pickings place. numerous people moved in with family and friends where as others went to underground stations and stayed in the tunnels all night. They would stop the trains and the escalators from running so that people could sleep down there without any injuries. These tunnels gave the population the encouragement that they needed.Many people got a lot of sleep down there and even more were getting used to the bombs. However, the government were scared that people might not come back up again, because they were too scared, and tried to stop them, but each night up to 60,000 would demand to go down into the tunnels for protection. In the end the government gave up. So the Salvation Army and the Womens Voluntary Service ran shuttle services of merchantman and drinks from station to station to keep them alive. Others would stay at home and hide in a Morrisons shelter that was attached to the dining room table, or even hide under the stairs because they were designed to carry a heavy weight.Day after day, night after night, so many fire services fought to control the many fires that were going on. Not including the regular fire services, there were 60,000 volunteers in the accessory fire service. Many were on duty for two days in a row and had very little chance to get some sleep. Fire fighters were under constant heat and falling buildings, not to mention the falling bombs the surrounded them. They ran out of water quick because the bombs would hit the main pipe lines.thither were also not enough fire trucks so people would have to run to the fire and apply to God that there was a water supply nearby. As people were pulling together and relying on themselves more, community sprit had increased so much throughout the whole of the Blitz. People went straight into action as soon as they heard the bombs going off. People helped the ambulances and the fire department. The heavy rescue squad used ropes and chains to clear away the rubble and then doctors and nurses would then run in and pull people out.To sum up, many peoples lives had been ruined. Loss of family and friend, the loss of their homes, but people really did relinquish things around. The community really did join together to stick through the whole problem.

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Death is my best theme Essay Example for Free

Death is my silk hat theme EssayDeath is my best theme, dont you think? (Williams). explore the varied uses Tennesse Williams makes of finale and go pasting in A Streetcar Names entrust Referring to A Streetcar Named Desire, I completely agree that demolition is Williams best theme, closely followed by sex. There atomic number 18 many references to expiry as well as imagery and symbolism. He alike uses many varied points on wipeout. The first off major speech close death is when Blanche is talking about her losing Belle Reve Blanche All of those deaths The long parade to the burial site Father, mother Margaret, that dreadful authoritySo big with it, it couldnt be put in a jewel casket This is the first thing that Blanche says that has any power and real feeling behind it and the thing is death. This is showing that death is going to play a large part in the feeling in and behind the story. Blanche You however came home in time for the funerals, Stella. And fu nerals are pretty compared to deaths. Funerals are quiet, only when deaths-not always. Stella is universe associated with the funerals and Blanche with the deaths. This is showing Stella being quiet and Blanche being louder and more highly strung as that is how she has described the difference in her speech.Although on the outside this speech made by Blanche may sound like she is just talking about the deaths of all her family members but it is as well relating to the death of Belle Reve and how the ii are connected Blanche How in hell do you think all that sickness and dying was paid for? Death is expensive, Miss Stella She describes death in instead a lot of detail in this speech it is showing that death is going to become an fundamental topic in this play. A lot of the deaths seem to be because of the men and their gambling and this could be a view of Williams. Blanche Honey-thats how it slipped through my fingersWhich of them left us a fortune? In A Streetcar Named De sire a lot of the times when death is being discussed, sex seems to come into the conversation to. There is a strange relation in the midst of sex and death here. I let the place go? Where were you. In bed with your-Polak This is not the strongest reference to death and sex combined although it is a slight one. A such(prenominal) stronger one is Blanches speech about her late husband- Blanche Then I found out in the slash of all possible ways. By coming suddenly into a room that I though was empty-which wasnt empty, but had two tidy sum in it. Blanche Hed stuck the revolver into his mouth, and fired-so that the back of his head had been-blown away Seeing her husband ingest sex with another man and then blow his head off within the time cover of two hours causes a strange equation and connection between sex and death. The way he killed himself could also be perceived as a homosexual reference sticking the gun in his mouth. A vendor comes around the corner. She is a blind M EXICAN WOMAN in a dark shawl, carrying bunches of those flamboyant tin flowers that lower class Mexicans display at funerals and other festive occasions. Here, the woman carrying the funeral flowers is symbolising two things Death and Blanche. It is ambiguous whether or not any of the other characters can see or are aware of the presence of the Mexican woman except from Blanche. Blanches thoughts seem to be provoked by the Mexican woman and it well-nigh seems as if the Mexican woman is a representation of Blanche herself, and the Mexican woman is walk of life around celebrating death which shows the death within Blanches past and presence. Mexican Woman Corones para los muertos.Corones Blanche Legacies Huh. And other things such as blood-stained pillow-slips You can really see Blanche going mad in this scene as she is almost talking to herself rather than to Mitch and this symbolises the dying of Blanches mind. She also has fragmented speech patterns here and if talking about ton gue-tied memories that only she can really understand. Blanche -and on the way back they would all stagger on to my lawn and call-Blanche Blanche The deafen old lady remaining suspected nothing.But sometimes I slipped outside to answer their calls. afterwards the paddy-wagon would gather them up like daisies. the long way home. Another view on death Tennesse Williams uses is the death of Belle Reve. Shown using Blanche and Stanley, there is a clash between two worlds and the Belle Reve world is dying communicated by Stanley taking power of Blanche and bringing her into their world and getting rid of her airs and graces. He breaks her and makes her realise that her old way of living is dead and that she has to enter the real world.In A Streetcar Named Desire the conflict between two ways of life is concentrated within the battle between Blanche and Stanley. The old civilisation vested in Blanche is demonstrably decadent her only means of survival in the modern world is to batt en onto mortal else and live off their emotional, physical and material resources, like a decorative fungus. (Commentary). Blanche I will die with my hand in the hand of some nice-looking ships doctor, a very young one with a lower-ranking blond moustache and a big silver watch. Blanche And Ill be buried at sea sewn up in a clean white sack and dropped overboard-at noon-in the blaze of summer-and into an ocean as blue as (chimes again) my first lovers eyes. Blanche brings the equation of sex and death together again here as she is planning of dieing with a man by her side. This speech made by Blanche nearing the end of the play also has a slight reference to Othelia in Shakespeares Hamlet. Othelia died in water and that is what Blanche is dreaming about doing. Queen whiz woe doth tread upon anothers heel, So fast they follow. Your sisters drownd, Laertes. Laer Drownd? O, where? (Hamlet).In conclusion Tennesse Williams uses a lot of different views on death, the connection b etween sex, the death of other things except people like the death of Belle Reve and Blanches mind, and the death of people who happen to all be someone in Blanches Past. Williams uses different angles to express the theme of death, symbolism of the death of Belle Reve, the Mexican woman symbolising the death of Blanches mind, and the outward talking of real death of people. This makes it an important topic as it depicted in so many ways. Death is defiantly in the running for Tennesse Williams best theme in A Streetcar Named Desire.

Motivation Letter Essay Example for Free

Motivation Letter EssayI am compose to submit letter to express my interest as a Catering assistant in your organisation. organism fresher, It is a good match with the occupation description you have provided on your website, I am reassured in my ability to meet and exceed my goals with your organisation and helps me in future by getting get laid in catering assistant.I am applying for this position because I have following skillsWashing dishes and utensils by hand.Having reliability and patient when working in fast pace environment. Provide outstanding node operate and friendly with all team members.Great understandings of cleaning and cleaning tools.Great at multi-tasking and time vigilance skills.Ability to handle things in a discreet and confidential manner.Based on my qualifications, it is the perfect job for me to improve my skills to provide good quality customer service and learn new things from other employees. In addition to my customer service strengths, I have masteryknowledge of kitchen cleaning or customer service and have good communication skills. My primary objective is to assist your business grow and dish out smoothly in any way I canThis job is favourable for me because I am quick learner and ability to do anything.I am prepared to undertake any educational activity offered and I am available for an interview anytime. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me (0223963129)I look forward to hearing from you.

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Human Resources JDT2 Essay Example for Free

Human Resources JDT2 essaySummary Based on recent quality testing on the toys manufactured for elementary tutor aged churlren, it has been noted that the metal whistles contain an amount of lead that is over the joined States reasonedly gratifying limit for children age 7 and beneath. A large shipment is packaged and scheduled to depart at the end of the week. The whistles were manufactured under our go with name and at our own warehouse facility. Decision Alternatives flip ProcessIn creating the following accomplishable closing scenarios, the upbeat of this ships comp whatsoever is a massive patronage to everyone when a situation such as this arises. The outcome from any decisivenesss made not sole(prenominal) force the consumer of the product, but overly the Toy Company, its employees, stakeholders, and future customers based on the written report of the phoner. In shape to determine the opera hat decision, without favoritism, a decision model (7 mensurat ion decision making process) has been used to shoot each deciding deliberation. Therefore, understand that all possible alternatives have been researched and only the best three possible solutions have been included for review.Decision Alternatives Alternate Advantages and DisadvantagesExplain Decision Model or Process utilise for EachAdvantagesDisadvantagesFinancial regardsLegal considerationsEthical considerationsContact the sulfur American Ministry of Education7 step decision model, shown above.Allow product receiver to make decisionContamination of company reputation.50/50 chance of increased transcript make up.Release of legal obligations once South American Ministry accepts product. The possible loyalty of harm to innocent children is simply unethical. Reproduce Contaminated Toy7 step decision model, shown above. go along higher level of satisfaction.Increased costs of reproduction, product delivery late.Approximate cost of $100,000 result be incurred.Maintained federa l requirements even outside of geographical requirements. Providing safe products to all children.Ship fruit As Is7 step decision model, shown above.Lowered costs.Potential harm to innocent childrenPossible litigation cost if families choose to enact a class action. Possible litigation and class action suitThe subjugation of harm to innocent children is simply unethical. Decision Alternatives Alternate Considerations1. Contact the South American Ministry of EducationThis decision allow for allow for the receiver of the product to determine for themselves if in fact the shipment is not acceptable and needs re posed. Each government has developed their own criteria of quality control aspects, and should be respected in their own research and limitations of product quality. Within this decision the possibility of the cost of reproduction has a measure chance of a 50/50 percentage based on the request of the South American Ministry of Education. Also, the informing of and accepting of the product as is will place no further legal obligations on the toy company.2. Reproduce Contaminated ToyWithin the borders of the United States of America, this is the onlyacceptable decision to be made. The lead amounts found are above the legal limits and should by all considerations be destroyed and reproduced under the proper legal lead limit guidelines produced by the United States Consumer intersection point Safety Commission. The cost of this reproduction will fall solely on the shoulders of the company. The approximate cost to be incurred is $100,000. Also, in the making of this decision the Toy Company will be required to contact and inform the consumer of the production issue and the move being taken to remedy the issue. The consumer whitethorn in turn be upset at the tick off and remove their business from our company or may find our honesty in the situation to be respectable and assist in promoting our company due to highly ethical character display.3. Ship Produ ct As IsThe guidelines for lead contamination are much more detailed within the United States than that of some regions. The product could easily be shipped and arrive on time for the opening of school in the South American region expected to receive the whistles. The product information would be included in the packaging, expiration the decision for a return of the product to be determined on the chance someone will notice the lead limits information. This choice could possibly rid the company of any further expenses.However, this leaves to chance the harming of some(prenominal) children, the legal allegations that can be brought up by the South American Ministry of Education, and the extreme tarnish of the companys reputation within the United States and as a worldwide provider of childrens products. During the restricting of possible decisions to be established, a system of steps was employ to enable a criterion for selecting the best possible outcomes. Each of the previous actions stated posse a decision between respect, ethical bearing, or financial consideration. As a whole each of these three actions must be carefully considered as a possible benefit to the company, as well as a possible strike against the reputation that has been so carefully created through producing top quality products for children all over the world. Alternative passport testimony JustificationOf the three best available choices the superior choice would be the Reproduction of the Product. The reasoning in this decision is Legal Aspect Although as a company legal retaliation could be avoided if theconsumer original the product as is after being fully informed, the families of the children entangled will still have the legal right to produce a class action claiming Product Liability on the part of the company for allowing the acceptance of the product by the South American Ministry of Education. Under Product Liability when individuals are harmed by an unsafe product, they may have a Cause of Action against the persons who designed, manufactured, sold, or furnished that product. Wests Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. (2008)Financial Aspect The reproducing of the product will initially cost the company approximately $100,000. This by all considerations is a financial blow to any company however, if you consider the alternative cost of on-going litigation and a class action pay-out, $100,000 seems rather insufficient. Also consider the possible benefit from this exhalation of monies not only will the children involved not be affected negatively by a product produce in the land of the free, but the word will quickly spread nigh the companies quick action plan to resolve an issue for the safety of their consumer, beforehand being forced to do so by the courts. In addition to the consideration of time, effort, and the expense of recovery, an effective plan to recover from the button incurred on the reproduction of the product there are a few m ajors concerns that will be on the front line of significance Brand Protection The importance of brand protection is only outweighed by the health and safety concerns of the consumer. Cost recovery is a secondary concern. (Belcastro Alfonso, 2011)Supplier relationships. Supplier issues that may make cost recovery difficult include difficulties in tracking supplier contracts or supplier insurance documentation and preservation of supplier business relationships. (Belcastro Alfonso, 2011)Ethical Aspect For a moment allow us look at this situation from the consumers side. Would we as parents want the toy company we pull to first consider our children before their personal gain? I would assume anyone would agree that a child should never be subjected to the cruelty of mass production oversight in the products that will be utilized to teach them, care for them, feed them, or protect them. As a company the media would portray any action little than replacement of the product as a gro tesquedisplay of unethical and venom behavior. All businesses, small and large, have an ethical obligation to their consumers, first of all to provide the product purchased and thus to not harm anyone-including the consumer. (Gray, 2011) Product safety is an ethical obligation to the extent that companies have a occupation to provide consumers with whatever it is they pay for and products are assumed to be safe for ordinary use. (Gray, 2011) Alternative Recommendation Recommendation AnalysisOverall, the purpose behind any decision that focuses on an issue that requires action on the part of the company is the ethical obligation the company has, not only to the consumer of the product but excessively to the employee that we depend on to produce the product, the children for which the product is purchased, and the Board of decision makers for the company and the general public that will recommend our product or company to others based on previous experiences. By providing a less t han optimal product, we as a company, say that it is acceptable to lessen our value when the product is for children outside of the United States this is not an acceptable way of thinking, nor an acceptable reputation of the company and its stakeholders.Moving forward on the remanufacturing of the whistle-even though it is a costly choice-will show for the value the company holds in their customers and the general population of consumers. Displaying a behavior of ethical decision practices will develop a stronger relationship between consumer and producer. This behavior can also produce a chain reaction of ethical revisions in other company actions. In catamenia business the dollar comes before the consumer-making a move to be above the competition will place the company above others in their guarantee to produce only the best. Alternative Recommendation Social tariffThe remanufacturing of the product will display this company as being of the utmost ethical level in protecting its consumers even though the consumer is not on the American soil. Placing consideration in the safety and well-being of children of all aspects of geographical location, financial status, and nationality shows American and foreign manufacturing companies that the dollars involved do not come before that of the safety of the people that depend on our moral stature as a producer of childrens toys.By maintaining the same standards internationally as we would within the American borders, with our products we can inevitably lessen the boundaries between product and consumer all over the world. The ground floor for a decision has been laid for all involved in the determination of an appropriate action in this case. Based on the information provided here, it is desired that a decision based on the good of all mankind-both producer and consumer will be in consideration in the deciding of the steps to follow. The American people base much of their perception of a company on its viewpoint to t he greater good to humanity this should what is seen in the products we supply.ReferencesBelcastro, Denny and Alfonso, Bert, October 2011, Capturing Recall Costs Measuring and regain the Losses Retrieved on December 27, 2013, http//www.ey.com/Publication/vwLUAssets/Capturing_Recall_Costs/$FILE/Capturing_recall_costs.pdf.Gray, JW, May 16, 2011, Moral Issues Related to Consumers, retrieved from http//ethicalrealism.wordpress.com/2011/05/16/moral-issues-related-to-consumers/Product Liability. (n.d.) Wests Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. (2008). Retrieved December 27 2013 from http//legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Product+Liability

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Terrorism Essay Essay Example for Free

act of frightism Essay Essay2. Explain the differences between terrorist act, put forward terrorism, and secernate-sponsored terrorism.From Merriam WebsterTerror- a state of intense fear a cause of anxiety. Violent or destructive travels committed by mathematical gatherings in order to intimidate a population or Government into granting their demands. Terrorism- the systematic use of terror especially as a sum of coercion. From Terrorism Today (The Past, the Players, the Future)The Homeland Security Act of 2002 defines terrorism as any activity that involves an act that is dangerous to human life or potentially destructive of critical infrastructure or fall upon resources and is a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or any State or other fragment of the United States and appears to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population to make the policy of a presidency by intimidation or to affect the conduct of a presidency by mass destruction, as sassination, or kidnapping. From Merriam WebsterState- a politically organized body of people normally occupying a definite territory especially one that is sovereign. A government or politically organized golf club having a particular character. Sponsor- one who assumes responsibility for some other somebody or thing. A person or an organization that pays for or plans and carries forbidden a project or activity. The difference between terrorism, state terrorism, and state-sponsored terrorism comes trim back to the persons involved in the act being committed. Much of the terrorism we see at once on the untrieds or in the papers atomic number 18 acts committed by terrorist companys linked by ideology and financed through the drug trade as well as ransom obtained from kidnappings.One usage of this type of terrorism are the Somali pirates, these terrorists will hijack large container ships to small pleasure fashion and hold those on board and any cargo for ransom. Money mad e from these deals is then used by the terrorists in their fight againstthe Somali government or is funne guide to other like-minded groups. Another form of terrorism we comport seen here in the United States is what some(prenominal) call the home grown terrorist. These terrorists are usually born in the United States or came to the United States at a young age when their families leftfield their home country. billet BCJ303Unit 1 some of the recent acts committed by this type of terrorist have been based on ideology and were carried out against civilian personnel. One of the most recent examples is the Boston marathon attack, the two who carried out the attack had grown up in the United States and led seemingly American lives but had latched onto an ideology that views the United States as an enemy of Islam and that the targeting of innocent civilians is a legitimate tactic. Terrorism in the examples given is carried out by small disconnected groups that are mostly aligned by id eology. Although these groups are not supported by a larger organization or national government many governments with a similar ideology or nation with a large population of person who dole out a similar mind set to the terror group will many times bewray to denounce the acts. This is where terrorism differs from state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism as both of those types of terrorism are straight off supported by the state. State terrorism is used by a nation state as way to control its citizenry and suppress any dissenting views or beliefs that are contrary to those of the government. many another(prenominal) of the governments that exercise this form of terror will sometimes start the process of suppression by creating new laws designed to protect the governing class and criminalize the opposition groups and others have completely thrown out their nations laws and implemented new laws based on strict adherence to a religious ideology or total government control in all aspects of the citizens lives. This was the case recently in Egypt, the elected government (Muslim Brotherhood) removed all secular and Christian officials from the government and in their place were seated members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Many of the top military leaders were also replaced with Brotherhood members. These changes and the removal of any opposition party led to many pro government groups to further oppress the non-believers through the shutting down ofbusinesses to the burning down of churches and the killings of Christian and secular citizens. Another tactic that has been used in Africa and Latin America by state terror regimes is the use of the police and or military as death squads. These squads are dispatched to eliminate anyone seen as opposition or supportive of the opposition.This type of terrorism is directed from the top of the government down to the group leaders. This is where state terrorism differs from state-sponsored terrorism, the state terror regim e is open in its support of the terrorist tactics. The state-sponsored terror regimes do not direct the acts but do support them. State-sponsored terrorism is the support of a terror group by a nation state that provides supplies, training, equipment, and weapons. As well as safe haven for the group through the use of diplomatic protection. An example of state-sponsored terrorism is the Syrian governments support of the terror group Hamas and their co-sponsoring of the terror organization Hezbollah with Iran. For their part Iran provides Hezbollah with military training, weapons and money, while Syria provides political support.Course BCJ303Unit 1Many of the state-sponsored terror organizations have a set area of operation not far from their sponsor state but this has changed recently as Hezbollah has been taking up fink in Latin America working alongside cartel and narco-terror groups. While all three types of terrorism are used to instill fear and bring about a change that is des ired by the organization or state, the main difference between the three is the support (financing, training, political backing) that the group receives.

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The Funerals of Sclyd and Beowulf Essay Example for Free

The Funerals of Sclyd and Beowulf EssayThe opening of the Beowulf is the funeral of Sclyd, his folk is preparing him for his funeral and sending his body to God, As they prepare him for his voyage, I use this as an important word because as we continue to read of the grief of his clan we take in out that they instead of a funeral pyre as was common in some cultures of the time that his clan filled the ship with the bounty from as it said out-of-the-way(prenominal) and wide. Setting him out to sea upon a ship or barge as it is also referred to in this passage. It is interesting that this is the way the clan solidification their beloved Lord to his final rest because the Historic funeral show that the Scandinavians practice of setting them out to sea with one twist, they generally set the barge or ship carrying the deceased on set down in the passage where they send Sclyd off to his final rest they do not set him on fire but fill the ship with many riches.There were a couple of reasons for burning the body at that time, one was to keep the spirit of the deceased from coming back to harm the living, it was also for the purpose of free the Spirit so that it could enter the after life-time with the Gods. One interesting point in the passage of Scylds death is the part where they fill the ship with the riches of far and wide. This was not a normal Scandinavian practice in this practice originated with the ancient Egyptian practices of burying the possessions of the Pharaohs with them in their yellpts.It is a curious cut through of cultures. They loaded the ship with weapons, shields and upon his chest his breast plate and helmet were hardened. In the death of Beowulf we see a far different funeral scene. The difference amidst the two is telling, piece of music Scylds body is cast to the sea on a ship carrying with him his riches. Beowulf, however, was buried in a different manor all together he was placed upon a funeral pyre, following the proper buri al of the times.There were no riches to surround him although sooner his death he did request to see the treasures guarded by the dragon that he fought and lost his life too. There is an interesting contrast between the two of these men while Sclyd was considered a lord and precondition a burial that his clan felt was befitting his status, Beowulf was a prince of his people and yet his burial was in the traditions of the Nordic clans of the time, they believed that setting the soul free was the best way to honor their fallen hero.In the funeral in that respect is the sorrow of his queen, as she sings her pain for all to hear. As they mourned him they set him on fire and the blaze fire all that was upon his pyre. What was most interesting is what they did after they built as he requested a cumulus cloud that over looked the sea so that sailors would see it as they sailed by, they then built a wall where they indue his ashes behind the wall and placed the treasures from his last battle with him.Then the warriors the same who had failed to aide him when he demand them rode in a circle and told of their grief and sorrow. They left the great warrior among the kings that he had gone to join. The contrast between the two cultures is evident in the passages as you read seeing how the people dealt with the death of each man, while Beowulfs men grieved him they carried out his final wishes and built the great mound that he asked them to do.While Sclyd was laid to rest an old man with his many riches there was no great out cry of mourning it was simply they mourned their honored lord. References Historic Funeral Practices-Roger D. Sellers- http//www. sellersfuneralhome. com Beowulf- By Dr. David Breeden-http//www. lnstar. com/literature/beowulf/index. html http//links. jstor. org/sici? sici=0015-587X(195012)61%3A4%3C169%3ATHOTDA%3E2. 0. CO%3B2-I

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Athanasius Biography Essay Example for Free

Athanasius Biography EssayAthanasius is counted as cardinal of the four great doctors of the church in the Roman Catholic church as good as one of the great doctors of the church in Eastern Orthodoxy where he is also labeled the Father of Orthodoxy. He is also celebrated by many Protestant who label him as Father of the Canon, Athanasius is venerated as Christian saint whose feast day is May 2 in western community. May 5 is the Coptic Jewish-Orthodox church and January 18 is the other Eastern orthodox churches. St. Athanasius was born in the city of Alexandria or possibly the nearby Nile delta town of Damanhur, California 296-298. It is speculated that his parents were wealthy enough to afford giving him an esteemed worldly learning. He came from a Christian family despite accounts to the contrary as in his writings, he tells more than formerly of an aunt. who taught him some principles of the Christian faith, and a founding father who did the same as well as mentioning (o nce), his mother doing the same.He has a Christian brother and later in his life is one of his exiles, he hid in his fathers tomb in what appears to be describe as a Christian cemetery.He knew Greeks and he admits to non knowing Hebrew. The old will he quotes frequently came from the Septuagint Greek translation his knowledge of the old will is limited to the Septuagint. He was able to write a letter in exile with no plan of attack to a copy of the scriptures and quote from a memory verse in the old testament. The combination of biblical study and a Greek learning was characteristic of the famous Alexandrian school of element, origin Dionysius and Theognostus. It was from St. black lovage of Alexandria.Bishop of Alexandria 312-328 him self an Origenist that St. Athanasius received his main instruction. His earliest work against heathens on the Incarnation, bears traces of origenist, Alexandrian thought notwithstanding in an orthodox way.The Alexandria of his boyhood was an epi tome, intellectu wholey, morally and politically of the ethnically diverse Greco Roman World. St. Athanasius seems to have been brought early in life low the immediate supervision of the ecclesiastical authorities of his native city.He was ordained deacon by the contemporary paterfamilias Alexandria. In 319-325, he served as a Alexanders secretary at the prototypal council of Nicaea, already recognized theologian and ascetic. He was the devious choice to replace alexander as the Patriarch of Alexandria on the latters dealth in 328. Despite the opposition of the followers of the genus Arius and Meletius of Lycopolis. Athanasius spent the first tailfin years of his patriarchate visiting the churches of his territory which at that time implyd all of Egypt and Libya.During this period he established contacts with the hermits and monks of the dessert including Pachomius. Athanasius became occupied with the disputes with Byzantine Empire and Arians which occupy much of his life. Atha nasius first problem aim with the meletians who had failed to abide by the terms of the decision made at the first council of Nicaea which had hoped to reunite them with the church. Athanasius himself was accused of mistreating Arians and the followers of Meletius of Lycopolis. On the cobblers last of emperor moth Constantine I, Athanasius was allowed to return to his see of Alexandria shortly after Constantine son. The new Roman emperor moth Constantius II renewed the order for Athanasius banishment in 338. Athanasius went to Rome where he was under the protection of constans, the Emperor of the West.Pope Julius wrote the supporters of Arius strongly urging the rein-statement of Athanasius but the effort proved to be in vain.He called a synod in Rome in the year 341 to address the matter and at that meeting, Athanasius found to be indigent of all the charges raised against him. Julius also called the council of sardica in 343. This council confirmed the decision of the earlier R oman synod and clearly indicated that the participants saying St. Athanasius as the lawful patriarch of Alexandria.Athanasius to return to Alexandria, Athanasius return was welcomed by majority of the people of Egypt who had come to opine him as a National Hero. During the time Athanasius assembled some(prenominal) documents relating to his exiles and returns from Exile in the Apology against the Arians, however upon constans dealth a civil was broke which left constantius as sole Emperor, renewing his previous policies favoring the Arians that banished Athanasius from Alexandria again.Athanasius left for upper Egypt, where he stayed in several monasteries and other houses. He computed his work Four Orations against the Arians and depended his recent conduct in the apology to Constantius and Apology for his flight. Athanasius received about the persecution of Non Arians by the cutting Arians, Bishop George of Laodicea prompted Athanasius to write his more Emotional History of t he Arians in which he describe Constantius as precursor of the anti-Christ. Athanasius work include his two part against the Heathen. The Incarnation of the discussion of divinity fudge. They contribute the first classic work of developed orthodox Theology. In the first part, Athanasius attacks several heathenish practices and beliefs. The second part presents teaching on the redemption, Also in these adjudges put forward the belief that the discussion of beau ideal, the eternal word through whom God created the world entered that world in human form to intimation men back into the harmony from which they had earlier fall men.His other important kit and caboodle include his letter to Serapion which dealth with the divinity of the Holy Spirit and his classic life of Saint Anthony which was translated into several languages and played an important eccentric in the spreading of the ascetic ideal in Eastern and Western Christianity. He also wrote several works of Biblical Exege sis primarily of volumes in the old testament which are preserved in excerpts regarding the phonograph recording of Genesis, The Song of Solomon and Psalms. His works as ascetic include the aforementioned life of Saint Anthony as well as a discourse on virginity, a short work on love and self control and a treatise on sickness and health which is only preserved in fragments.Athanasius letters include one letter concerning the decrees of the council of Nicaea (De Decretis) which is an account of the precedings of that council and another letter in year 367 which was the first known listings of the New Testament. Athanaius anticipates future controversies in defense of the humanity of Christ. Athanasius was not a speculative theologizer as he stated in his first letters to Serapion he held unto the tradition teaching and faith proclaimed by the apostles and guarded by the Fathers. He held that not only was the Son of God consubstantial with the father but so was the Holy Spirit whic h had a great deal of influenced in the development of latter doctrines regarding the trinity Veneration.Arian ControversyIn about 319 when Athanasius was a deacon a presbyter named Arius came into direct conflict with Alexander of Alexandria. It appears that Arius reproached Alexander for what he felt misguided or dissenting(a) teachings being taught by the bishop. Arius Theological views appear to have been firmly rooted in Alexandrian Christianity and his Christological views were certainly not radical at all. He embraced a sub ordinationist Christology that God did not have a beginning but the logos did heavily influenced by Alexandrian thinkers like origen which was a common Christological view in Alexandria at that time. Support for Arius from powerful bishops like Elisebios of Caesaria and Eusebios of Nicomedia, further illustrates how Arius sub ordinationist Christology was shared by other Christians in the Empire.Arius was subsequent by excommunicated by alexander and he w ould begin to visit the support of many bishops who agreed with his position. Athanasius succeeded Alexander as bishop of Alexandria as a result rises and falls of Arianism s influence after the first council of nicae, emperor Constantine banished from alexandrea, but he was restored after the death of Constantine I. Athanasius was restored on at least five separate occasions, perhaps as many as seven, this gave rise to the expression Athanasius contramundun or Athanasius against the world. he spent his final years repairing all the damage done during the earlier years of violence, dissent and exile and returning to his writing and preaching serene on May 373 having consecrated peter II . one of his presbyters as his successor . Athanasius died quietly in his home.Quotes from St. AthanasiusHe saidJesus that I know as my redeemer cannot be less than God. at the council of nicaeBoth from the confession of the evil spirits and from the daily witnesses of his works. It is manifest them and let none presume to enquiry it that its savior has raised his own body and that he is very Son of God having his being God as from a Father, whose word and wisdom and whose power He is. He it is who in these latter long time assumed a body for the salvation of us all. and thought the world concerning the Father, He it is who destroyed death and freely graced us all with incorruption through the promise of the resurrection, having raised His own body as its first fruits and displayed it by the sign of the cross as the monument to his victory over death and its corruption.New Testament canonSt. Athanasius is also the first person to identify the same 27 books of the new testament that are in use today , up until then various similar list of works to be read in churches were in use A canon of New testament book is his Easter letter from Alexandria written in 367 usually referred to as his 39th Festal letter, A Synod in hippo in 393 repeated Athanasius and Damascus New testament list( without the Epistles to the Hebrews and a synod in cartage in 397 repeated Athanasius and Damascus complete new testament list.

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The Main Characters of Pride and Prejudice Essay Example for Free

The Main Characters of Pride and preconception EssayMost people comport seen the movie played by Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen or read the book, feel and prejudice, wrote by Jane Austen. We may be moved by Darcy and Elizabeths respect. Though in that location are serious of hardships, they wealthy person a happy ending. Then I will introduce the tall(prenominal) but pretty love between them and give a analysis to this couple 1 aspect by one aspect. Firstly, the family backgrounds of Darcy and Elizabeth is the basic things that we should know. Darcy is a noble descent and he inherits an enormous amount o f property.It is express that his annual income is assessed at ten thousand pounds. ? So he never worries about his own food, clothing, cheer and transportation. He dislikes making friends with common people he is a self-willed man and he likes to hulk his close friends. entirely he is a fine, tall person with handsome features. However, compared with Darcy, Elizabeths family is really poor, though they live a better animateness than the ordinary people. There are five daughters in this family. contradictory other sisters, Elizabeth likes reading, and she is the apple of her beats eye.? And it is the same reason that she looks things in a polar way and makes her so unique. Secondly, it is the turn for me to introduce the fontistics of Darcy and Elizabeth. Different from Bingley, Darcy is non talkative in front of the strangers. He only subscribe tos the familiar women to have a saltation, because he can not speak sugared dustup to the strange women. People who do not know about him will consider him as a pride man.Actually, pride is not his characteristic. It is the education he has received that he is superior to the people. That is the reason why he has a gallant and hypercritical character. There is no doubt that the towering and hypercritical character depends on a lot of property, noble social status and robust power. Ev ents force Darcy to modify naming of social desirability and social status.? For the reason that he is fastidious,he has only a strong friend, Bingley. It is not difficult to understand he must be particular about his wife. The charwoman who can make him resolve in love must be not only beautiful, but too particular, well-educated and knowledgeable. ? Elizabeth lives in a society of stationary characters in its conditions and outlook.Generations are born, and die and are succeeded by their descents, living in the same places and doing the same things. There is so little change of ideas democracy has not yet brocaded her horrid head money is a potential problem courtship has its own drama. People rough her are almost all foolish, passive and reposeful, though there are a few exceptions. Her yield, Mr. white avens is a country gentleman in whom irony is the most salient quality and who by wit, degenerate common sense and appreciation of character makes some amends for the sel fish indifference, which is the ground of his character. With no doubt, Elizabeth is her fathers daughter in taste and intellect, As well as in possessing a strong critical judgment, though there is indeed some likeness in her character with her starts warm feeling, hasty judgments are common to both Mrs.Bennets feelings, impulsiveness, judgments and speeches are generally wrong, and Elizabeths are generally right but there is as much likeness between mother and daughter as may exist between a lively and sensible woman and a lively fool. In a word, in her character, to a large extent, there is a mixture of her father and mother. Capability for judgment is one of the charming, strong points of Elizabeth. ? She has more quickness of observation and is capable of both complex impressions and complex ideas.Her sensibility and intelligence rarely fail her in her reading of human minds, observing life and drawing out her correct first impression. Her first impression about Darcys hous e is straight and authenticated and of figures like Mrs. Collins, Lady Catherine is right. However, her first impression is wrong. It is partly owing to Darcys own deportment, his proud manner and insulting proposals, partly to her withal quick response and partly to her guilt of credulityshe puts too much confidence in Wickhams entirely false, slanderous remarks.Human life is a change thing, this is one of the reasons we can find. Thirdly, I will show Darcys pride and Elizabeths prejudice clearly. let Darcy be the first one to be introduced. One reflection of Darcys proud behavior is at the rattling startlening at the ball in Merton. In just a couple of hours people begin to dislike him. Mr. Darcy soon draws the attention of the room by his fine, tall person with handsome features. The gentlemen pronounced him to be a fine figure of a man till his manners gives disgust for he was sight to be proud.The other reflection of Darcys pride is his first proposal scene. After months of struggle and consideration, Darcy chooses to open his amount to Elizabeth and tells her all his love. However, Darcy neglects the proper words on a proposal occasion though his feeling is more of tenderness rather than pride. ? His honest confession of all his thoughts doesnt win him the pleasure of marriage instead, it arouses the argument involving Janes comfort and Darcys responsibility in Wickhams case. When he treats his door keepers son, Wickham, he is also so arrogant.He says nothing or says hello in front of the girls at the sight of Wickham who has not seen for a languish time. It is the result that he is above meeting Wickham. However, the girls may regard him insolent and rude. At the same time, when Elizabeth refers to Wickham at party, Darcy does not make any explanation. He does not speak it out the facts that Wickham is not kind because he believes that people will find it out on themselves. Of course,he will not communicate with Kerens who like to flatter. He g oes away with no word when he meets Kerens. ? Now it is the time for Elizabeth. The first time that they meet is at the party. When Bingley introduces him to Elizabeth, he only says that she is not so beautiful to attract my attention and he will not dance with other women.. he must know that Elizabeth can hear it when he is saying that. Darcy is proud enough to speak it out without care and it is easy to find out he is quite a pride man. In fact, Darcy is attracted by Elizabeths beautiful eyes at the first sight of her. When he answers Bingley, he has fallen in love with Elizabeth.However, he can reject Bingleys advice in an abrupt way, which is talked to her friends as a joke by Elizabeth. Then Mrs. Bennett lets her oldest daughter riding a horse to Bingleys home in order to attract Bingleys attention. The oldest daughter gets a cold, so she must bide at Bingleys house for a few days. When Elizabeth visits her sister on foot, she comes across with Darcy. During those days, Darcy has realized that he loves Elizabeth. But he does things still arrogantly instead of baring his means to her.When he extremely wants to ask Elizabeth to have a dance, he says that he will give her an opportunity to have a dance with him. ? It is too rude for a woman to accept it. It is just like charity and no woman wants to dance with him after hearing that. Finally, the development of relationships between Darcy and Elizabeth will be told in details. At first, there are something unhappy between Darcy and Elizabeth. When Elizabeth visits the Kerens, Elizabeth meets Darcys cousin ,Colonel Fitzwilliam,she knows hat from him it is Darcy who has prevented Bingley from marrying Jane and privately hinks Jane does not lose heart to Bingley who, he thinks, could get little benefit and happiness from the bonnet. So Darcy covers up that Jane has gone to London to have a visit to Miss Bingley. But Darcy does not know that Jane is a girl who is not frank at expressing her feelings. He coul d not imagine that his self-opinionated action has made great hurt to Bingley and Jane. It has a vivid and incisive description of his pride in this novel when Darcy decides to propose marriage to Elizabeth it is also the mop up of the novel to describe Darcys character.After thinking clearly, Darcy makes an offer of marriage to Elizabeth in a special way. He says that Elizabeth is born in a poor family and it is her honor to marry him. ? He thinks that Elizabeth should accept it and revenge him for his precious love. He guesses that Elizabeth would love him and accept happily just as Bingley should not marry Jane. But they are all his private thoughts. She repulses his offer of marriage, which really gives a hit to Darcys pride. However, it is a good opportunity for Darcy to introspect what is wrong and also foreshadows their happy ending.Then Mr. Darcy helps Mr. Bingley and Jane eliminates their misunderstanding He also solves Lydias scandal and rescues her and the entire Bennet family from disgrace. Finally, they have a happy ending. It is the turning point of their relationships. I have introduced Darcy and Elizabeths beautiful love story and also witness a couple from strangers to from a family. Their love tells us that marriage is not only based on the property and social status, but also built on the adoring each other and respecting each other.

Philosophy Final Essay Example for Free

Philosophy Final Essay brain One In Platos start The Apology Socrates is on trial for three distinct things Firstly, Socrates fell out of favor with the g everyplacenment (who were forever and a day berated for being ignorant by Socrates in a fashion) and so the sought to eradicate him by impeach him of non paying favors to the graven images for whom the citizenry worshipped. Secondly, Socrates was on trial for impiety. Lastly, Socrates was on trial and sentenced to death for corruption of the young. Socrates act to defend himself in front of the Senate by using his famous Socratic method as revealed in Platos pages of The Apology. He bantered and lead the court douricials around in a dialogue fashion, asking doubts in order so that they would mother to answer them themselves and thus prove Socrates point in a question answer dialogue. The dialectic art of arriving at the was the system Socrates utilize. In this regard he would arrive at the answer by questioning the belie f of engaged speakers in a philosophic circle, or in this racing shell, in a courtroom hearing.Although this cerebration of philosophy may come across as non-confrontational, Socrates used this method to verb eachy jab at the speaker until they themselves found fault in their philosophy, and through a system of negative or positive responses came to recognize the truth Thus, Socrates sought to find aloneice for himself by only asking questions, leaving the answers up to the officials. This type of philosophy has been likened to a cross examination pay in todays court rooms, where the person under oath is asked a series of questions that ar both destructive and humiliating, until they are deplumated to acknowledge the truth, much like the arguments around Socrates.The aim of much(prenominal) confrontational questioning was always about finding the ultimate truth, but in this court case it seems that Socrates failed be puddle the case regulartually lead to his demise. So crates believed that this truth seeking was the main goal of philosophy, and philosophic discussions, and he believed that everyone touch with the account was in pursuit of this goal as well It was this optimism that lead to his downfall in a way.Socrates could be considered a martyr. It was his stand against the government at the m which lead to the eventual destruction of the cardinal Tyrants, but when democracy came back into place, they then chastised Socrates because of his pull with the younger crowd. The definition of a martyr is a person who dies for a cause. Socrates cause was for truth and wisdom that is what he taught the crowd which followed him about the city (and which attracted the discriminate of the democracy who felt Socrates had too much power and sway over the citizenry and feared an uprising) and in the end, those were the causes for which he died.In The Apology Plato writes of a scene where Crito offers Socrates the opportunity to black market from prison , but Socrates forbids it stating that it would go against democracy for which he stood and it would be a deceitful act which is the opposite of truth, for which he based his philosophy. Thus, Socrates is offered with a form of escape which he denies, thereby choosing death willingly for his beliefs, the true definition of a martyr. Socrates willingly or sooner knowingly accepts his fate as governed by the ones whose democracy he upheld and it was through this act that Socrates was able to re certify philosophy in follow out.Question TwoAs to the equalence of god, Descartes deems that this should be accounted for next to discovering what knowledge is. Descartes definition of God and existence required an innate sense of the presence of God. He began by thinking that the cause of both judgment is as real as the affectionateness of said idea. Since his idea of a compulsory Being or god infinite, therefore the cause of this idea of infinity must in addition be never-ending and according to his belief, only the real god is bound little.Thus, the cause for the existence of god cannot be mankind beings because we are not infinite and we are mortal. There must be a cause of this authoritative Beings existence which is outside the human race. Based on Meditation III, Descartes expressed my idea of god cannot be either adventitious or factitious (since I could neither experience god directly nor discover the concept of perfection in myself), so it must be innately provided by god. Therefore, god exists.It was Rene Descartes who delivered a first systematic account of the approximation/body relationship (Descartes 1). Descartes dualism theory states that see is a nonphysical substance (Descartes 1). Further, he differentiated mind from brain. He attributed consciousness and self-awareness to the mind bit intelligence is contained in the brain.Descartes used his Meditations on First Philosophy to make certain what he is in doubt before regarding the exist ence of the mind and body. Because of this, he was able to take a hint that mind and body are two different things. He advocated that the mind is used for thinking, thus, it is immaterial and can exist even without the body. This immaterial and non-physical content of the mind then he called as the soul. And therefore, the mind is a substance distinct from the body, a substance whose essence is thought (Descartes 12).Based on this perspective, Cartesian dualism became a secureness of future theories. It champions the idea of the immaterial mind and the material body. Even if these are two different entities, they interact to create actions and events reversibly involving mental and physical activities. Despite many non-European supporters of Cartesian dualism, this gave rise to the problem of interactionism wherein it averts the impossible action of interaction mingled with an immaterial and material entity, the mind and body respectively.To defend these criticisms of Cartesian d ualism, Descartes formulated an description through the pineal gland theory. This gland is located in the center of the brain between the go away and right hemisphere, from which the immaterial mind and the material body purportedly interacts. However, this has remained a theory up to this time since Descartes failed to defend such(prenominal) idea of the causal interaction of the mind and body through the pineal gland.Question ThreeKants deontology ethics involves the belief of actions being immoral despite the outcome. Kant did not put cartel in the consequences of peoples actions but the actions themselves thus leaving the effect of a scenario out of the equating of morality. This ethical stance was part of Kants philosophy and he believed that the absolutism of deontology was the correct course of action despite circumstances.For Mill on the otherwise hand, his theory of utilitarianism was in stark contrast to Kants theory of deontology. Utilitarianism speaks toward the acti on of a person directly closures the outcome. Thus, the truth is always the correct path in Kants philosophy while the outcome of a lie being the pathway to truth or justice is the course of Mills philosophy.In a situation where Kant and Mill were able to converse, there would be several issues on which they would agree, as well as many on which they would fervently grapple. With Mills dedication to the understanding of natural sciences/economy, and his studies into the harm theory as it applies to humanity, he would be at betting odds with the strong religious conviction of Kant. For Kant, the existence of God was the principle motivating factor of his studies. His work dealt with the constructing an tolerable theoretical argument for the existence of God. (Rossi) His early work was founded on, rather than the proof of God as a being to be worshipped, the idea that God was fundamentally provable through mathematics.Kant will argue that the concept of God properly functions only as a regulative i.e., limiting principle in causal accounts of the spatio-temporal order of the world. Kants critical philosophy thus undercuts what rationalist metaphysics had offered as proofs for the existence of God. On the other hand, the critical philosophy does more than simply dismantle the conceptual scaffolding on which previous philosophical accounts of the concept of God had been constructed. (Rossi)To this end, Kant spent his life in study of the pursuit of finding God in science and mathematics that man had developed. John Stuart Mill, on the other hand, felt that the harm principle was the reigning factors of world existence. John Stuart Mills argues in On Liberty that the use of the harm theory, or harm principle is that a state of government must ensure the quality of liberty just so long as the actions committed in the cause of liberty are not noisome to the activists. That is to say that the government may interfere in order to prevent harm. The following pa per will discuss Mills harm principle and its application to government in regards to restrictions and statements. Mill argues for the school of thought of liberty. Mill means to define the role of a person in nightspot and as such the limited amount of coercion consistent in society that should affect that individual, No society in which these liberties are not, on the whole, respected, is remedy, whatever may be its form of government and none is comp allowely free in which they do exist absolute and unqualified (Mill). Mill is stating that although these qualities are liberty come at a cost in no society would they be considered free because of the forms of government in which the world adheres.Question FourNietzsche restricts the presence of God in his equation by saying that the concepts of costly and sliminess have changed with the progression of history and that these two paradigms of human behavior and secular code will incubate to evolve toward the demands of a chang ing society. Nietzsche, therefore, makes the argument that morals are constructs of the times in which we will and have evolved much as human beings have over the ages, but that this is not necessarily a good thing because it is meant as a manner of preventing others from having control over us. This is because people inherently wish to coif power over others and morals are a way of leveling things off so that the strongest members of society do not dominate, as Nietzsche emphasizes,The pathos of nobility and distance, as mentioned, the lasting and domineering feeling, something total and complete, of a higher ruling nature in relation to a lower nature, to an beneaththat is the origin of the rivalry between good and bad. (The right of the master to give names extends so far that we could permit ourselves to stab the origin of language itself as an expression of the power of the rulers they say that is such and such, seal every object glass and event with a sound and, in so doin g, take possession of it.) (Nietzsche)In the Genealogy of Morals, Friedrich Nietzsche presents his idea about the morality of human beings and why it is flawed Nietzsche begins by discounting many of societys assumptions on how they function in life, as he believes that we tend to view things as having inherent meaningsBut all purposes, all uses, are only signs that a will to power has become master over something with less power and has stamped on it its own meaning of some function, and the entire history of a thing, an organ, a enforce can by this process be seen as a continuing chain of signs of constantly raw interpretations and adjustments, whose causes need not be connected to each otherthey rather follow and take over from each other under merely contingent circumstances. (Nietzsche)Nietzsche uses punishment as an example in this case, as human beings tend to believe that punishment is an action that happens to a person as a result of that person doing something that he or she deserves to be punished, although counter to this Nietzsche also states that suffering is meaningless and therefore, punishment may also with Nietzches own philosophy be meaningless. He would argue that punishment is completely set out from this, however, as punishment is very often used as a way of dooming off ones power or in some cases, as an act of cruelty. This suggests that the punishment does not always fit the crime, as the clich is written, so those two things should not necessarily be associated with each other.It cannot be understood how these two things are the same thing, so it is necessary to keep them separate. Nietzsche then moves this argument to show how morality has arrived at the point that it is at right now. Nietzsche argues that all of existence, especially in human beings, is a struggle between different wills for the feeling of power. This means that society wishes to have some sort of control over their own lives and also over the lives of others. T his is why competition and the nature of this in man is so prevalent in society,Rather, that occurs for the first time with the collapse of aristocratic value judgments, when this entire contrast between egoistic and unegoistic pressed itself ever more strongly into human awarenessit is, to use my own words, the instinct(predicate) of the herd which, through this contrast, finally gets its word (and its words). And even so, it took a long time until this instinct in the masses became ruler, with the result that moral evaluation got downright hung up and bogged down on this opposition (as is the case, for example, in modern Europe today the prejudice that takes moralistic, unegoistic, dsintress disinterested as equally valuable ideas already governs, with the force of a fixed idea and a disease of the brain). (Nietzsche)It is all a competition to achieve this power, even if there is no physical reward for winning these competitions. Nietzsche shows the constant changing of the ideol ogies of good and bad by stating that in one-time(prenominal) generations, the concept of good was defined by the strongest people in society. In dotty times, anything that the stronger members of society did was defined as good, while the weaker members of society were seen as bad. This is not something that we would agree upon today, but members of these past societies would not agree with the way we do things either. Therefore, Nietzsche believes that to give anything an absolute interpretation does not work because as the times change, so will this interpretation.It is wills which define this, so as wills change, so will the apparent truth. If it is real desirable to have free will, therefore, a person must not believe in any absolutes, but rather view the world as a constantly changing place and let our wills define the things that are occurring around and in society. This includes looking at things from as many different perspectives as possible in order to decide contingen tly upon personal perspectives which viewpoint a person wishes to make. This can also be applied to morality as, since nothing is absolute, morals are constantly changing as well. worship is not something that was passed down from God to human beings, but is rather something that has evolved and changed since the beginning of time and will continue to do so. The only thing that has not change in human beings is that they inherently have the rely to achieve more power over their fellow human beings, because of the existence of free wills. This means that the present morality that human beings possess has been born due to hatred for those things that are stronger in the presence of society. Nietzsche argues that a person will have fear of things that could possibly have power over them, so a person must have developed this moral code in order to protect themselves from the stronger members of society. Nietzsche believes that a person must embrace these animalistic instincts because a person is currently hurting themselves by repress them.Work CitedCooper, J.M. Plato Complete Works. Hackett Publishing Company. 1997.Descartes, Rene. n.d. Meditations on First Philosophy. 10 March 2008 http//oregonstate.edu/instruct/phl302/texts/descartes/meditations/meditations.htmlMill, John Stuart. Utilitarianism. Online. 10 March 2008 http//ethics.sandiego.edu/utilitarianism.htmlNietzsche, F. Genealogy of Morals. Online. 10 March 2008. http//books.google.com/books?id=OwGPCsLiBlwCdq=nietzsche+genealogy+of+mor lspg=PP1ots=rTBJrGtorHsig=vLolmBFHWUdXa7z8_CxzfIlj18Ahl=enprev=h tp//www.google.com/search?hl=enclient=firefox-arls=org.mozillaen USofficialhs=ymYpwst=1sa=Xoi=spellresnum=0ct=resultcd=1q=Nietz che+genealogy+of+moralsspell=1oi=printct=titlecad=one-book-with-thumbnailRossi, Phillip. Kants Philosophy of religion. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. June 2004. 10 March 2008. URL http//plato.stanford.edu/entries/kant-religion/