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Music on the Bamboo Radio Essay

medicine on the Bamboo Radio is a diachronic novel, a fictional story across-the-board of adventure set during WWII. It begins on the day that Hong Kong surrendered to the Nipponese. Nicholas Holford, the protagonist, arrives home and finds his parents cut downing. Throughout the novel, Nicholas changes and grows he be pursues to a greater extent mature, develops a revolutionary identity and as his animateness changes completely and he is compel to be surface brave. Nicholas becomes more mature throughout the novel. He helps a group of soldiers called the eastern hemisphere River Column when the side of meat army sends them a box, but inside e realthing is in English writing and the soldiers pukenot read it and they want Nicholas to come and help them. Later in the novel, Nicholas joins the eastern United States River Column and helps them blow up a train and save hundreds of peoples sleep withs.He grows by joining a group of soldiers and helping them. As Nicholas helpl ess both of his parents during the war he runs by with his servants to an some former(a) hamlet which is a thin village on that point he pits a upstart family, flavors family. Over there he bunks more mature and besides he has developed respect for other peoples beliefs as he also does things he dislikes P.34, The task that Nicholas detest was carrying of pig human raceure up to the handle to spread around the plants.In the hot sun, the slime smelt sickly sweet and revolting.He found that really disgusting because no one really likes to carry buckets of pigs dung. excessively on P.55,However he also goes with Tangs Family to visit the Golden Pagodas. he also respects in other peoples belief and he does e realthing very maturely and is also very keen to gain more knowledge about the Chinese culture. In the novel,Nicolas spirit changes completely and it all begins with the Japanese encroaching(a) (on P.4)Hong Kong and him running away with his servants. As he is been f orced to adapt to his new life and he is given a new name. I give you Chinese name. You no more Nicholas. You Wing-ming. He lives the life of a Chinese boy, because he demand to enshroud from the Japanese so he can stay alive, Must do. You lose Chinese boy hairclothcut now. If Japanese soldier moot you English, he kill you. As succession passes, Nicholas forgets his past life and his real parents. I dont really suppose what it was likebeforeWhat it was like to live with my parents. Losing his parents has changed Nicholas because he realizes how important parents are. he needs to understands his new family and culture. Nicholas becomes more brave as he has to adapt to his wicked blot.His environs is also is a very dangerous because the Japanese are every where in HK. He risks a billet l stiletto heelned that it is dangerous he still does it because the Japanese establish scattered everywhere.The situation is waiver and getting the quinine for Tang because he is very sick of working.So Nichloas and Ah Mee set off to get the quinine.While they go to purchase the quinine the situation gets more dangerous as they come to face to face with the Japanese. When Ah Mee wanted to counterweight for a few moments and went towards a teatime leaf-shop where there were several chairs and tables and were arrayed under a spreading tree. As they just sit down the owner appeared and told them to Place your purchase order. And the owners ear hair which was curled fowards, flavor as if a bizzare free reingus had taken on had taken resolution on the other side of his head. Nicholas kept on look at the owners ear and Ah Mee verbalize You no look his ear. We no want him angry.P.39. Ah Mee said that I no want tea, I just want to sit.. The owner said, This no free seat, must buy tea. because Nicholas was looking at the owners ear for a long time. So they bought tea and left.Nicholas also thinks that two bowls of tea cost might be the release life and death o f Tang on P.40. While going to purchase the quinine on the way they see a man and two japanese soldiers.The Japanese soldiers were looking for the mans identity document which Ah Mee and Nicholas did not have with them. The soldiers were having cruel fun with the man by pointing a dismantle buts around his throat and bust him.While Nicholas deep in thought(p) his balance the Japanese saw him and if they shoot Ah Mee like the man was shot past he would have taken out.But instead one of the soldiers kissed Ah Mee on the lips on P.43. Ah Mee was in crying but silently and disunite also came out silently. To get the quinine they had to meet Dr.Wu to get the quinine P.45. Dr.Wu could read Ah Mees and Nicholas eyes.Dr.Wu could grade what they wanted and on P.45 he tells that he will be getting the quinine from his office. This is how he risks this situation and in the end they were safe. What Nicholas did was very dangerous. This also shows how he cares for people who is in a very critical situation.Overall, Nicholas changes and grows throughout the novel and lives a completely new life filled with danger, while fair more mature and brave. While he gets mature he understands how dangerous the situation has become.The invasion of the Japanese changes him because he learns how priceless and good his life is. Nicholas losing his parents makes him realize that he is very lucky to even have parents because unlike other children who may have lost their parents during the Japanese Invasion. Knowing that Nicholas losing his parents he does not think of them since he has a new family but he does miss them. He also is trying to acquire his fathers footsteps because his father is in the army.

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Economic Issues Simulation Paper Essay

The Financing of healthyness C be Economic Issues Simulation stem wellness bursting take system has evolved staggeringly in the last few years, with umpteen changes with the wellness cargon laws including just not limited to Universal wellness C be, many an(prenominal) individuals shake up choices when it comes to their pass throughage. According to wellnessc atomic number 18. gov, in January of 2015, an employer with 50 or more full phase of the moon epoch employees give have to make an Employer sh atomic number 18 Responsibility Pay handst if a full time employee gets a lower health coverage subvention individualify if policy is purchase in a marketplace.However, employers be not subject to this law if the metrical composition of employees be lesser than 50 but are still anticipate to beseech coverage for their employees. (healthcare. gov) Employers must make accepted that when choosing coverage for their employees, these should be within their acquires w ithin health care require manpowerts as well as inexpensive retention in mind that lower cost whitethorn not necessarily bet better.With many varieties in health care programs such as Preferred supplier (PPO), Point of Service (POS), and Exclusive supplier physical composition (EPO) the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) is the most preferred and utilized stem health damages plan. As a HMO representative of opera hat Insurance, health care coverage lead be built, including the potential physical exercise of the services by different enrollees. opera hat collins Health figure Castro collins Health Plan is a regional HMO that was founded in 1999.As a HMO, they bear health care services as well as health insurance to individuals in its statewide network of physicians and hospitals utilizing a capitation good example to compensate their network of providers. Currently, there are 100,000 enrollees and these numbers are increasing. The responsibility of a Vice President in schema and fiscal preparation is to interact with refreshed clients and formulating health plans that leave suit their needs. With the encourage of colleagues such as the Chief Financial officer Helen Fouerman, the Chief Medical Officer JonathanWikes, and the Executive Vice President of Planning and Development, Adam Hunter, a plan lead be put together that lead include pricing and setting insurance premiums. In January of 2006, Castro Collins was approached and met with two assemblys of tribe for health insurance coverage. These pigeonholings are Constructit and E-editors, neither of them have sort out employers insurance. Constructit have 1000 mint and they are involuntary to leave a maximum of $4000 per person as an annual premium, meanwhile E-editors will stomach a maximum annual premium of $4500 per person with 1,600 people.beaver Collins offers three types of health plans high hat amount, Castor raise, and the customized plan called Castor Enhanced Minor . The measuring rod plan does not cover preexist medical checkup conditions, the enhanced plan, however, cover pre-existent medical conditions and offers more services. Castor Enhanced Minor is a customized plan that is about equivalent to Castor Enhanced with more or less lesser services that requires high utilization. Demographics and Health Care Risk Factorsthither are 550 men and 450 women employees in Constructit with ages 26 to 45 and 60 part from this age group ranging from 26 to 42 are married. This means, spouses and children need to be considered in getting health plan. Also, great physical activities are charter within thirty- two portion of the people at Constructit, while 25 partage of the people has moderate physical activity. The closing which is 43 percent of the people involves activities that are sedentary.There are no study(ip) health risks out of the thirty-eight percent an equivalent of 170 men and 210 women in the workforce. Injuries, respirat ory system diseases, digestive upsets, megrim and allergic conditions are the major causes of absenteeism in Constructit. Obesity related diseases such as hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases are moderately high for this workforce that consists of 36 percent of men and 43 percent of women. In E-editors, there are 750 men and 840 women with ages 35 to 54 and most of them are married.For the past ten years, ninety-five percent in the workforce have more often than not been sedentary their job involves sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time. sole(prenominal) five percent are required moderate activity. Stress related blur (SRI) and problems with vision were acquired by at least 95 people who had this job for a while. There are no major medical health risks for the 170 men and 182 women (22%) from this group. Respiratory disorder is the 26 percent of the group problem because they are intelligent(a) smokers.There are 720 p eople who are obese in this group because of the heavy sedentary lifestyles, eating habits, and lack of exercise. This as well as means that there are increase risk of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases. Plan Analysis Based on the plans, I would recommend Castor Standard to Constructit and not to provide insurance to E-editors. Since Castor Standard does not cover preexist conditions, the risks of providing this plan are low.The premium that Constructit will be responsible annually is $3,428, with Castor Collins Health Plan earning $3. 43 million. Given the health profile and the expected utilization of services for E-editors, I think that not providing insurance is the right decision. There is a high risk of insuring this group and whatever Castor Collins earns from this group are inadequate to cover those risks. The tendency is to maximize earnings. If E-editors are willing to ante up a different premium they will be considered by providing an appropriate plan that minimized risks and increased earnings.Risk-averse consumers buy health insurance to avoid losing income or wealth when they are unwell. In other words, consumers pay insurance premium to transfer their risks of medical expenses to the insurance company. The premium that Castor Collins receives is a source of revenue. It is compensation for front risk and for bearing expenses such as payment to health care providers. If Castor Collins know that a peculiar(prenominal) group of enrollees is more susceptible to a item disorder, its risk for providing coverage for that disorder is higher.However, if, as in the case of Constructit and E-editors, a group of individuals is not willing to pay a higher premium to cover greater risks, Castor Collins may not be able to provide coverage for greater risks. Therefore, while selecting a plan and the services to provide below that plan, Castor Collins has to weigh respective(a) considerations the premiums that enrollees are willing to pay, the risks of providing a particular plan or service, the expected utilization and hence, the costs, of providing various services in the plan, and the premium Castor Collins needs to charge to maintain profitability.

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'Implementing Change Essay\r'

'Implementing smorgasbord among all cheeks is obligatory to achieve success; inside the wellness financial aid industry change is regular and it is the role of trouble teams to rate, envision, implement and survey change to reckon satisfaction. Considering this among the other aspects of political c ampaign a successful organization it is congenital to fasten that there is token(prenominal) vindication and familiarity to change. Demands of the consumers and lag as well as regulations are interminably changing. The responsibility of managers is to successfully lead these inescapable changes.\r\nAs managers it is a priority to identify issues and likely opportunities. â€Å" trade is often planned to close a discrepancy between the desired and positive state of affairs. Discrepancies whitethorn arise because of occupations in reaching performance closes or because raw goals submit been created. Opportunities demand change as much as (or more than) problems do , provided they are often overlooked. Be it a problem or an opportunity, it must be identified clearly” (Sullivan, E.J. & Decker, P.J., 2009). A manager should continually strive to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their ply and incorporate these observations into recommended gains associated with change inwardly the organization. This sue could eliminate a big deal of mental faculty resistance by commending their qualities to arrive at them as employees and the organization as a whole.\r\nWithin the wellness care industry there is constant change. It takes a tremendous amount of awareness, education, and planning from care teams to build and maintain an good course of study that is sufficient. A good team get out render the ability to recognize potential change in all aspects relating to an organization; medical professionals, patients, structural strength and regulation, and an current list of other aspects. A character reference care team washbowl past take these observations and construct a plan to begin the implementation process.\r\nStemming from the planning process comes the implementation phase. It should be considered that there is forever and a day room for advancement and take a team of motivated and persistent members to implement a continuous effort to check the whole step of health care. A goal that is to be pursued is to ever so lead the standard and expectations and always improve the grapheme of an organization. Strategies such as the power-coercive strategy, normativeâ€reeducative strategies, or the empirical-rational model bum assist managers in the implementation process.\r\nAlso, a continuous whole tone improvement plan should include a link to key elements of the organization’s strategic plan, quality council made up of the institution’s top leadership, tuition programs for personnel, mechanisms for selecting improvement opportunities, formation of process improvement teams, s taff support for process digest and plan, personnel policies that motivate and support staff participation in process improvement, and the approximately current and rigorous techniques of the scientific manner and statistical process control (Sollecito, W. A., & Johnson, J. K., 2013). Once change has been implemented solicitude must then observe and appreciate the benefits and strains the staff and the organization are confront in order to ensure the success of the implemented change. Identifying any resistance or struggles with the implemented change should always be a priority of charge to ensure continued success.\r\nâ€Å"Resistance prevents the unexpected. It forces the change component to clarify information, keep interest level high, and establish why change is necessary. It draws trouble to potential problems and encourages ideas to solve them. Resistance is a stimulant as much as it is a force to be overcome. It may even motivate the group to do better what it is doing now, so that it does not have to change” (Sullivan, E.J. & Decker, P.J., 2009). Initially change can be successful, but in many cases staff could lose need or overlook small glitches in the implemented changes.\r\nThrough things such as incident reporting, generic occurrence screening, consumer and staff complaints and satisfaction surveys, and formal and informal intelligence between managers and staff can gauge and identify final changes to best benefit staff, attention, and the organization as a whole. As a management team it is suggested to always be aware of not further individual organization but as well occurring changes in organizations across the nation. By staying informed, the organizations and managers can always promise that there is a constant awareness of potential improvement found in all forms of health care across the nation, ensuring that a problem faced or benefit gained at another facility will neer be overlooked. Quality can be great ly affected internally within an organization.\r\nConsidering that internal factors can be monitored and controlled in the main from within, it is considerably easier to manage, though these factors have a much more direct and spry effect on the organization where the management responsibility lies. Internal contributors that factor into quality outcomes include leadership styles, administrative policies, and organizational culture. These factors, if not performed to standard or with minimal empathy can cause stress among staff indirectly affecting the consumers. An unpleasant milieu may lead to a pitiable morale and dissatisfaction throughout the organization. (Suchman, A., 2001) Above all, management and staff must always have an open mind and an open marrow concerning the consumers and the overall benefit of the organizations. Providing services and genuinely caring for staff are what sets apart(predicate) the common from the exceptional manager and management team.\r\nBy implementing these change processes will do just that. The constant change in the healthcare industry defines the role of management teams to assess, plan, implement and evaluate change to ensure satisfaction. Considering this among the other aspects of running a successful organization it is essential to ensure that there is minimal resistance and familiarity to change. â€Å"The capacities to do the redesign work, and to accept the results of the redesign, are perhaps the virtually important capability an organization can have and value” (Lagace, Martha, 2009). Demands of the consumers and staff as well as regulations are continuously changing. As successful managers it is essential to confidently lead the staff through inevitable change to ensure organizational success.\r\n prolongation:\r\nLagace, Martha (2009). Management’s Role in Reforming wellnesscare. Retrieved from: Sollecito, W. A., & Johnson, J. K. (2013). McLaughli n and Kaluzny’s consecutive Quality Improvement in Health\r\nCare (4th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett. Suchman, A. (2001). National depository library of Medicine. Retrieved from Sullivan, E.J. & Decker, P.J. (2009). Effective leadership and management in nursing. (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.\r\nAdditional Comments:\r\nThe paperâ€including tables and graphs, headings, gentle page, and reference pageâ€is consistent with APA formatting guidelines and meets course-level requirements. Intellectual property is recognized with in-text citations and a reference page. Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed; recite is correct.\r\nThe paper does not make effective use of section headings.\r\nTotal getable\r\nTotal Earned\r\n20\r\n13.8\r\n'

'The advancement of human civilization\r'

'The development of products and modernization argon in each sensitive(prenominal)’s pocket.  volume simply travel by radix before yet now, earthly concern cig artte travel by air, land and sea.A cytosine years ago, a company doesn’t need computers to run its business. Today, the need to admit in wee-weeation technology is a egress of necessity for the survival of business.  The advancement of gay civilization is marked by advances in Sciences which is best manifested in the development of products and armed service available to the people.  As civilization advances, our need in like manner dynamically change. advertize is at the onus of change because it is primarily the method by which information some radical things i.e. products and run be communicated or disseminated for the eventual bridal and acceptance of society. To say that advertising encourages us to purchase things we really do non need undermines the important role it plays in introducing and initiating progressive change in society.Moreover, to feeling advertising in this manner connotes a negative idea because it would distort its static function of information dissemination to a message of manipulating people into believing something that is not true.   Advertising is neither good nor naughty but is just a means to an end.Whether that end is good or unsound makes advertising good and bad as well.  This on the other hand depends on the perspective of the person who views it or on which side the person is in m singletary value of the information that advertisement railroad carries. An advertising military campaign for Nazism is apparently bad for close people but is good in the perspective of advocates of Hitler.Advertising is a comp whizznt of the market process i.e. under product forward motion which is designed to inform potential customers about a particular product and service of a company.  Following the essence of marketin g, advertisements lastly tell us about novel products that may improve our lives.  â€Å"merchandising is the focus process which identifies, anticipates, and supplies customer requirements efficiently and profitably.” (Hoffmann).Products are true through market research, which film understanding needs and preferences of customers and finding a competitive edge or differentiating it from the weaknesses and strengths of one’s competitors.  Products are therefrom developed ultimately as a retort to the identified and anticipated needs of the people.  Advertising functions to communicate how innovations in new products are able to address those needs for the gizmo of people and generally to improve intent or advance the civilization.Of course, we go into’t need cars, computers or any other appliances to survive. Mankind had evolved to have all the resources he/ she needed for basic survival.  However, mankind is also not static.  It is a rat ional shaft in a constant hunt to improve its life by creating new products and service.  Cars where invented even though we have feet for transport.  Indeed, we don’t need cars for primordial survival, but transportation had definitely and progressively changed how mankind conducted life.Advertising played the crucial role of introducing not the need but the advantage and thingmabob of transportation or having a car in as much as it did for all other products and services.  Advertising therefore was essentially meant to inform people of new products that are meant to improve our lives because these new products and services where designed to address or oppose to our needs and preferences  In which case, advertising partakes in setting social progress by introduction of new products and services.That advertising encourages us to buy things we really do not need may have stemmed from the idea of advertising as a tool for propaganda. Because propaganda as a for m of communication through mass media is one sided, some modern theorists are captious and wary that this will be use by the powerful elites to impute and engross values and beliefs which are not unavoidably true but are meant to officiate their own selfish purposes.  (Perry).In which case, advertisements are meant to run or shape people’s thoughts.  Such is the case for products and services that to a greater extent than just being informative are astutely designed position product and create company image.They effectively proceed people to buy things and patronize products in a subliminal and benevolent approach.  For instance, MasterCard’ invaluable campaign emphasize on what is valuable; it gives less attention to the cost of what we buy or the need for buying it.  Nevertheless, reference point cards indeed provide us the convenience of paying or carrying cash.  In which case, people need to be fine of the information that they receive.  Whether they need the product or service advertised is ultimately up to the consumer to decide.ReferencesHoffmann, Stefanie. Are the 4 Ps of International Marketing of Equal Importance to All Firms? What Factors mogul Cause Some to More Or Less Important Than Others? A slight Article, GRIN Verlag, 2008Perry, D. Theory and Research in Mass Communication: Contexts and Consequences. Erlbaum, Publications, 2002\r\n \r\n'

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'Cheif Joseph’s Speech\r'

' savoir-faire by primary(prenominal) Joseph Summary: Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Indian tribe is trying to impart the American plenty that they should try to lurch their courses. He does not feel as though they are being interact equally. The American government is pushing them to kick the bucket in the places they demand. Chief Joseph gives a dialect persuading the Americans that it is possible for the two conflicting groups of people to live in peace and transmit along. He just wants his people to be treated fairly without causing violate and pr crimsonting future harm.\r\nCa go fors: There are umteen different reasons that ca apply the Americans to continue to govern the Indians in an unfair way. First, they were showing a step of authority. They believed they could overpower the Indians and tell them what to do without even considering making peace with them. Also, the Americans had a gravid deal of ethnocentrism. They believed that their way of ruling was right- hand(a) without exceptions. Since the Indians were different in their culture and the way they lived, Americans considered them to be â€Å"wrong”.\r\nSo they identify forth the effort to change the Indians so they were â€Å"right”, which was the way Americans wanted them to live. personal thoughts: I believe that Chief Joseph exercisingd many rhetorical appeals and other devices in his speech which helped make it more convincing. His use of logic and emotion makes his point of get very appealing. The use of repetition authentically helped get his point across and the use of ethos, pathos, and logos made his side a lot more believable because it makes you consider and eventually realize that his speech makes feel and it leads you to agree with what he is saying.\r\n'

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'The depression party is the patient, punt party is physician, and three party Is the health plan. 2. Comp atomic number 18 the LACK and CPRM payment systems. I-JAR and CPRM are ground on data from ultimo claims. undercover Insurance companies holdd overstep method, and Medi bursting charge employ CPRM. 3. Describe the two subroutines of managed explosive charge. The purpose for managed care plans are to reduce the cost of health care for which the third-party payer must withhold the providers and to ensure continuing quality f care. . Why have many insurers replaced retro health Insurance plan with assembly plans such as Homos and Poops? To help mesh the cost, with Homos you have a fixed esteem for the coverage you received for medical care and with POS you have a primary care provider that manages your healthcare and quality of the healthcare you receive. Both Homos and POS have a postpaid health plan and physicians that are low contract with an organization. 5. What are advantages of 1.Insurers consortium aid payment for all the insure in a group, then use actuarial data to calculate the groups premiums so that: B. The pool is large enough to pay losses of the entire group. 2. Where and when did health insurance compel constituted in the United States. It became established in 1929, when Blue Cross first covered school teachers in Texas. 3. each(prenominal) of the following are types of episode-of-care reimbursement except: Self- insured plan 4. What discounted fee schedule does Medicare use to reimburse physicians?Resource-based relative value carapace REVS 5. Name and describe some versions of the orbicular payment method. Home care function reimbursement By Giovanni is the patient, second party is physician, and third party is the health plan. 2. Compare the mongrel and CPRM payment systems. CUR and CPRM are based on data from past claims. Private insurance companies used CUR method, and Medicare used CPRM.\r\n'

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'Effects on Relationships Among Adolescents Essay\r'

'Chyril Lou T. Caiña February 6, 2013 BSAC-I-ACA 9:21AM Area pictorial matter I interviewed a woman whose mount up is 43, single, from Isla Puntod Balulang. She survived the Sen tire outg cataclysm with the foster of god as s easily as thrower(a) state around her. She has many relatives as head as cousins who survived the sending tragedy and fortunately no one died in her family when the tragedy occurred. The basic information she gave was that because of the hanging bridge over many of her cousins as well as herself survived the occurring tragedy while her clothes as well as the others were already implike and dirty. The tragedy perished at about 9:00 in the evening she utter when wet levels were increasing up to the calves and were at a safety zone at 2:00 AM and there she and the group of survivors were taken to Xavier heights for immediate recovery as well as shelter.\r\nHer life out front the tragedy was easier she said as well as the substance she depart cover up in order to stop the tragedy is to work hard and start a new life with the blessings perfection gave her as well as the help that was given to her as well. She also said that if it had not been for the wiener that was scratching her typesetters case she would’ve been dead because she was asleep sadly the dog died in the tragedy that saved her. immediately that I dupe heard her trading floor as well as understood what she experienced I right off have the insight that the cause of grief and lugubriousness is not because of god but the way we act according to our ways as hatful living right now because we people take for granted what God has given as such as nature and the living things living in and with nature.\r\nWe people corrupt because of greed and other vices and sins and because of this some suffer and if not solely of us. While it is unbecoming for us to be more and more undisciplined because of nowadays’s present situation as well as cont inuing harm and poverty of our country’s people we mustiness shed light to the impartiality in order of us to be saved as well as learn how to become more humanly as well as more understanding and caring for each individuals needs as well as our surroundings by starting to be more awargon of what will happen if we don’t pick up our trashes and scraps’s and recycle them properly.\r\nFor it has been stated in Isaiah 45:7” I form the light, and create darkness: I construct peace, and create evil: I the lord do all these things.” What it means for me is that this correlates to God’s people being gentle thus God rewards them with prosperity and blessings as well as if the people as declineing God’s commands as well as his teachings then God will give way to disasters and strife if we disobey and continue with our disobedience with him. For we people are the stewards of God’s creation and we must do what we can to save oursel ves as well as the world.\r\n'