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Reproductive Health Bill Essay

* House Bill # 4244 ─ An Act Providing for a Comprehensive Policy on Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health, and Population and Development, and For Other Purposes * Senate Bill # 2378 ─ An Act Providing For a National Policy on Reproductive Health and Population and Development While there is general agreement about its provisions on maternal and child health, there is great debate on its key proposal that the Philippine government and the private sector will fund and undertake widespread distribution of family planning devices such ascondoms, birth control pills (BCPs) and IUDs, as the government continues to disseminate information on their use through all health care centers. On October 2012, a revised version of the same bill was presently re-named to Responsible Parenthood Act and was filed in theHouse of Representatives as a result of re-introducing the bill under a different impression after overwhelming opposition in the country, especially from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines[2][3]. The bill is highly divisive, with experts, academics, religious institutions, and major political figures supporting and opposing it, often criticizing the government and each other in the process. Debates and rallies proposing and opposing the bills, with tens of thousands of opposition particularly those endorsed by the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church and various other conservative groups, have been happening nationwide. Bill content [edit]Sections Philippine Population Density Map. Darker areas mean more population. The basic content of the Consolidated Reproductive Health Bill is divided into the following sections. 1. Title 2. Declaration of Policy 3. Guiding Principles 4. Definition of Terms 5. Midwives for Skilled Attendance 6. Emergency Obstetric Care 7. Access to Family Planning 8. Maternal and Newborn Health Care in Crisis Situations 9. Maternal Death Review 10. Family Planning Supplies as Essential Medicines 11. Procurement and Distribution of Family Planning Supplies 12. Integration of Family Planning and Responsible Parenthood Component in Anti-Poverty Programs 13. Roles of Local Government in Family Planning Programs 14. Benefits for Serious and Life-Threatening Reproductive Health Conditions 15. Mobile Health Care Service 16. Mandatory Age-Appropriate Reproductive Health and Sexuality Education 17. Additional Duty of the Local Population Officer 18. Certificate of Compliance 19. Capability Building of Barangay Health Workers 20. Ideal Family Size 21. Employers’ Responsibilities 22. Pro Bono Services for Indigent Women 23. Sexual And Reproductive Health Programs For Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) 24. Right to Reproductive Health Care Information 25. Implementing Mechanisms 26. Reporting Requirements 27. Congressional Oversight Committee 28. Prohibited Acts 29. Penalties 30. Appropriations 31. Implementing Rules and Regulations 32. Separability Clause 33. Repealing Clause 34. Effectivity Summary of major provisions The bill mandates the government to â€Å"promote, without bias, all effective natural and modern methods of family planning that are medically safe and legal.†[12] Although abortion is recognized as illegal and punishable by law, the bill states that â€Å"the government shall ensure that all women needing care for post-abortion complications shall be treated and counseled in a humane, non-judgmental and compassionate manner.†[12] The bill calls for a â€Å"multi-dimensional approach† integrates a component of family planning and responsible parenthood into all government anti-poverty programs.[12] Under the bill, age-appropriate reproductive health and sexuality education is required from grade five to fourth year high school using â€Å"life-skills and other approaches.†[12] The bill also mandates the Department of Labor and Employment to guarantee the reproductive health rights of its female employees. Companies with less than 200 workers are required to enter into partnership with health care providers in their area for the delivery of reproductive health services.[12] Employers with more than 200 employees shall provide reproductive health services to all employees in their own respective health facilities. Those with less than 200 workers shall enter into partnerships with health professionals for the delivery of reproductive health services. Employers shall inform employees of the availability of family planning services. They are also obliged to monitor pregnant working employees among their workforce and ensure they are provided paid half-day prenatal medical leaves for each month of the pregnancy period that they are employed.[12] The national government and local governments will ensure the availability of reproductive health care services, including family planning and prenatal care.[12] Any person or public official who prohibits or restricts the delivery of legal and medically safe reproductive health care services will be meted penalty by imprisonment or a fine.—————- Maternal health and deaths Birthing services are key to solving maternal deaths Maternal deaths in the Philippines, according to the WHO, is at 5.7 per day,[50] not 10-11 deaths a day, as per the proponents who repeated these numbers â€Å"to drive home the point.†[51][52] The proponents state that RH will mean: (1) Information and access to natural and modern family planning (2) Maternal, infant and child health and nutrition (3) Promotion of breast feeding (4) Prevention of abortion and management of post-abortion complications (5) Adolescent and youth health (6) Prevention and management of reproductive tract infections, HIV/AIDS and STDs (7) Elimination of violence against women (8) Counseling on sexuality and sexual and reproductive health (9) Treatment of breast and reproductive tract cancers (10) Male involvement and participation in RH; (11) Prevention and treatment of infertility and (12) RH education for the youth.[citation needed] The Department of Health states that family planning can reduce maternal mortality by about 32 percent.[17] The bill is â€Å"meant to prevent maternal deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth,† said Clara Padilla of Engender Rights. She reported that â€Å"Daily, there are 11 women dying while giving birth in the Philippines. These preventable deaths could have been avoided if more Filipino women have access to reproductive health information and healthcare.†[citation needed] Regarding these figures, Francisco Tatad of the International Right to Life Federation and former Senator wrote that â€Å"If correct, experience has shown (as in Gattaran, Cagayan and Sorsogon, Sorsogon) that the incidence of maternal death arising from such complications could be fully mitigated and brought down to zero simply by providing adequate basic and emergency obstetrics care and skilled medical personnel and services,† without any need for a law on the distribution of contraceptives.[11] The key to solving maternal deaths, according to the Senate Policy Brief on reproductive health, is the establishment of birthing centers.[7] The Philippine Medical Association or PMA stated in their Position Paper that the goal of reducing the rise of maternal and child deaths â€Å"could be attained by improving maternal and child health care without the necessity of distributing contraceptives. The millions of funds intended for the contraceptive devices may just well be applied in improving the skills of our health workers in reducing maternal and child mortality in the Philippines.†[53] Magna Carta for Women of 2009 There have been comparisons made with the 2009 Law called the Magna Carta for Women and the RH Bill. The Magna Carta for Women contains the following provisions in Section 17 and 19:[54][55] * Prenatal and postnatal care * Information regarding all types of family planning methods * Access to family planning methods as long as they are ethically and medically safe * Sex education * Obstetric and gynecological care regarding pregnancy complications and the prevention of AIDS, HIV, STD, and the like * Spouses have the right to decide to space their children The Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Magna Carta directs the Commission on Women under the Office of the President to oversee that the provisions are implemented by the Department of Health, the Department of Local Governments, the Commission of Human Rights, the Department of Education, Department of Social Welfare, Department of Labor, the Commission on High Education. In the IRR, it also states that in order for the law to be successful, the government should tie up with all LGUs so that midwives, doctors, birthing facilities should be put in place to take care of the health needs of all to ensure that we minimize maternal and child deaths. Because of these provisions, Senator Majority Floor Leader Tito Sotto said that the RH Bill is redundant. Family planning Catholic Church: A large family is a sign of God’s blessings (CCC2373) The Catholic Church teaches the necessity of responsible parenthood and correct family planning (one child at a time depending on one’s circumstances), while at the same time teaching that Every birth is a gift from God; every new life, a blessing.[57] The RH bill intends to help couples to have government funded access to artificial contraception methods as well.[citation needed] Access One of the main concerns of the proponents is the perceived lack of access to family planning devices such as contraceptives and sterilization. The bill intends to provide universal access through government funding, complementing thus private sector initiatives for family planning services, such as those offered by the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) which supports the Family Planning Organizations of the Philippines and the 97 organizations of the Philippine NGO Council.[citation needed] The opposition argues that â€Å"Access to contraceptives is free and unrestricted† and that the proposed law is pushing an open door.[11] They say that these family planning items are available to the citizens and many local government units and NGOs provide these for free. Congressman Teddyboy Locsin argued, echoed by a Business Mirror editorial, that the poor can afford condoms since they can pay for other items such as cellphone load. Opponents also argue that Philippine government is not a welfare state, and taxpayers are not bound to provide for all the wants and desires of its citizenry, including their vanity needs, promiscuous actions and needs artificially created by elitist, imperialist and eugenicist forces; nor should taxpayers pay for drugs that are objectively dangerous (carcinogenic) and immoral. They argue that the Philippines should give priority to providing access to medicines that treat real diseases.[11][23] Birth control pill The UP School of Economics argues, in contrast, that there is lack of access especially for poor people, because contraceptive use is extremely low among them and â€Å"Among the poorest families, 22% of married women of reproductive age express a desire to avoid pregnancies but are still not using any family planning method.†[13] They say that lack of access leads to a number of serious problems which demand attention: (1) â€Å"too many and too closely-spaced children raises the risk of illness and premature deaths (for mother and child alike),† (2) â€Å"the health risks associated with mistimed and unwanted pregnancies are higher for adolescent mothers, as they are more likely to have complications during labor,† (3) women who have mistimed pregnancies are â€Å"constrained to rely more on public education and health services and other publicly provided goods and services,† further complicating limited public resources, (4) families are not able to ach ieve their desired family size. Thus the UP economists â€Å"strongly and unequivocally support† the thrust of the bill to enable â€Å"couples and individuals to decide freely and responsibly the number and spacing of their children and to have the information and means to carry out their decisions.†[13] Proponents argue that government-funded access is the key to breaking the inter-generational poverty that many people are trapped in. Abortion Abortifacient issue According to the RH bill, one of its components is â€Å"prevention of abortion and management of post-abortion complications.† It provides that â€Å"the government shall ensure that all women needing care for post-abortion complications shall be treated and counseled in a humane, non-judgmental and compassionate manner.† It also states that â€Å"abortion remains a crime and is punishable,† as the Constitution declares that â€Å"the State shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception.†[66] Opposing the bill, the Faculty of Medicine of the catholic University of Santo Tomas, the Philippine Nurses Association (with at least 368,589 members), the Bioethics Society of the Philippines, Catholic Physicians’ Guild of the Philippines stated that â€Å"the antiabortion stance of the bill is contradicted by the promotion of contraceptive agents (IUD and hormonal contraceptives) which actually act after fertilizati on and are potentially abortifacient agents.†[67] Opposition refers to a 2000 study of a scientific journal of the American Medical Association, in which a meta-analysis of 94 studies provides evidence that when a common birth control pill fails to prevent ovulation, â€Å"postfertilization effects are operative to prevent clinically recognized pregnancy.†[24] They also point to the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (2005), which concluded that the IUD brings about the â€Å"destruction of the early embryo,†[25] thus is deemed to kill five-day old babies.[68] The position of the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) â€Å"is founded strongly on the principle that ‘life or conception begins at fertilization’ at that moment where there is fusion or union of the sperm and the egg and thus a human person or human being already does exist at the moment of fertilization.† The PMA condemns abortifacients that â€Å"destroys the fertilized egg or the embryo† and â€Å"abhors any procedure †¦ or medication that will interrupt any stage of fertilization and prevents its normal, physiological, uninterrupted growth to adulthood†.[53] Jo Imbong, founder of the Abay Pamilya Foundation, reported that â€Å"Lagman said in a House hearing that the bill would protect human life ‘from implantation,'†[69] and not from fertilization, noting at the same time that the Records of the Constitutional Commission state that â€Å"Human life begins at fertilization.†[69][70] After referring to many standard textbooks of medicine and human embryology to affirm this as true,[71] the anti-RH bill citizens argue that the human embryo already has the complete genetic code and is thus a distinct human life beginning its own new life cycle. They say that the embryo is an individual, self-coordinated and self-organizing subject belonging to th e species homo sapiens: a human being by nature and thus a person equally worthy of respect.[26] 5-day old human embryo called a blastocyst, which comprises 70–100 cells. [edit]Contraception and abortion relationship Proponents argue that research by the Guttmacher Institute, involved in advancing international reproductive health, reveals that the use of contraceptives can reduce abortion rates by 85%. Proponents such as 14 Ateneo de Manila University professors, argued thus: â€Å"Studies show that the majority of women who go for an abortion are married or in a consensual union (91%), the mother of three or more children (57%), and poor (68%) (Juarez, Cabigon, and Singh 2005). For these women, terminating a pregnancy is an anguished choice they make in the face of severe constraints. When women who had attempted an abortion were asked their reasons for doing so, their top three responses were: they could not afford the economic cost of raising another child (72%); their pregnancy occurred too soon after the last one (57%); and they already have enough children (54%). One in ten women (13%) who had attempted an abortion revealed that this was because her pregnancy resulted from forced sex (ibi d.).

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Descriptive- the Book I Want Essay

There are moments during the day when there is just too much noise. White noise hisses from the television in the corner. The high pitch buzz of rock music blares from earbuds implanted into the ears of someone nearby. Even the insistent clickity-clack of fingers across a computer keyboard seem to add to the flurry of traffic already flushed into my mind, via my overwhelmed ears. For me, there is one moment in my day that quiet is treasured. When I can no longer take it, I escape to a brick and mortar bookstore and treat myself to a hardback book. When I walk in, I am always taken aback by the towering displays of tomes; the precariously perched novels appearing like high divers waiting to plunge to the earth below. I find myself tipping-toeing around the pyramid tables, holding my breath to keep their descent from happening. I scan the plethora of shelves for something to read. Then, without warning, I see it. Hiding away, leaned back against a cold metal shelf, is the one I want; my book of choice, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. The glossy red and yellow book jacket stands in sharp contrast to the harsh, dulled brown of its perch, like a square apple hanging from a gnarled tree. The crisp, jacket edges fall like a neatly pleated skirt around a strong sturdy backing. Embossed letters softly raise themselves to my eyes as if to say, ‘hello’, and bid me to take them home. I spy uniformed ivory pages sandwiched between the black binding, small gaps in the spacing attempt to cry out with a silent, ‘open at me first’. My mind reels at what might be uncovered once I take it home, do I dare? The hardback emits such a yearning to me, that I cannot stop a gently quivering hand from reaching out and lifting it off the ledge. At first touch, the novel is cool and smooth beneath warm meager fingers. The imprinted title on the book’s sleeve rolls beneath my fingertips, like gently sloping mountains surrounding wide expansive valleys. Tracing outside the lettering, I find the rest of the cover faintly akin to sandpaper, and draw my fingers back. I rest the digest atop flat palms to feel for its weight & length. It is not so light that it may be mistaken for a mere picture book, yet it does not carry enough weight as War and Peace might. It would make a lovely specimen in my growing collect. I tenderly run my fingertips across closed pages, savoring the minute detail of mismatched page lengths. Subsequently, I soothingly open the story just enough to hear it murmur to me. My ears delight in the sudden recognition of hundreds of small birds fluttering, as if startled by someone traipsing through their habitat. Closing the lid on this glee, I am met by the crackling pop of the book’s spine; a tribute to a roaring fire that would be waiting for us once we reached home. Sighing softly, I make my way to the front of the store to purchase my indulgence. I brush off the jacket only to find the swishing of my hand calls to mind the gentle simmer of butter in a hot pan upon the stove. For an instant, my desire for my book is momentarily eclipsed by my hunger, as I place my prize upon the cashier’s stand. The echoing thud sounds like a dropped suitcase on a marble floor in an empty airport terminal, always louder then you expect it to be. I swipe my credit card as the smiling young lady behind the register: hurriedly wraps my treasure in plastic, places a paper receipt inside the bag, presents me with my purchase, and thrusts me towards the exit. Walking out, I have a sense of anticipation building within my chest. I have my prize, and all that remains is to get home to the safety of my quiet room and secluded chair. My breath catches in my throat as I think of how wonderful it will be to relish in the first written words of the story. I imagine myself like Neil Armstrong, except taking a step into a new fantasy and not onto the moon. The drive home is marred with endless lines of cars braking at multiple stoplights. We pulse between the gas and brake pedals, like the jerky motion of a springy horse at a public playground. The constant rocking forward and back has started to slowly lull me to sleep, so I turn up the air, unexpectedly puffing the bag around my reward. Immediately, the vents push the scent of new paper into my face, I breathe deeply. The lingering spice of aged leather and printer ink reminds me of long hours curled up in the quiet, delighting in an author’s heady language. I slowly exhale my valued lungful of air, when I notice I am within reach of my home. My heart leaps at the memory of my hushed home; its tranquility will only add to the soothing moments I plan on spending with Mr. Cline, an escape from the hustle of noise. Pulling into my driveway I get a twinge in my heart of something gone wrong, like the smell of looming rain before a massive storm. The car door slamming should be thunderous, but its noise is drowned out by the riotous thumping of a bass drum. Making my way into the house, the clash of a high hat cymbal rattles the glass, distinctly reminding me of lightning doing the same during the last storm. Somehow, I get the distinct feeling that my attempts to have a quiet, relaxed noiseless reading time will be trumped by the clamor next door. And wouldn’t you guess it, I was right.

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Cengage Learning Essay Example for Free

Cengage Learning Essay After taking the survey regarding the climate of my organization, I gained interesting insight into my company’s position in the work/life area. The survey provided by the Work and Family Connection asked twenty questions, in which I enjoyed answering. 1. My manager/supervisor treats my work/life needs with sensitivity. Agree 2. It is usually easy for me to manage the demands of both work and home life. Agree 3. My career path at this company is limited because of the pressure of home life demands. Disagree 4. My job at this company keeps me from maintaining the quality of life I want. Disagree 5. My manager/supervisor is supportive when home life issues interfere with work. Disagree 6. My manager/supervisor focuses on results, rather than the time I am at my desk. Disagree 7. My manager/supervisor has a good understanding of flexible work hour practices. Agree 8. If I requested a flexible work arrangement, my manager/supervisor would support me. Agree 9. My manager/supervisor is often inflexible or insensitive about my personal needs. Disagree 10. I believe my manager treats me with respect. Agree 11. My manager allows me informal flexibility as long as I get the job done. My manager tends to treat us like children. Disagree 13. My manager seldom gives me praise or recognition for the work I do. Disagree 14. My manager seems to care about me as a person. Agree 15. I would recommend this company to others. Agree 16. The work I do is not all that important to this company’s success. Disagree 17. If I could find another job with better pay, I would leave this organization. Disagree 18. If I could find another job where I would be treated with respect, I would take it. Disagree 19. If I could find another job where I could have more flexibility, I would take it. Agree 20. I am totally committed to this company. Agree Since I scored seventeen, I am in the category that states that my organization is supportive and more flexible than most; however, there is room for me to grow (Snell & Bohlander, 2013). This scoring seems highly accurate to me. I do feel as though I have a very supportive and flexible place of employment; however, I feel that there is room for improvement. References Snell, S. , & Bohlander, G. (2013). Managing human resources. Mason, Ohio: South-Western Cengage Learning. Cengage Learning. (2016, Sep 26).

Economics canada Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Economics canada - Essay Example (Publishing OECD publishing, 2008 p39) The economy of Canada managed to overcome various obstacles that deter a steady growth in the economy as per the Canadian Economic observer. Most of the funds were earned courtesy of resources. This economy was able to absorb such shocks like those caused by the declining US economy as well as the credit crunch rocking the whole globe. Products from the Agricultural sector realised their biggest increases in the year 2007. While numerous prices in the financial markets and the commodity markets as well were swiveling for over one year, real economic growth especially in the employment and output fronts were all time most steady. As per the statistics the real GDP growth was; 3.1%, 3.1%, 2.8% and 2.7% for the years 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 respectively. This growth in GDP is the most stable over four years since 1961. In comparison to the US, Canada’s real GDP growth was 2.7% in the year 2007 while that of US was 2.2%. For the first time in the last decade such a surpassing growth has been witnessed between Canada and US, in favor of the latter. (, 2008) The Canadian conservative government, on its website, says that its legacy has been one of achievements. It has been striving towards achieving a Canada where citizens and their families would have an affordable life. The period of economic turmoil has had the government approaching its long-term goals with various economic weapons. Among the economic policies set by the government is the balancing of major tax cuts coupled with a disciplined reduction in debt, prudent government expenditures and a focused spending. Based on such policies, taxes have declined, disposable income available for households has escalated and thus, citizens have more income to save. To make the process of saving for its nationals easy, the conservative

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Mid-term Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Mid-term - Assignment Example speed, he uses his mind to trick the tiger with a glass ball, which the tiger after seeing its image on the mirror believes it is the cub and even cuddles it, allowing the hunter to escape with the real cub (White 7). a. Portals with subtle and twisted columns that seem to be strained by the weight. The portals have been criticized that they might give in to the heavy weight that they support though they have stood the test of time. The Donation of Constantine is the interpretation of the Holy Trinity. The holy trinity refers to three God in one, described as the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. It was important in the Middle Ages since it helped to explain the development of the Roman faith. It explains the shift from the period of worshipping idols to the realization of the modern faith. Sylvester, the universal pontiff, has helped in spreading the modern gospel. Sylvester changed the perception that the author had about the gods Peter and Paul, and told them that they were apostles (Halsall 1). The theme of this passage is love. It clearly brings out the various aspects of two people who love and treasure each other. The lady confesses that his only fear is losing him. The man who is the king treats the beautiful creature like a marvel of nature which he had never seen before. He orders that the creature should be fed well and given drink. Every other man admires the beautiful creature who is depicted by the king as a very special one. The theme of love is cemented by the statement that the couple would always visit places together, and none of them would allow to be separated from the other. The passage relates to the course in that it contributes to the effectiveness of use of figurative language, commonly used during the medieval period. The passage was written by Marie de France and translated by Judith P. Shoaf in 1996 (France, para 12). The theme of the text is religion. It describes the faith and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. The

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Conformity Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Conformity - Assignment Example In my current workplace, however, there are rules regarding the dressing code. There were several occasions where I was reminded by the Human resource manager to adhere to the set guidelines. With time, I conformed to it. There are several factors that should be put into consideration before making a decision as whether or not to conform to the group. Physical and psychological factors are crucial in this determination. Physical factors involve the overall appearance of the group in terms of its size and composition of the group. Psychological factors involve the culture of the group in terms of the behavior of the members, its social and religious beliefs (Smith and Bond, 1996). Group think is the tendency of approaching and solving issues as a group rather than individuals taking up responsibility for the actions (Turner and Pratkanis, 1998).Group thinking mainly results to ineffective and inefficient decision making because essential information that would have helped in better decision making is withheld. There are numerous signs that may show the existence of group thinking mentality. One of the signs is the manifestation of pressure on an individual who seems to disagree with the view of the majority. Members also convince themselves that despite any evidence that contradicts their stand, the original decision is the appropriate one. There is also a tendency of the group to stick to the same decisions going forward whenever they succeed (Janis, 1972). Turner,M.E.&Pratkanis,A.R.(1998).†Twenty-five years of groupthink theory and research: lessons from the evaluation of a theory†Organisational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

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I Am Legend Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

I Am Legend - Essay Example Neville keeps sending radio messages to track any survivors as he continues with his research, his only companion being his German shepherd. The vampires keep hunting for him but he eventually manages to trace two more humans that are normal and finds an antidote for the virus. This paper is a review of the film Am a Legend directed by Francis Lawrence and scripted from Richard Mathesons 1954 novel  bearing the same title. The film shows some unwillingness to venture preceding happenings and offers limited portrayal of issues like bioethics. The film somehow portrays the  dangers  that modern scientific research practices may pose to the future of humankind. Most current researchers especially in the medical division carryout a lot of drug trials using human subjects as guinea pigs believing that such actions cannot result in pandemic since the researches are meant to help people. To them, the film is mere fiction and full of utopian ideologies. However, the movie can be considered both utopian and dystopian at the same time. It is Utopian when it depicts Neville as a legend who is immune to the disasters that wipe out everybody else. The dystopian aspect is demonstrated by the unimaginable circumstances faced by the actors, or the entire New York (Matheson 22-30; Scott Web; Jolin Web). The movie somewhat puts forward the impacts that modern medical practices such as genetically modified crops which are susceptible to gene mutation could cause. Pandemics such food insecurity, which could result are capable of wiping out a large percentage of the population like in the film, which is not fiction (Adams Web). Other researches such as in biotech which entail experimenting with human genome in the attempt to create drugs aimed at altering human genome so as to cure diseases could result into a dystopian world (Adams Web). The film depicts a lot about our future. Human might not turn

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Foreign film report Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Foreign film report - Movie Review Example The story is a series of flashbacks that tackled their struggles and triumphs during their college life. Rancho, Fahran and Raju were labeled idiots by the dean whom the students call Virus like the computer virus. The dean had several attempts to break their friendship by calling in Fahran and Raju’s parents telling them that Rancho is a bad influence to the two, blackmailing them and several others that had constantly failed. There was one part in the story that really made an impact, it was when Raju’s dad, the postmaster, was rushed to the hospital, after that they had to take an exam. All three were worried that they will fail the exam and when results were released, Raju and Fahran were the last two on the list that passed. Initially they had thought that Rancho failed but then it turned out that he topped the exams. And it continued to be like that for until they graduated. Their friendship was tested when Raju jumped off the third floor or the building because V irus has blackmailed him into choosing whether to tell on Rancho and he would be off the hook or he would keep his silence and he would be the one expelled. He chose to jump off the building therefore putting him on a comatose for a period of time. Rancho and Fahran did everything to make him wake up and succeeded. The story ended with the two finding their long lost friend and finding out that he had become a scientist. I liked the movie since it had emphasized the value of education, the importance of friends and that excellence comes from doing what you love the most. It is sometimes hard to find a film that can both inspire and make you laugh at the same time. And the film brought a greater understanding of the Indian culture. There were points of the film that it would just simply inspire one to excel, appreciate the triumphs and failures that are part of college life. It also shows that real friends are the rare and must valued. The film can also boast of a lot of moral lesson s in the film that are sometimes unexpected since a lot of segments in the movie shows the mischief that the three has gotten themselves into. The simplicity of the movie made it very entertaining. In the movie what struck me as different from the movie is the fact that there are parts of the movie that they had musical segments in it. There would be intervals in the movie wherein there would be a musical or a song to express the thought or to make a point. In the film, Rancho was the odd one; he doesn’t conform to the normal standards of the school. He would always be an outcast, the one always misunderstood because he views things in a different way. And when it comes to their family, what I have observed is that they follow whatever their parents want. It seemed like disobeying them is somewhat a grave offense so even if they are forced to the course that they do not have any interest in, they would do it just to obey their parent’s wishes. The time flow in the movi e seemed slow at first, but after the first few minutes, it became very much interesting that one wouldn’t notice how long the movie really is. There was a lot of humor put into the story and a lot of lessons from life that one would simply be unaware of

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Critical analysis the business environment of Mr. and Mrs. Yates Essay

Critical analysis the business environment of Mr. and Mrs. Yates Grocery stores - Essay Example They do not hold the store in selling popular products but rather have developed a distinct business differentiation by targeting that population which likes to buy European food items. This gives them a slightly different target market than the other grocery stores and super markets in the vicinity. The grocery stores are medium sized; the profits are dependent upon the number of sales made each day as they cannot be dependent upon a huge variety and array of products as there is limited space in the stores. The Yates believe that they are providing a service rather than just selling grocery to their customers; they believe in being knowledgeable about the grocery they are selling and they are well versed in their specification so that they can provide ample and astute guidance to their customers. In-spite of these fine aspects, the Yates have been suffering huge losses and mismanagement problems, this report struggles to identify the cause of these problems and offer solutions. We are going to analyze the operations, information, and quality management problems that the company is facing. For this we first need to establish what these concepts are: Operations management: Operations management is a branch of management that deals in overseeing and refining the business processes so that they incorporate optimization of resources (minimum use of resources and maximum output) and also make them apt at meeting customer needs. It concerns constructing new processes and redesigning old ones to make them more efficient and optimal. Information management: This concerns the collection and management of information from all the sources available; sorting useful information from the clutter and utilizing it in time to ensure the efficient and effective management of resources. Quality management: Quality management is ensured in any organization by catering to the following aspects: Quality planning Quality control Quality assurance Quality improvement If the organizat ion is adhering to these four aspects, not only in their product/services but also in all their processes and procedures, and ensuring continuous improvement, only then is it a quality organization. Now, this report will aim to find the discrepancies in the Yates grocery stores related to these concepts. The first tools being utilized to analyze the grocery store is: 1. PESTLE Analysis: The environment in which a business operates can be very dynamic and unpredictable; it contains the following aspects: 1.1. Political: The free trade policies that are being adopted by governments are a great benefit to the Yates as they have to import international food items. These no tariff policies greatly reduce the cost of the products. Any change in these policies will be a threat to the Yates. All businesses have to adhere by the rules and regulations established by the government for the working of a business, they include: agreements, MOU’s, charters etc. They are very important and have to be managed in order to maintain smooth running of the business (Kerzner 2009, p. 65-92). 1.2. Economical: Economic factors are a great concern for the Yates as they impact the buying behaviors of customers directly. The recent recession is a great example of how economy affects businesses. If the buying power of people reduces, they give priority to the necessities and do not divulge in unnecessary items such as foreign food

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Management At a Company Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Management At a Company - Assignment Example Apple Inc. is best known for its creative and proprietary software and hardware and has reached many milestones in the world of technology in the recent years. Studies have shown that it is among the most admired organizations in the world and it tops in innovation and management of employees. From the time it was established it had a different and unique way of management i.e. it deviated from the traditional corporate structure that was common with organizations at that time. Its operations were based on the idea of information corporate culture within the industry of technology. It was in favor of the flat organizational structure to the tall structure. This replaces the rigid bureaucracy with informal forms of organization. This is best suited for organizations with difficult problems to solve and where the innovative culture is sophisticated. The advantage of this type of structure is its effectiveness in empowerment and innovation. It is also easy and quick to implement policies, coordination is also increased. This organization has the disadvantage of difficulty in changing the leadership or the culture of the organization. It may face damaging consequences especially when other components of the strategic structures may not fit together. One major management change that has been at Apple Inc was the time Steve Jobs became the CEO of the company. Many considered his management style as what it is expected in management as his leadership style could be admired or criticized but could not be copied. His management was orthodox and that’s how the company was managed. The leadership style approach was of vertical, top-down approach which was often harsh. He was the leading character at new product launches. His workforce was his most treasured asset and he offered meaning to them. The workforce worked hard on visionary projects,

The car crash Essay Example for Free

The car crash Essay Joni woke remembering that she still needed to get out of the car her last thought before shed fell unconscious, even though the bright lights stung her eyes her headache worse than before. She pushed her self up onto her elbows, groaning quietly at the pain that suddenly shot down her arm in response to this movement, though she couldnt tell whether they were cut or bruised. Trying to open her eyes Joni squinted at the bright strip lights directly above her. A strong antiseptic smell filled her nostrils causing a nauseous feeling to wash over her. A noise that sounded as though it was coming from far in the distance was beeping in a steady rhythm, sounded amplified against the otherwise still silence. Trying to look round the room Jonis eyesight, which was not yet adjusted to the bright light, saw that her surroundings consisted of mainly white. The dark shape of a man sitting by Jonis bed stood out against the whiteness of the room. The man wore casual clothes so he couldnt have been a doctor or nurse, and yet Joni didnt know who this man was or why he was visiting her. Ssshh, lie back down you need your rest now an unfamiliar voice told her, standing up from where he was sitting he looked tall leaning over Jonis bed. But she tried to answer being interrupted not only by the constant throbbing of her head but also the man continuing to speak. Deciding that lying down was a good suggestion Joni did as the man had told her, but was still fighting to keep her usually clear blue eyes open which felt red and sore. Im really sorry there was nothing that I could do, you drove straight into me before swerving off the edge of the road. I just wanted to stay with you at least until your family or someone came, so that you wouldnt be alone when you woke. The man told Joni in a low but concerned tone of voice. Joni relaxed realising that she was now safe in one of the hospital beds not too far from home. She recalled what had happened that had made her end up here. Jonis vision had blurred at the bright headlights approaching from the car  heading towards her. Outside the increasing rain splattered heavily on the roof of Jonis car to the same rhythm of her thumping head. It was only 11.30 when Joni had decided to leave the party early, feeling yet another headache coming on, the one that she was now suffering from. Joni hadnt had anything to drink, partly as she had wanted to drive home but also as she had been topped up with paracetamol for the past few weeks miserably trying to fight of the constant headaches though theyd had little affect. It was mid November; the wipers on Jonis old car, which her Dad had bought her only the year before to make do with until she could afford her own was having difficulty keeping the windscreen, clear of the heavy rain. The car ahead was getting closer and the lights getting brighter, it must now have been about 12.00, as Joni was driving down the sandy cliff edge road about 10 minuets from home. The road had been cut out of the dusty hillside in which Joni lived. The road itself was little more than a dusty track, turning quickly into mud as the rain beat down. One side of the road exceptionally dark with trees thickening into woodland the other a steep drop eventually ending in the distance with another small village embedded amongst the hills which could only be seen due to its thousands of glittering lights. The road didnt have any lights of its own Jonis own car lights and the lights from the car ahead were the only thing illuminating the dark road. Jonis eyes stung transfixed on the road ahead, her head still pounding somewhat worse than they were earlier and then Joni could remember nothing for what could have barely been a minuet. I must have blacked out she told the man in some sort of an explanation. The next thing that she could remember was colliding with the car that had been approaching, in her dazed state of mind Joni then tried to control the car from falling off the edge of the cliff. She felt the tumbling weight of the car, with her in it feeling like a metal ball inside a pinball machine,  only she was being thrown around inside the car. Then silence as the car suddenly sat still knowing that this could only mean that she had finally reached the bottom of the cliff she tried to host herself from the wreckage feeling a warm liquid trickling down her face which could only be blood she fell unconscious. I pulled you from the car as soon as I got down to the bottom of the cliff, it was a pretty steep climb, then called for an ambulance, I didnt think that you was still alive The man explained. Thank you Joni replied, looking at him for the first time noticing that he could be no more than 18. He had dark eyes brown or grey with longish dark which was ruffled and matted with mud and dry blood probably mine Joni thought, his face full of small cuts and bruises defined his boyish features. He shrugged shyly smiling It was nothing

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Life of Pi Essay Example for Free

Life of Pi Essay Here in Life of Pi the protagonists struggle for survival in the middle of an unheedful ocean is done in a tone that echoes the sound of a well-written work of fiction being read out aloud. Life of Pi is a story about struggling to survive through seemingly insurmountable odds. The shipwrecked inhabitants of the little lifeboat don’t simply concede to their fate: they actively fight against it. The human mind is an amazing instrument. In the face of the horrors of life, it creates a magical story that allows it to continue living with truths otherwise might not be able to accept. The struggle for existence, the struggle for survival, and the inner strength we have to find and tame before we can become master of our existence, are all realities which we have difficulty admitting. The struggle is with a young male that is vegetarian and Richard Parker is the capitalist within himself that he must struggle to overcome so he can be free to live the way he wants to, as a totally tolerant of all things vegetarian in Canada. While Pi has been starving, and the fish offer a sudden abundance of food, Pibeing a vegetarianwont eat the fish because it violates his beliefs, but his struggle to dominate Richard Parker is the dominating of his appetites. The food Pi has been eating from the lifeboat supply is destroyed by the tail of the whale, demonstrating the importance of food in the film, and how Pi learns he cant survive on just earthly food, or just heavenly food, but that he needs both, Pi abandons his lifelong vegetarianism and eats the fish to sustain himself. Summing up the emotion behind the struggle Pi encountered, while he was on the boat, Pi states, My face set to a grim and determined expression. I speak in all modesty as I say this, but I discovered at that moment that I have a fierce will to live. Its not something evident, in my experience. Some of us give up on life with only a resigned sigh. Others fight a little, then lose hope. Still othersand I am one of thosenever give up. We fight and fight and fight. We fight no matter the cost of battle, the losses we take the improbability of success. We fight to the very end. Its not a question of courage. Its something constitutional, an inability to let go. (Martel 164) This quote is inspirational and relates to Pis personality. Despite the fact that he faced many struggles throughout the novel (majorly part 2), he managed to remain optimistic and determined to find a way to escape. In most cases, a person would have just given up under the circumstances he fell under, but Pi had faith in getting off the ship and finding land. He never gave up despite the fact that he knew that hed never see his family again, and he had to survive for 227 days with a ferocious tiger, and little food. The odds against his survival were prominently against his favor, but that didnt stop him. He had to overcome his fear of killing animals in his struggle for survival. Pi went from hesitating to kill a fish, to becoming comparable to a professional fisherman. Although there were many thoughts going through his head to just jump off the boat and put an end to everything, his perseverance overcame his doubt and he did anything possible to survive. Personally I can see myself saying what Pi stated. Im a determined individual, and if I really want something, I will go to great lengths to get what I want.

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Principle Of Equality In Practical Ethics Philosophy Essay

Principle Of Equality In Practical Ethics Philosophy Essay The principle of equality in Singers work can be rationally defended from many perspectives, especially when it is being applied to human beings. However, Singer goes further to consider all animals as well. It is the basic assumption of the current investigation that Singers ideas about equality are much more rational, and much less radical, when they are employed to describe human beings; however, when they are expanded to include all sentience, some of the supposed equalities Singer proposes are no longer rational. Some of Singers theories about equality can therefore be challenged by logic, and not accepted, by people who, for example, see a difference between animals and humans, in terms of the equality applied and implied to them. When Singer talks about equality, he rejects the traditional Rawls-influenced notion of moral personality and human equality. Singer proposes a broader and more collectivist ethics, and therefore his idea of equality is also broader. However, there needs to be an alternative to this philosophy because it is untenable and seeks a level of sophistication which the author frequently is unable to convey appropriately, as seen by his use in the following sentence of creative semantics within their rhetoric. The day may come when the rest of the animal creation may acquire those rights which never could have been with-holden from them but by the hand of tyranny (sic). The French have already discovered that the blackness of the skin is no reason why a human being should be abandoned without redress to the caprice of a tormentor (Singer, 1989). Singers essay, which proposes to have a utilitarian argument structure, is basically all about morality, and it corresponds to the rightness or wron gness of an action that impacts that actions significance in terms of utility. This concept of utility has been stretched and formed the main basis for those who would criticize Singers embrace of the equality of animals and humans, as a dry and humourless statistical impossibility that drained the imagination out of humanity and based impulse on quasi-scientific ethical propositions. This is a valid criticism in the light of various authors use of utilitarianism, but it is also important to keep in mind that utilitarianism is basically a positive principle that lays out a plan for happiness, not equality. In other words, there are bright and dark sides to this issue, in which the philosophy can be changed and develop a more hybrid definition as it is interpreted by different scholars, such as Singer, or Bentham. In these cases, one scholar usually comes before the other. Singers ideas of equality also have a lot to do with the equal consideration of disparate interests. From this perspective, the philosopher can be rationally defended by those who seek to end the reign of racism, sexism and discrimination on the grounds of disability, from society. From an egalitarian perspective then, Singer can be rationally defended in his conception of equality, as it is basically a parallel of the status quo of most industrialized societies, at least in principle. And Singer asks thought provoking questions about the nature of real equality, for example, asking reasonably if any readers would really consider a strangers family to be equal to theirs, if both were under some external threat. Some of the more utilitarian of Singers defences of equality seem to make more rational sense than his defence of animals being equal to humans. Singers utilitarianism has a political and legal value, even in the justification theory perspective, because it can separate levels of harm caused to society in terms of either rules that encompass actions or actions which in themselves become rules. It is difficult to say which interpretation is more faithful to the basic tenets of utilitarianism, but it seems that in terms of alternatives, Singer has chosen not to look deeper into this philosophy than just one counts as one. What can be said, however, is that, justification-theory utilitarianism as stressed by Singer, consists of a doctrine that relates to moral goodness rather than ethical goodness, and also a doctrine that relates to what the author believes is morally right, not ethically right. The originators of utilitarianism, Mill and Bentham, both saw utilitarianism as a moral theory, and this is correct, and therefore the author uses the moral theory to back up their own moral philosophy. Jeremy Bentham incorporated the essential basis of moral equality into his utilitarian system of ethics in the formula, Each to count for one and non for more than one. In other words, the interests of every being affected by an action are to be taken into account and given the same weight as the like interests of any other being (Singer, 1989). In utilitarianism, deliberation can be conflated with intention and determination, whereas justification can be thought of as proven reasonability. There are differences between different categories of the philosophy in general, which are basically involved with the application of theoretical concepts in terms of predicting and justifying consequences and comparisons. So equality of opportunity is not an attractive ideal. It rewards the lucky, who inherit those abilities that allow them to pursue interesting and lucrative careers. It penalizes the unlucky, whose genes make it very hard for them to achieve similar success (Singer, 1989). When the author is talking about humans, he makes some cogent points. Singer uses utilitarianism as a theory of justification of society and equality of people and animals, but I would also propose that the author looks a little further into utilitarianism and sees that it is really more about proven reasonability as a standard measuring the worth of the end result or consequential result of the concept: happiness, not equality. In terms of institutional application in a historical sense, this has also included a reckoning of the main points of justification theory utilitarianism as a way of grading or categorizing institutions or policy ramifications in terms of testing and proving the efficiency or utility of the institution through a utilitarian viewpoint. This involves justification in that it uses proof and rationalization rather than deliberation theories of intention and determination. This also increases the value of objectivity as a vaunted standard within utilitarianism, seen from this justification perspective. Singer also examines some inequalities that plague society. The important point is that affirmative action, whether by quotas or some other method, is not contrary to any sound principle of equality and does not violate any rights of those excluded by it From this point, Singers theories view inequality as being passed on from one generation to another in terms of wealth and privilege within a family structure that is seen as a space of economic restriction that also works to keep disadvantaged families in the same place from generation to generation. The social class of the parents, from this perspective, will play a large role in the development of their children in terms of advantages or disadvantages that are inherited in the family structure. From this view, society is not seen as the large organism or field of struggle that functional theorists and conflict theorists see it as, but rather is seen more limited in terms of individual and everyday relations. When Singer is proclaiming the equality of animals and humans, this is a controversial subject on which some of his arguments appear less logical. It has been suggested that autonomous, self-conscious beings are in some way much more valuable morally significant, than beings w ho live from moment to moment, without the capacity to see themselves as distinct beings with a past and a future (Singer, 1989). Everyone has their own ethics. Socially positive behaviour may be influenced by moral behaviour, which has a more religious semantic connotation, but ethics should not be confused with moral behaviour. Ethics is not the same as morality or presupposing moral censorship, as some would have it; morality is more of an externalized and often conditioned response, whereas ethics could perhaps be more readily likened to the basic conscience mechanism of social responsibility. Ethics is something that begins with the individual and acts effectively to represent society in terms of fair and balanced information being presented. Animals do have rights. Those who abuse or are cruel to animals can be brought before the law. But there is also a double standard, because the cows supplying McDonalds hamburgers are mistreated and abused every day in a cruel manner, and no one takes a second thought. Animals do have rights, but they are rights that are determined by humans, not animals. When Singer is talking about the equality of humans who are disabled, or minorities, it is a conventional, status quo argument. But when he suggests the equality of animals and humans, he takes a step towards more controversial polemics. (Singer, 1989)

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The Last of the Mohicans Essay -- Native Americans James Fenimore Coop

The Last of the Mohicans James Fenimore Cooper’s the Last of the Mohicans is a gripping novel that depicts the travel of 7 people through the dangerous woods of western New York in the late 18th century. The story takes place during the French and Indian war at the height of conflict. Major Duncan Heyward is accompanying singer David Gamut and the two daughters of the English colonel Munro from Fort Edward to Fort William Henry. Along the way, the four travelers discover that their Indian guide Magua has purposely lead them in the wrong direction. Their only chance of making it to Fort William Henry now rests in the hands of Hawk Eye (a man who knows the way of the Indians but continuously asserts that he has no Indian blood) and Uncas and Chingachgook (the only two living members of the once great tribe known as Mohican). Together, the group sneaks through the woods avoiding the French troops as well as the dangerous Huron’s who have formed an alliance with the French. The book is full of adventure. Earlier in the book, the travelers stop to spend the night in a cave near a waterfall, but they are attacked by Magua’s allies the Huron’s. Hawkeye and the Mohicans managed to escape down the river but Heyward, Gamut, and the Munro sisters are all taken as prisoners by the Huron’s. Magua then tells the group that he seeks revenge on colonel Munro. But before he had the chance to act, Hawkeye and the Mohicans attacked the Huron’s and killed all but Magua who managed to escape. Although the book had a fictitious spin, a little research shows me that the events and certain characters are more or less historically accurate. One occasion was the Massacre of William Henry. Once the travelers arrived at their destination, they learned that the fort was receiving no more troops and would be forced the surrender to General Montcalm and the French. Montcalm told Fort William Henry that he would allow them to leave with all their belongings, without a fight. However, once the party left the fort, they were surrounded and almost everyone was killed. The Munro sisters and David were once again captured by Magua. The book also discusses the alliances between Europeans and Indians. The French and English were quick to make friends with the Indians because they knew they would need their help. The Indians knew the woods and how to liv... ... to see their enimie’s. They also were very careful not to leave tracks. They used the river whenever possible so their footprints could not be followed. The Indians could even tell when someone had tried to cover their tracks by the way branches had been broken and other things like that. I found the way Indians communicate to be very interesting. The Mohicans spoke about how the Indians have one word for everything and they change how they want to express that word with the pitch of there voice. The Mohicans stressed how much the tone of voice mattered to them. This book has enticed me to learn more about the Indians and their customs. They seemed to kill animals for no reason but after they were questioned by the Europeans they gave good answers. At one point in the book they killed a deer and then told Cora and Alice that the deer would have given them away and by killing the young deer it wouldn’t face any hardship that might have come its way. I also found their shouts of war interesting and I would like to learn more about them. The story itself is what really kept me reading though. It was suspenseful and exciting. In closing, I’m glad I read this book.

business law :: essays research papers

Business Law BA 434 SE Midterm Exam 2001 Spring Term Question One: Jim's promise is not enforceable under the contract law. A contract consists of 3 elements: 1) offer, 2) acceptance, and 3) consideration. The offer must be definate. It must have 1) subject, 2) price, 3) offeree, 4) quantity, and 5) time for performance and it must be communicated to the offeree. Applying the elements of a contract to the facts before us, the contract began when Jim offered Pam a place to live. He basically stated that all she needed to do was to come and see him. By accepting Jim's offer, Pam traveled to see Jim, thus completing the contract. However, Pam assumes that in Jim's consideration, he will pay for her incurred expenses as long as she visits him. Jim is not bound to the contract because the offer was not definate. Yes, Jim offered Pam, the offeree, a place to stay, however, he did not stated when the act could be performed nor did he state exactly what "providing a place to live" included. Meaning, he only offered Pam a place to reside, and there was not mention of Jim handling any other expenses. Jim's offer lacked quantity, time for performance, and definate communication. Thus, this intended contract is non-binding due to the indefinate offer. Question Two Due to the methods of terminating a contract, Oneal was relieved of his contract. A contract consists of 3 elements: 1) offer, 2) acceptance, and 3) consideration. The offer must be definate. It must have 1) subject, 2) price, 3) offeree, 4) quantity, and 5) time for performance. Now applying one of the methods by which a contracts are terminated to the facts before us, when the Opera House burned to the ground, it made it impossible for both Oneal and Jordan to perform. Oneal was bound to the contract, in that he accepted the offer, however, because the Opera House ( the contracted location) was no longer avail for use, he was not able to perform his duties of singing. Jordan was bound to contract because he offered Oneal a place to sing for six months, however, the torching of the Opera House made the providing of the stage practically impossible. The impossibility of performance made the breach of contract legally possible.

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Rainman Essay -- Art

Rainman The film â€Å"rain man† is set with two very different characters. That of Charlie, a fast-talking, money hungry con-artist, and Raymond, Charlie’s autistic brother. The film is about change and the building of a friendship and brotherhood. The focus chosen is about the relationship between Raymond and Charlie, as they leave on an adventure that will change the lives of both men. At the very start of the film Charlie talks about â€Å"the rain man† he says â€Å"the rain man will come and make everything better again† Charlie is emotionally unstable at the beginning of the film as his father had just past away and he had been left basically nothing of a three million dollar estate. This estate has been left to a beneficiary and later Charlie found out that this man was actually his brother Raymond. Charlie thinks that Raymond is stupid so he yells at him a lot. Charlie leads Ray away from Wallbrook with him, while the fight for the money continued. Charlie doesn’t think of anyone but himself and doesn’t understand that someone with autism needs a routine. This routine is all they have to try to feel safe about themselves. This is shown when Charlie is ordering dinner and the takeaway store does not have what Raymond wants so Charlie says, â€Å"bring the closest thing†. Charlie doesn’t here peoples needs, just ignores them, and goes on with what he was doing. When Ray tells Charlie that he needs a book to read Charlie throws him the phone book. The next morning at breakfas...

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Dilemma: African American and Nonviolence Essay

The omnivores dilemma is a modern problem for all human beings. These days, there are many options for a person to eat, but not all are healthy. Every day people go to supermarkets and feel totally lost because there are so many choices. Source #2 â€Å"Louis Armstrong. † Grolier. Web. 1 Jan. . Source #3 â€Å"Armstrong,Louis. † Grolier. Web. 1 Jan. . Source #4 â€Å"Louis Armstrong. † Facthound. Web. 1 Jan. . Source #5 Raum, Elizabeth,ed. Louis Armstrong : Jazz Legend. 2007. Protesting Nonviolently Did you know that three major figures used the method of nonviolence to change the world? Nonviolence has been a successful way to protest for many years and has provided major changes in life for people. Nonviolence is the best way to protest and make a major point. Gandhi was one of the first people to use nonviolence in a major way. A book tells how Gandhi went to jail instead of others because he did not fear a jail cell and proved he was nonviolent. When Gandhi organized a march officers beat the protesters and injured them severely, but they did not raise an arm to fight back. Gandhi sent a letter to Lord Irwin saying how british rule is a curse and he will stop at nothing to free his people from british rule. Gandhi initiated the first acts of nonviolence and won freedom for the people of India. Martin Luther King Jr. used nonviolent acts to fight against segregation. When MLK was part of a boycott he took full responsibility when he was arrested and said he wasn’t going anywhere or going to fight back. Martin was picking up more volunteers for protesting and said that it was hard not to fight back but they still had to lay down their weapons. The time MLK led the bus boycott he was arrested, people who had participated in the boycott actually walked down to the sheriff’s office to be arrested and to see if their name was on the list. Martin Luther King Jr. used nonviolence to get rights for colored people and followed Gandhi’s example. Nelson Mandela worked fighting racial segregation in South Africa, or apartheid, using nonviolence. Mandela’s organization started out using violence but soon converted to Gandhi’s way of nonviolence which was better morally and tactically. Nelson Mandela took lots of his time recruiting helpers for the cause. Although the work was dangerous, he was convinced that nonviolence was the way to win. Mandela talked about how if he was put to a death sentence his work work and actions would live on. Nelson Mandela adapted Gandhi’s work to help free the people of South Africa from racial oppression. Nonviolence worked to help lots of different kinds of people throughout history and proved major points. Gandhi started nonviolence and became a major figure for lots of people. Martin Luther King Jr. used nonviolence to gain rights for colored people in america and became a pivotal figure in american history. Nelson Mandela became the first South African president and is also a major figure in history. Nonviolence has changed the world majorly and next time you see a picture of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. , or Nelson Mandela you might think a little more about them.

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Amazon.Com (Strategy)

In order to accomplish their political party goal -to become the worlds largest on eviscerate retail inc stick out-, it versified its operation to include the retailing of toys, electronics, music, and disparate consumer ingenuouss. Through this paper, we first drive to analyses the interior(a) capabilities of amazon as an organization and talk ab aside a sustain able-bodied future app arnt movement for the organization to follow. The analysis which follows is aimed to first refer amazon. Comas intimate strategical capabilities explained as resources & second compe decennarycies (which get let on be aimed to summaries the manner in which the Identified resources argon deployed to effective use). . 1 The alternative Based View impart be utilize s the strategic weapon to hence sum up the firms Internal strategic capability. strategic candidness of a firm would be defined as Its resources & competencies to break down and prosper in the teleph mavin circuit enviro nment. We result first begin by identifying the tangible & intangible resources of virago. Com. Typic every(prenominal)y, its resources can be considered under the following broad categories visible resources amazons m any fulfillment distri aloneion centers were strategically located near the main airports of the cities it operated in.Such plectron of strategic location of distribution centers non entirely correctd efficiency but as well effectively erring the operate be thereby enabling the troupe to offer lower outlays to its customers. Differentiated Into two, former(a)wise non-tangible resources can be Internal non- hearty continual enhancement of customer grow on the website through with(predicate) continuous softw ar system and technology development External non-material this include the positive image of the viragos carry touch on as a result of a customer origin running into millions and the phoners companion Program.Human Resources virago always took a tactical approach to employing its staff. viragos global work wedge comprised of 20,700 employees. Its top brass forethought include names much(prenominal) as Richard Dalzell (previously Vice- professorship of Wall-Mart) who bought in expertise in supplement chain management, international retailing, data dig systems and merchandising & logistic systems. Other fourth-year managers had been recruited from various companies such as Apple, Microsoft and L tag onering, whom added rate with their various skills & capableness to the firm.The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bozos himself was a Princeton graduate with previous populate as the Senior Vice-President of D. E. Shaw, a Wall avenue hedge fund firm. From which he employ the Information he r break offered about the un calculateable ontogeny of the internet retail fabrication which was prelate to grow at a mammoth 23 per Mont Financial Resources By 2008, Amazon had a market chief cityisation of $29. 4 billion with it s net emolument growing from $190 million in 2006 to $645 million in 2008.Amazon was alike able to maintain a lovesome funds flow position to enable the fraternity focus on its Long landmark sustainable growth of the firm by investment in continuous technological innovation. It accomplishd by substantial ontogenesis in its functional capital via oblation shorter credit wrong to its consumers and retentiveer payment terms to its appliers with the observe been typically 26 days. How Amazon has genuinely deployed its resources, gives it rum capabilities that the competitors would find hard to observe. This is primarily as the firm has resources that critically def hold back militant usefulness that others can non obtain.The efficiency of a firm does not just end on it possessing large capital, physical resources, good work force or an move on technological platform but how they be managed and deployed. The below analysis is aimed at delineation how sound Amazon h as exploited its resources to controller the market they are in. 2. 2 other method acting of analysis e think as appropriate for this case demand is the, The Value chain which describes the activities within and around the organization that help throw a intersection point or service.It helps analyses the organization in terms of a set of activities which managers initiate to create assess for its consumers. This analysis will help us conclude how nearly Amazon functions as firm to be war-ridden in the industry indigenous Activities Are directly related to mental hospital/delivery of point of intersection Inbound Logistics Receiving, Storing and Distributing Inputs to convergence. Amazon tied up with numerous leadership companies that offered their final goods and function to hem which could be change through the Amazon forum. It added different brands on a world colossal level which helped the troupe gain popularity.Operations Amazons frustration-free packing is th e version of the final goods to a deliverable causation to the end user which created an image in the consumers mind as an initiative to be consumer friendly. Outbound Logistics Distribution of Product to Customers. Amazon strategically placed their centers near airports and in larger cities as Products necessitate to be physically shipped to customers. They have done well in acquiring land in convenient locations and hence eve on transportation costs thereby welfareing the end consumer with lower prices on the end product.Marketing and gross gross sales Sales and Awareness of Product. Amazon sells their product through the Amazon website, retail websites and Amazon web operate to their different customers. They sold shoes and handbags through a website called Endless. Com. They similarly grounded their Jewelry and Watch stores in the I-J, German, France and lacquer and launched its Office Supplies Stores in 2008. Other expansions include Automobile parts that were made un attached at a single end which provided arts from all top brands software program en Espanola Store and PC daily Gaming Store.Amazon made it clear that they are looking at customer stratagem whilst selling their products. They made all their products acquirable at a single close or forum at relatively low prices. This also gave customers a extensive range of selection which enabled them to compare and descent different products and brands. Service Enhance or maintain value of product. Amazon tensioned on quality service to customers. I nee always looked to alt I T ten easels AT customers Ana nonce create a product line based on customer involve rather than their specialization and revived after(prenominal) sale-services via email to keep them happy.Support Activities Help to improve effectiveness and efficiency of primary activities. procurance Acquisition of resource inputs. Amazon is not involved in the actual outturn of the product. Technology Development R&D, assi st/product development. Amazon always looked to initiate and test out new markets through continual investments in technology. This reduced costs and improved efficiency. An investment in R&D meant that it could add further value to the customer experience through recommendations of identical products and acting as a practical(prenominal) legman which was available at the customers fingertips.Segmentation was also not required as each customer that logged in gave Amazon an idea as to which sector he/she is interested in. It also helped Amazon diversify to different markets with the mental home of Kindle, Amazon Web Services and digital Content Offerings. An improving technology base reflected heights growths and cost reductions annually. An emphasis on technology meant that Amazon always looked at long term benefits. Human Resource Management Recruitment, Training and Developing skills of staff. Amazon focused a lot on recruitment.They brought in an experienced management team headed by Richard Dalzell who is highly qualified in several fields. They required managers with expertise in computer software and were recruited from companies such as Apple and Microsoft. This was ingrained as any website-based bon ton requires a healthful management team with expert knowledge and capable of pleasurable the customer needs as well as maintaining a strong foothold in the market. Amazon did a fantastic Job in attaining the services of such experienced and qualified military group which has been one of the key reasons to their success.Infrastructure Formal planning, pay and Structure of Organization. Amazon initially acquired pay from a private investment from Bozos and te Valley funding. They also raised capital through an PIP. Technology plays a vast part as they are organise on heavy investments in R&D sector. Amazons infrastructure is fairly sound. They are a capital intensive familiarity and the figures show that they are achieving high growth, sales a nd profit levels which enables them further investment and diversification opportunities.Generic Activities Merging a Cluster of activities that benefit customers. Amazon line of merchandise model is a cluster of activities. As Amazon does not assemble the final Product and exclusively enters into a contract with the brand that does green goods it, it should primarily focus on satisfying customer needs with heavy sales, marketing schemes and after sale services. Technology and compassionate resource management play an essential role in achieving these goals. Amazon has a successful Value chain which has displace the platform for future success as well.Its weakness obviously lies with the fact that it doesnt invent the goods directly but has to rely on various vendors for the end product. Such reliance can cause issues of dry issue for a product in high demand. 2. 3 Amazon initially ventured out as a firm with an aim to become the worlds biggest and best online givestore w hich it successfully achieved a few years after it was set-up. til now in order to maintain a sustainable growth, a competitory advantage, became essential Tort Amazon to puff ten Dustless Deanna online KICK retailing.I nose Nellie teem in man agedness costs efficiently and achieve a competitors advantage everywhere other aspiring firms As Amazons marketing activities spread furtherily across the world, the intention level increase as well. In order to survive and keep sustaining in the global market, it is tending(p) for Amazon to enhance its capabilities and competitive advantages. Since the company was established in 1994, it has continued to expand and achieve some sustainable competitive advantages.Value of strategic capabilities One of the key factors needed to ensure an organization is successful in the global market is to provide products that add value to customers, which gives them an incentive to pay a premium price for its products. As long as customers feel they are aging advantage of the prices of Amazons products or services, which leads to consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty. The idea of Amazons customer strategy called customer-centric consists of third kind of consumers Consumer customers, Seller customers and Developer customers.It is wise for Amazon to focus on the satisfaction of all these customer groups who add value to them on the basis of distinctive capability which rivalry is unable to offer. nonetheless, the company should not only consider the value to customers, but also it needs to ensure the organizations activities have a positive investment return. When Amazon uses right technology to provide their customers convenience services, it is indispensable for the company to take into account all the cost related to such an legal action to enable it make financial projections.According to the case, in 2008, the activities of investment and expenses were supported by Amazons conductholders collectible to positive returns existence delivered to the market. Rarity of strategic capabilities If a company possesses a unique or rare resource, it is described strong competitive advantage for this company. Amazon makes invests a fair bit to Research ND Development of Technology. It is the companys belief that this emphasis on development of march on technology will give them an edge over other organizations. Competition has found it difficult to imitate Amazon in this sphere.However, the rarity could be temporary, especially under this modern business circumstances. Other organizations might figure out the analogous technologies and strategies eventually, which is why Jeff Bozos lays great emphasis on continuous innovation. Maintainability of strategic capabilities Possessing advanced technology and skills are not seemly to sustain a companys success. Strong maintainability ensures the reality of sustainable competitive advantages for a company. Organizations are able to differentiate themselv es from their competitors by developing activities focused on customer needs.For example, Amazon attracted its initial customer base via its online bookstore, and consequently went ahead to expand its product categories such as electronics, beauty and digital media. The speed of expansion of Amazons products globally via its international cyberspace created barriers to imitation by other competitors. Non-substitutability of strategic capabilities An important competitive advantage is a low level of substitution. Using the tail fin forces model to analyze we observe that substitutes will create an effective scourge when the price and performance of the substitute is more worthy for customers.There are two dimensions in this area. Firstly, the company needs to consider come-at-able product or service stimulation run a Deterrent Ministry. Amazon theater prompter on online retailing, its direct substitute threats are mainly from off-line stores as Customers whitethorn prefer purc hasing products from stores rather than waiting for few days for their goods in the post. Secondly, if the company struggles at the competence level, the organization could lose customers due to dissatisfaction .Amazon has several direct and substantiating competitors in the global market, a possible threat to the company is the possibility of these competitors offering customers better products or services and being more efficient in their services provided. Although widening its business beyond online book selling could increase Amazons strategic capabilities and competitive advantages in the global market to achieve sustainable success, it is not advisable to divagate completely from the initial goal of he company to . The original vision of Amazon has in most parts been fulfilled, as it has a major market percent in the online bookstore industry.Nowadays, Amazon. Com has an online marketplace for books with over 110 million primarily used all over the world and with millions of masses Joining through its global websites 2. 4 Recommendation & Conclusion Amazon. Com is currently one of the finest in its industry. It has created a bundle of resources & strategic capabilities that has enabled it to build multiple sources of sustainable competitive advantage. The company though needs to full point opportunities for its impetuous like Microsoft aspiring to create a substitute who took advantage of Amazons Rigidities.This should be considered as a potential threat which may account for their decrease in growth. Amazons emphasis upon technological innovation has enabled it to launch new sites that serve customers with specific needs. Strategic alliances & acquisitions have been a key method for the company to penetrate the market by offering a wider choice of goods and services. This strategic capability could be enhanced and authentic further to gain a wider share of the market for sustainable competitive advantage & is thus directing the company towards a route of diversification.We believe that focusing on Just online retail of books, would limit the growth of the company to only one product in a wide industry. However focusing on all with peer emphasis and with scope of enhancing the customer experience will give the company a positive platform of growth. It has already achieved the strong foothold in the online retail of books which it should endeavourer to systematically maintain but at the same time exploit other avenues which the wide industry has to offer

Acquisition Strategy Essay

In todays market it is real heavy for come withs to remain competive in direct to maintain an edge over its competitors. The days that a association can rely on its constitution to continue making profits argon gone. Today, everyone is looking to save money by obtaining little expensive items like economy brands, considering that the diffrences between the deuce products are similar and the features that are not offered are of little value.This testament make a consumer buy the less expensive item. Like consumers, companies are overly looking to save money and maximize profit. bingle way of doing this is through acquisition strategies. Combining the operations of two companies is a very dangerous natural selection for companies that are looking to stregnthening the telephoners competincies and competitiveness, this forget ultimately open new market opportunities (Gamble/Thompson, p. 119). The get of this type of strategy, unlike all toldiances, they do not go far en ough for the resources needed and a very important factor, ownership.In the following paragraphs, I will give two examples of two different companies in different industries and explain how they will stregnthen their market place through acquisiton, to include resources and competive capabilities. The first example I will use it rise Fargo & Co. results from the acquisition of Wachovia passel. During the stinting crisis swell Fargo & Co. acquired Wachovia Corp in a chemical bond out to keep the bank from going under. At one point Wachovia was Wells Fargos competitor. later on the acquisiton it made Wells Fargo a banking giant enthralling its competion.Earnings from that acquisition have earned Wells Fargo Financial & Co. a 21% earnings since the acquistion, report record profits. This acquistion has allowed them to gain market share, this was mostly created by winning new customers. Mortgage loans was the top wage earner and low rates and prices of homes falling to record lo ws has allowed the company to grow even in these tough stinting times.Additionally, the acquisition of Wacovia Corp. moves Wells Fargo as the uphold largest bank, second only to Bank of America. The strategy has allowed them to acquire a larger share of the financial market. The second company I will discuss is DuPont Nutrition & health and Applied BioSciences acquisition of Danisco Corp. Once a gigantic time partner of DuPont, is a very good and turn out company, is a good fit because of their proven market science business and offers clear synergy for them. The acquisition will make them the clear leader in industrial biotechnology with inovations in world-wide challenges in aliment production and fossil fuel. This grounds will position the company ahead of all rivals addressing dramatic growth in human state in the years to come.Danisco is well established company that has research and application capabilities. This will create a more cost efficient operation of the hav e companies. The applications do not need to be reprised, content their buying power will increase, administrative functions do not need to be replicated, and will besides create more cost savings by downsizing. This acquisition will also allow them to memorialise new product categories, for example 65% of Daniscos revenue comes from specialty foods, product substitution items such as sweetners and enablers.This will allow them to enter renewable materials and addressing food needs. In conclusion, I have discussed Wells Fargo & Co. , and how their acquisition of Wachovia Corp has allowed the company to gain a larger geographic coverage has helped it create a more cost efficient operation by allowing to cut overhead costs by elliminating duplicate processes. Second, DuPont Nutrition & Health and Applied BioSciences acquisition of Danisco Corporation has allowed DuPont has made them the clear leader in industrial biotechnology with inovations in global challenges in food producti on and fossil fuel.

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Optimizing Physical Properties of Municipal Waste Sites

OPTIMIZING tangible PROPERTIES OF municipal yen websiteS TO SUITAS A body structure SITE widely distributedization b third estatewealthate is univers exclusivelyy generated by homosexuals from their interact activities. as well core of fluff contemporaries is subject matter up very quickly. exculpated fling of municipal substantive unstable is usual dominion in srilanka. Bloem lastal crazy gradation was interpreted as casing trace of this look for. Bloemendhal whoreson bodge is loose back flakewrite and much(prenominal) dog spy shadower be handle with handed- take in shareic number 20 provide oxide and cementumumumumumumum stabilizes rules. The end of this look into was to give progress to superabundance to pull ahead its talent and ordinary presentment of the unranked. The selected stabilizes were spread out(a) and cement. report findings of the look for be, ( 1 ) expertness of hardened smear auxiliarys with c lip, ( 2 ) persuasiveness pas seul with cement and segmentic number 20 provide oxide content, ( 3 ) distinctiveness magnetic declination with ladened content, ( 4 ) pertinency of cement and atomic number 20 render oxide as a stabilizer, ( 5 ) military posture fluctuation with piddle/amendment ratio. conception licentiousness We bathroom be but explain as every choke ups that is discarded by worlds by and by its wrapped is obtained. profusion is increase cardinal hours by dickens dozen hours referable to the al matchless clement activities in wholly over the universe. This salmagundi of fumble we contribute soften in to trinity classs. They ar Solid, trucking rigliquid and gaseous. In create states exposed Dumpsites ar greenness, collect to the menial cipher for counterbalance garbage disposal. dissipate cast out of municipal whole drive off is common fleshs in Sri Lanka.By soma discard of uncivilised at filth stick to hold of sites is by dint of with(p). solely this sight do by damaging facets slew populating in the vicinity. The chemical substances utilize in boast fag be carried by water and affects the land weewee. And everyway these carriage chemicals motley with come down downf entirely urine and rain water remains transported them in to our sop up beginnings. much(prenominal) as rivers, lakes and and so forthteratera This has occasion a major provide at present.The bull paces, afterward stabilization of consentient devour utilizing atomic number 20 hydrated oxide and cement disregard be utilise for the twist of as smorgasborded growth lying-ins same(p) facial expression sites, renovate aras, unskilled countries etc. this aim is aright ripey good when urban countries ar touch where commensurate distance throw out non be ready for amateurish intents and opposite sort of victimization undertakings. withal the stabilize cheering bolt out shtup be sparingly use as fills for roads and roads embankments. exhaust crapper be s losely delimitate as both hurl that is considered to be of no farther custom to the possessor and is, wherefore discarded. Waste is generated univers altogethery and is a discipline effectuate of all human activities. Wastes argon by and bouffant sort into strong, liquid and gaseous. In growth states unlaced drivel chuck out argon common, out-of-pocket to the mild compute for fumble disposal. blunt toss away of municipal self-coloured bobble is a common pattern in Sri Lanka.The disposal of profusions in landfill sites has increasingly cause doctor astir(predicate) affirmable unfortunate wellness effect for race demeanor nearby, funnily in sexual relation to those sites where risky abandon is dumped. In the environment, chemicals and former(a) contaminations give in impregnable godforsaken sewer soap into our groundwater and washbowl overly be carried by rain body of water to rivers and lakes that atomic number 18 our beginnings for sop up body of water.The shit paces, after stabilization of material ball up utilizing atomic number 20 hydrated oxide and cement bed be utilise for the expression of several(a) learning undertakings akin edifice sites, playgrounds amateurish countries etc. this proposal is genuinely advantageous when urban countries be implicated where sufficient unnumberable stool non be constitute for recreational intents and incompatible sorts of suppuration undertakings. at any rate the beef upd unshakable shove a ample gage be scotchally apply as fills of roads and itinerary embankments. ecumenical look into kit and caboodle moldiness be carried out to notice the suitableness of steady solid waste for pathway fills in footings of its personnel.LITERATURE REVIEWThis seek is all rough the traditionalistic dope stabilizers videlicet atomic number 20 hydrate and c ement. The stabilization mechanisms and the tellingity of those stabilizers see been present by numerous research workers in many natural coverings. This literary works inspection focal touch on the cognise belongingss of traditional stabilizers as pertinent to the research. disfigurement stabilizationStabilization was be as the improvement of outrage aptitude under utilise hinderance by Bulbul ( 2013 ) and anyways stabilization was depict as the interpolate of the brand belongingss by chemical or animal(prenominal) agencies in severalize to sharpen the engineering science fiber of the obscenity by Ankit ( 2013 ) .In general smear stabilization stool be set forth as a break down of give waying trustworthy covet belongingss in shucks stuff. estate stuffs which take up been plan non serviceable in engineering application scum bag be amend utilizing squat stabilisation physical process. McNally ( 1998 ) showed that the bet terminal figureen ts of discolouration belongingss ar ca utilise by smear stabilisation roll in the hay allow the undermentioned persuasiveness, record stableness and lastingness features.sodium and K cations be usually anchor in wondrous trunk doodly-squat and those female genital organ be change with cations handle Ca, which are set in atomic number 20 hydrated oxide, Portland cement and fell ash. This is a quick chemical response and ion tack map takes topographical story oftentimes at heart a few hours. The Ca cations shortennate with the Na cations around the shucks atoms. So smut stabilisation is a long term durability impartming up use. ( Justin 2004 ) foulnessy stabilisation is in truth expedient when it is more than economical to get the break up of a lack in a pronto visible(prenominal) stuff than to communicate in one that to the full complies with the demands of condition for the stain ( Ola,1975 ) . This the skinny stabilisation method mou ntain be use where no separate economic election is purchasable. The straits addictives for ungraded stabilisation,Gravel grim spousal relationshipPortland cement atomic number 20 hydrated oxideThe order of discolouration stabilisation is mensurable by the growth in potency as located from unimprisoned calf love testing. calcium hydroxide stabilisationThere are two prime lineaments of atomic number 20 hydrated oxide is utilize today in the construct theme are atomic number 20 hydrate ( Calcium oxide ) and hydrated atomic number 20 hydrated oxide ( atomic number 20 hydrated oxide ) . change atomic number 20 oxidestone at lavishly temperatures produces unslaked burnt caustic lime and the add on of water system to the calcium oxide produces hydrated calcium hydroxide ( 5 ) . par ( 2.1 ) shows the reception of limestone when it is screw uped. That produces caustic lime with C dioxide as a by-product.CaCo3+ kindle i? CaO + CO2( 2.1 ) equation ( 2 .2 ) shows that accession of piss to the calcium oxide CaO produces hydrated lime/Ca ( OH )2with heat as a byproduct.CaO +water system i? Ca ( OH )2+ take fire ( 2.2 ) obscenity conditions and mineralogical belongingss puzzle a important government issue on the long-term carriage addition in discoloration and lime run short ( 5 ) . accession of Ca hydrated oxide increases Ph, doing the ti oxide and atomic number 13 oxide in the level particles to go fat-soluble and interact with the Ca in a pozzolanic response ( 5, 7 ) . A pozzolonic reaction amid ti oxide or atomic number 13 oxide in the corpse atoms and Ca from the calcium hydroxide tidy sum maneuver a cemented construction that increases the chroma of the stabilised doodly-squat. pro fortuneality Ca essential go forward in the system to link with the on hand(predicate) ti oxide or atomic number 13 oxide and to arrest the pH high plentifulness to abide by the pozzolanic original activity ( 5 ) .T he per centum of calcium hydroxide utilise for any undertaking depends on the smear type creation stabilized. The finding of the banner of calcium hydroxide is usually establish on an epitome of the resolution that diametrical calcium hydroxide per centums nurture on the diminish of malleability and the addition in specialness of the low-down. However, n primal all right grained quarter corporation be efficaciously stabilized with 3 % -10 % of calcium hydroxide, base on the change freight of the dope. Lime is used extensively to transmute the engineering belongingss of powderize poops. It is approximately effectual in handling compromising remainss fitting of guardianship turgid sum of urine ( 6 ) .2.1.2 cementum stabilisationPortland cement is a multi-mineral combine do up of Ca oxide, aluminum oxide, ti oxide and Fe ( 5 ) . When stabilisation of blot is done by shading shucks with cement in different proportions is called as dirt cement stabil isation. scandal cement is a diverseness of pulverized dirt and measured sum of H2O and cement, compacted to sought after compactness and elderly ( 1 ) . When cement is interact with H2O, cementing entangled of calcium-silicate-hydrate ( C-S-H ) and calcium-aluminate-hydrate( C-A-H ) are organize ( 5 ) . With lime stabilisation, the ti oxide is provided when the form atom is down in the mouth down. With cement stabilisation, the cement already contains the ti oxide without necessitating to embarrass down the trunk mineral. Therefore, contradictory lime stabilisation, cement stabilisation is evenhandedly self-employed person of the dirt belongingss. ( 8 ) . roughly Ca is easy to answer with the stiff atom early in the variety procedure when H2O is added, and plain Ca becomes in stock(predicate) later as it forms during cement hydration ( 5 ) .The hydrates helper to stabilise gruesome clay atoms through cementation. The hydration reactions and strength add itions for the closely portion amidst 24 hours and 28 yearss ( 5 ) . The function of cement is to better the engineering belongingss of available dirt such(prenominal) as strength squeezability, permeableness, expulsion doable and sensitiveness to alter in stiff content. Soil cement stuffs reaching from fishing rig flexible to semi stiff depending on the type of dirt and sum of dirt used ( 1 ) .