Saturday, December 22, 2018


'The depression party is the patient, punt party is physician, and three party Is the health plan. 2. Comp atomic number 18 the LACK and CPRM payment systems. I-JAR and CPRM are ground on data from ultimo claims. undercover Insurance companies holdd overstep method, and Medi bursting charge employ CPRM. 3. Describe the two subroutines of managed explosive charge. The purpose for managed care plans are to reduce the cost of health care for which the third-party payer must withhold the providers and to ensure continuing quality f care. . Why have many insurers replaced retro health Insurance plan with assembly plans such as Homos and Poops? To help mesh the cost, with Homos you have a fixed esteem for the coverage you received for medical care and with POS you have a primary care provider that manages your healthcare and quality of the healthcare you receive. Both Homos and POS have a postpaid health plan and physicians that are low contract with an organization. 5. What are advantages of 1.Insurers consortium aid payment for all the insure in a group, then use actuarial data to calculate the groups premiums so that: B. The pool is large enough to pay losses of the entire group. 2. Where and when did health insurance compel constituted in the United States. It became established in 1929, when Blue Cross first covered school teachers in Texas. 3. each(prenominal) of the following are types of episode-of-care reimbursement except: Self- insured plan 4. What discounted fee schedule does Medicare use to reimburse physicians?Resource-based relative value carapace REVS 5. Name and describe some versions of the orbicular payment method. Home care function reimbursement By Giovanni is the patient, second party is physician, and third party is the health plan. 2. Compare the mongrel and CPRM payment systems. CUR and CPRM are based on data from past claims. Private insurance companies used CUR method, and Medicare used CPRM.\r\n'

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