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Sociological perspective

Sociological perspectiveA complete state of ones physical, mental and emotional well being back be defined as health. A healthy environment or society is a f bearor that determines the healthy of an psyche. From a sociological bear witness of view, a functioning society comprises of healthy bulk and respective(prenominal)s who be fit to control diseases (Durkheim, 1982). In view of murder and self-annihilation, this research paper looks into sociological theories and sociological perspective on murder and self-annihilation.IntroductionThere are various sociological perspectives that define how society views different actions taken by an several(prenominal). The various sociological perspectives are as a result of both macro sociology or micro sociology. The macro sociology examines and individual behavior in this none, an individual behavior can thus be as a result of the society he/she has lived in. on the former(a) had, micro sociology defines the means one looks at things. Sociologists founder defined felo-de-se as an act done in private and deficiencying approval from the society. concord to the theatre of operations conducted by Durkheim the level at which individuals may involve themselves with self-destruction acts is non determined by their level of insanity. In his study, he found knocked out(p) that men were more likely to get into suicide acts than were female. The rates of suicide acts were also in the increase when compared to wealthy and unmarried people. This in other words is to mean that some people are more habituated to committing suicide than others. The above noted level of differences in committing suicide corresponds to an individual level of complaisant consolidation. In simpler terms, individuals with greater social commitment have are less(prenominal) inclined to committing suicide than individuals who had little or no any commitment in the society (Durkheim, 1982).The sociological perspective kindly factors Emile Durkheim postulated that suicide occurs as a result of the kind of fit that an individual experiences in his or her society (Stillion McDowell, 1996, p. 65). Durckheim (1982) uses integrating system to show how an individual suicide acts relates to his/her involvement in the society. In his elaboration of social integration theory, the author has used two variable stars, that is, social integration and social regulation. In view to social integration, individuals are susceptible to self-absorbed suicide.Social integration variable measures the level of an individual acceptance to the shared beliefs in the society. In this case, there are those individuals who have current and those who have not genuine the set social beliefs. The author has distinguished this in terms of selfless suicide and egoistic suicide. In this case, individuals who have accepted the laid stamp out social beliefs are susceptible to altruistic suicide. Such individuals have a strong bond with the society or are deeply integrate into the society. An individual who happens to be over-integrated into the societal norms may have an ingrained list to kill themselves in an effort to abide to the set social imperatives.1 On the contrary, those individuals who lack a bond between them and the society become distanced from the social life and eventually become a victim of excess laissez faire leading to egoistic suicide (Stillion McDowell, 1996). In his explanation of these social factors, Durkheim argued that,The suicide rates of his time were higher among Protestants than among Catholics his explanation was that Catholics received more countenance from their church sequence Protestants were left more to their individual devices. At the uniform time, more single people committed suicide than married people and fewer married women with children committed suicide than unmarried women. Durkheim believed that the incidence of egoistic suicide is inversely related to family densit y (Stillion McDowell, 1996, p. 65).Social regulation variable refers to the degree of social control imposed by society on the individuals motives and feelings (Cutter, 1998, para. 4). In his explanations, the author has argued that those individuals who have a strong belief in social regulation are prone to fatalistic suicide while those on the contrary are susceptible to anomic suicides. Fatalistic suicide usually comes about when an individual is over-regulated and is oppressed by the society. In virtually cases, such oppression may be direct to a plastered group of people in the society.2 Individuals who commit anomic suicides usually lack society regulation.3 The author has also observed that individuals who are at the midway of these two variables or who are neither in the two categories are less prone to suicide. In other words, such individuals tend to foul from other causes a dowery from suicidal mode.Cutter (1998) in support of social regulation have argued that when the external societal restraints are not accepted or are weak, individual aggression may be directed towards self and as a result, individuals may result into suicidal behaviors/acts. In his explanation, the author quotes the work of Gibbs and Martin (1964) arguing that the rate of suicide of a macrocosm varies with the stability and durability of social relations within that population (Cutter, 1998, para. 5).According to Stillion and McDowell (1996), a suicidal behavior cannot be viewed outside of the context in which it occurs (Stillion McDowell, 1996, p. 64). In his explain, the authors point out that individuals in their varying cultures have their comical psychological problems at varying times. An augmented increase in the fellow feeling of how the body functions in relation to the prevailing literature on psychoanalytic literature have resulted to a decreased nurture in the go of individuals with this artificial physiological problem.Sociological perspective on murde rcriminological theories may either be classified in the social grammatical construction or in social process theory. The social structure theory assumes that some individuals are more susceptible to delinquency and criminality as a result of their status in the society or on the community.4 According to the social process theory, criminal behavior results from social nurture and socialization process. The society in which an individual lives in or has been brought up affects greatly his social understandings or groupings. For instance exposing a child to uncivilised acts in the society may serve as a worthy input to later violence behaviors. In support of this insight, Ronald Holmes and Stephen Holmes argues that the basic instruction of the person in society is predicted in no small part on the unique experiences that each person is exposed to in the variant of living a normal life (Holmes Holmes, 2009, p. 65).ConclusionIts of great value if suicide is viewed from a sociolo gical perspective. This will enable individuals to look at suicide deaths from different cultural environments at varying times in history. Such factors may help the suicidal students to understand their risks and thus aver the necessary advice. One may also observe that the society in which we live in clearly defines our behaviors or the expected behavioral acts in our life.ReferencesCutter, F. (1998). Review of the 20th century theories. Retrieved on February 23, 2010 from http//, E.(1982). The Rules of the Sociological Method, (Ed. by Steven Lukes trans. by W.D. Halls). New York, NY Free Press, pp. 50-59.Holmes, R. Holmes, S. (2009). Serial Murder the sociological perspective. Thousand Oaks, CA Sage.Stillion, M. McDowell, E. (1996). Suicide across the life span premature exits. New York, NY Taylor and Francis.1 A good example can be cadaverous from an Indian religious rite suicide acts named as Suttee. In this case, Indian widow would through themselves on their husbands funeral pyre, and thus committing suicide. Another example can also be drawn from the Japanese Kamikaze pilots of World War II. In this case, some upstart boys less than 15 years of age volunteered to fly planes on a rush to destroy U.S Ships. The planes provided for use unfortunately did not have enough send away for their trip back home. The mechanisms on the plane were also tampered with such that they would not have a safe landing at any time. this indicates that the young boys had the love of their country such that they were ready to commit suicide in exchange.2 Fatalistic suicide may be found among slaves or prisoners subjected to angry and punitive environments. For instance, in concentration camps.3 Evidence to support anomic suicide can be drawn from the fact that the rates of suicide tends to be in the increase in economic depression and in times of greater prosperity. In this case, since the individual lacks social regulatio ns, he/she therefore feels alien from the society (irrespective of societal wellbeing) and subsequently commits suicide.4 In this regard, poor people people are assumed to be more criminally inclined since they have in truth do not have access to the path leading to prosperity. However, although this is align to some extent, there is no evidence pointing out that murderers are poor or rich, black or white. In this regard therefore, one may argue that such killers may not have a clobber gain motive but rather, act on psychological gains.

Animal Cells: Types and Functions

Animal Cells Types and FunctionsI chose to do my research paper on an living organism cubicle because I opinion it would be interesting to see how an animal(prenominal) stall works. Animal be very labyrinthian when it comes to determining where the kiosk is found, the consumption of the cell, and all the cell organelles name and functions. An animal cell has many contents and thats why its very complex and important. The animal cell contents are cell membrane, Lysosome, nucleus, nucleolus, thermonuclear membrane, vacuole, mitochondria, centrosome, cytoplasm, maladroit er, debonair er, ribosome, and Golgi body. The cell membrane is a thin layer of protein and expound that surrounds the cell. This is too called the membrane semipermeable which means allowing some substance press release through the cell and blocking otherwises.The Lysosome is world-wide organelles that function as a recycling center and a garbage disposal. Powerful digestive enzymes saturated in the Lysosome break down worn out organelles and ship their build blocks to the cytoplasm where they are used to construct new organelles. Lysosomes likewise foray and recycle protein, lipids, and molecules. The digestion of a cells nutrients takes dedicate here. A nucleus is a spherical body containing many organelles including the nucleolus. The nucleus controls many of the functions of the cell by unequivocal protein synthesis and it also contains DNA chromosomes. The nucleus is also surrounded by the nuclear membrane. It is the largest organelle in an animal cell and it contains numerous strands of DNA. spacious sections of eucaryotic DNA pack into the nucleus by wrapping the proteins. darn the cell begins to divide, each DNA strand folds over itself several measure forming a rod shaped chromosome. Another content of the animal cell is the nucleolus. A nucleolus is an organelle within the nucleus and it is where the ribosomal DNA is produced. besides I believe cells have more than one nucleolus. A nuclear membrane is a membrane that surrounds the nucleus. A vacuole is a fluid modify membrane with surrounded cavities inside a cell. The vacuole is being filled with fodder that has been digested and wastes that are coming from the cell. The mitochondrion is a spherical rod shaped organelle with twain membranes. The inner membrane is infolded many times forming a series of protections called cristae.The mitochondrion converts the energy stored into the glucose in ATP. ATP stands for adenosine triphate. This molecule serves as an energy battery for countless cellular processes, including the shuttling of substances across the plasma membrane, the building and transporting of proteins and lipids, the recycling of molecules and organelles, and the dividing of cells. A centrosome is a small body fit(p) near the nucleus and it has a dense center and radiating tubes. The centrosome is where the microtubules are made. During the process of mitosis, the cen trosome divided into two parts and the two parts move to opposite sides. The cytoplasm is the jelly like literal outside the cell nucleus where the organelles are located. There are two types of ER.The first type is rough ER. Rough ER is covered with ribosomes that compensate it a rough surface and appearance. Rough ER transports materials through the cell and produces in sacks called cisternae, which are sent to the Golgi body or inserted into the cell membrane. The smooth ER is a vast system of interconnected, membranous, infolded and convoluted tubes located in the cells cytoplasm. The space inside the ER is called the lumen ER. The smooth ER also transports materials through the cell. The next content is the ribosome. The ribosome is a small organelle make up of RNA and rich cytoplasmic granules that are sited of protein synthesis. The last content of the animal cell is the Golgi body. The Golgi body is a flattened, layered sac like organelle that is located near the nucleus . It also produces the membranes that surround the Lysosomes. The Golgi body packages proteins and carbohydrates into membranes.The overall function of an animal cell is that they are the building blocks of tissues, organs, and whole organisms. The cell also carries around DNA of an animal. The animal cell has no chlorophyll. Also the animal does not have a cell wall because the animal cell has only cell membranes that are made up of phospholipids bilayer and proteins that hold up and protect the cell and the parts of the cell animal cells are also smaller and have no permanent vacuoles. The animal cell has no cellulose and is made up of almost cytoplasm. The eukaryotic cell is a hazard larger than the prokaryotic cell. The eukaryotic is different from the paralytic cell because the eukaryotic cell houses a nucleus and numerous other membrane enwrap organelles. These organelles enable specialized functions to be carried out efficiently. The building pf proteins and lipids take pla ce in separate organelles where the specialized enzymes are located. I loved operative on this research paper because it got me thinking about becoming a biologist. I thought that cells were just something in your body but at once I know its more than that. There is a whole other world.

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AirAsia Information Systems

phone lineAsia Information SystemsOne of the best known frameworks done by railway line Asia is inviteing the low airf ares in the region. This concept is main revolve around to note cost perpetually. As agate line environments rifle more rivalrous and in some cases more volatile, business disposal swallow become more concerned ab emerge the price.Price is the key area of the selling tools to generate revenues or profit. earnings pricing strategies are of import as traditionally confirm been, this entrust lead to more price competition and price standardization. According to Quelch and Klein (1996) pointed kayoed that the counteracting effects of the lucre on price. A vendor crumb use the internet to discriminate pricing globally. However, if they do not observe this precaution, consumers can quickly find out the price discrimination and opposition.2.2 Information SystemAir Asia use computers in its core- gentility impact centre of merchandiseing and scatterin g, reservations, gross sales, and telecommunications. Information technologies, much(prenominal) as computerized reservations systems, assist Air Asia in commercializeing and distributing. The randomness system link together to its de divulgemental and outsider may be necessary for the efficiency and cost effectiveness. taci formity systems, depending on the software can be used to generate forecasts on expected departure, return and mesh.Communications systems used at Air Asia have been substantially modify to incorporate features. The telephone systems help to transform the calls into important profit centre. The integration of breeding technologies may allow Air Asia to hold back its mundane operations from a single integrated commission system.23.0 PEST ANALYSIS3.1 Political / LegalPEST analysis assumes that the achievement of an organization is dependent on the way in which the organization manages its interaction with its external environment (Johnson et al., 2008 ). The environment presents the organization with series of challenges, risks and opportunities. Such a business would clearly be affected by changes in the governmental environment.One of the well-nigh obvious aspects is Government policies can have a huge impact on the Internet, and through the introduction of novel policies and delimitate its development potential. For the entire e-commerce and commercial potential of the Internet, there are several(prenominal) issues indigence to be considered, these include an append the security of transmissions across a network, legal issues, reduction of user dissatisfaction and confusion for the IT, develop the pricing structures for dissemination of information and reservations procedures (IvoryResearch 2010).Policies and procedures should be implanted to promote understanding of the legal liabilities. This result encourage the organization to decrease the legal risk.3.2 EconomicThe Internet is not severely impacted by economic cy cles. However, it is needs to be considered that the sales from the internet will be dramatically been affected by national and global economic changes.These include changes in net disposable income levels that can influence the business performance (CIPD 2010). If disposable income declines the clearly the effective learn is deally to go down.33.3 Socio-CulturalSocio-Cultural changes are often long bourne in the impact but should be monitored all the same. Shift in values may for example affect general attitudes towards internet technologies, in which have a direct impact on information technology and airline business industries respectfully.Attitude changes and demographic changes will change the market as well. and then, the ability of information technology to offer services at lower cost would deliver strong growth in airline market share.3.4 TechnologicalTechnological change may affect the business outcomes in many ways. Simple issues such as the development of internet online reservation system launch by Air Asia in recent course. This do Air Asia offer the ability to check in online and print out boarding passes online (Wikipedia 2010).There may influence the size of the potential market and the number of people able to travel to some other countries. Increasing annoy to the internet may change the way in which the customers can reservation the air ticket immediately, neither to wait long queue in the counter. Potential customers may withal have changed expectations as a way out of experiencing new-made technology.As a result, improved channel distribution has meant that, increasingly, customers are exposed to, and aware of the outputs in other parts of the world.44.0 grind ANALYSISSWOT analysis can play a priceless part in any strategic planning, it deliver the goods a simplistic framework and common language through which strategic options can be identified.4.1 StrengthInternet will help to access new customers globally and enab les to simplify the procedure. Such as the integration of sales, marketing, travel distribution and the daily operation as well as provide special share for corporate travelers.4.2 WeaknessesHackers can hack into a particular data depot and access to the network. There is a crisis of identity and invasion of privacy issues. Hence, the digital security needs to be regulated.4.3 OpportunitiesBy using internet as a marketing tool to distributing electronic brochures and reservation forms via the Internet right off serve the consumers needs. This approach provides an important advantage for the industry to collect information and will help them better develop products and improving the quality of services.4.4 ThreatsThe emulous environment is improving and its impact on the aviation industries is widely recognized as being complex and highly segmented. Growing competition from other airlines carriers are entry into the marketplace. This increased downward pressure on fares of Inte rnet and increasing level of competition in travel distribution.5B. labour 25.0 MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM5.1 Resource Management nurture and development will concerned with the provision of learning, development and training opportunities which encounter that the employee has the skilled, motivated and committed it needs now and in the future. Air Asia stresses the training and development of the staff to keep abreast with changes. The normal one hebdomad on the job training is given to new employees. Training is on-going for three months within the period of probation. Employee skills and friendship will be upgraded with ongoing course using Air Asias academy (Idris, 2007).It ensures that the employee has the skilled to handle quaternate jobs in the organization. For example, the ability of computers to store, handling, processing and dissemination of information has greatly improved the efficiency of Air Asia. Reduced the time from the paper-pushing functions, this can gr eatly arouse the opportunities for employee utilization in the quality of service that offer to the customers. The training will help the employee to facilitate the business mission of its organization through managed information and technology, in which they are trained to learn new skills and develop new capacity to respond to these changes in the organization.5.1.1 closing making Developing gay CapitalAir Asia will partners with Canadian Aviation Electronic to establish an aviation training centre and selected Kuala Lumpur as the location for its Southeast Asian training hub. Air Asia has locked a partnership with CAE for mutual benefits where CAE will provide navigate training for all of Air Asia current and future pilot in the region ( 2010). These will improve the quality of training and world capital development within Air Asia. Partners with CAE will help the organization to develop high quality manpower in ensuring seamless business growth.65.2 Information T echnology ManagementThe information technology has had a greater impact to display the products that can be touchn worldwide curiously useful for linking Air Asia with customers or business partners. It provides a worldwide distribution channel for information and ability to link market demand to takings planning, and helps the management to communicate quickly with those at lower level.Air Asia have became the first in the world to introduce SMS betrothal where customers could book their seats, analyze flight schedules, and obtain the latest promotional announcements through their mobile phones (Idris, 2007).5.2.1 Decision Making Information TechnologyAir Asia keeps introducing innovative ways for online booking and ticket sales. It has locked a partnership with its IT vendors for mutual benefits where Air Asia can ever improve the system while IT vendor learns to create innovative products concord to customer requirements. It offers a wide and innovative range of distribut ion take to micturate booking and traveling easier for its guests.5.3 guest Relationship ManagementCustomer Relationship management is important to pursue mutual benefit among customers and vendors. man-to-man customers can enjoy the benefit, with appropriate advice on getting the best out of their purchase while the organizations able to improve retention and profitability (Buttle, 2008). In fact, CRM enables to simplify the processes and close deal faster. In long term, customer relationships should be cultivated for Air Asia to maintain competitive advantage.75.3.1 Decision Making Customer RelationshipAir Asia has invented to new CRM system in stratum 2009. It has customized their service after sales by providing variety choice of service, such as hotel, hostel and car rental. In Air Asia website, we can see that information on travel destination, hotel, transport, climate and recommendations is provided to customer for decision making before purchase.85.3 Area of Improveme ntStrategic information management and strategies effectiveness is a source of competitive advantage for Air Asia turn into their strength across a range of different product markets. A number of positions are normally can be improved to increase its competitive advantages and proficiency, in which enables Air Asia to achieve and maintain the business growth.5.3.1 assistantOrganizations depend on their customers and therefore the organization should meet customer requirements and accomplish to exceed customer expectations. How customer expectations are the standard against which service is judge. Thats the mission. Therefore should understanding customer needs and expectations.In recent years, one of the most obvious aspects of Air Asia done is upgrade their online booking system and retribution system to improve efficiency. This will enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve perpetual proceeds of its performance in pursuit of organization objectives. But unfortunately, lugga ge does not continuously arrive or with something missing still always happened. So, how to trace the missing luggage in short period and minimize a similar case happened again. It can help Air Asia to improving the quality of products and services provided to the customer.95.3.2 Strategic AllianceAir Asia introduced a first direct B2B engine to its agents in Asia, through one of its strategic partners, Citibank. The agents make immediate payment via a virtual Air Asia source card through the internet based real inventory booking engine. The question is why its formed up the strategic alliance between the parties? The popularity is business growth and get in on opportunities.The strategies needed in a specific market. A gap emerges between what organization goals would like to achieve and what it can do with available resources and capabilities. Air Asia must adopt new technology to compete against traditional rivals, as well as entrants that build the latest technology enterpris es. The gap can be bridged by the alliance. For example, in order to compete on a global outperform and at the same time maintain its independence, Air Asia must make alliances in partnership together with others countries to use facilities, information system, produce components and distribution channels to meet a critical business need.In year 2004, Air Asia formed two joint ventures in Thailand and Indonesia. Why? Because Air Asia able to extend its marketing reach and build credibility with a particular target market. Its also giving the opportunities to access needed information and greater resources including specialized staff and technology, increase sales in an real market and enhance technological capabilities through research and development underwritten by more than one party. Another approach is once business is constituted it has provided the Air Asia with the opportunity to gain new capacity and expertise.105.3.3 growth ImprovementProduct melioration is the result of consistent, deliberate effort to chance on the developing organization to a higher level of capability. Product improvement entails developing and launching new products for sale in existing markets (Condensed GSAM Handbook, 2003). It also requires a planned and guided path to excellence, reaching various levels of improvement as intermediate goals along the way such as products with redundant features, different packaging, different quality levels etc.For example, Air Asia Go pass and Air Asia Tune Hotels which offer travelers a comprehensive package. Many cypher travelers prefer to book their air tickets and hotels together and Air Asia will offer its customers with the facility of online booking and reservations as they book their flights. In other words, the product will be improved as a natural consequence. Today, the Internet is firmly established as a marketing strategy. It becomes an integral part of the marketing tools for the digital distribution channels and e-sto re services (Hofacker, 2000).116.0 terminalSince Air Asia entry the market, it is rapidly becoming the most popular airline and profitability organization. Why? Because it focuses on the strategic information system on ways of promoting and developing the product ranges. It is beneficial for Air Asia to combine new IT into the entire operation. It is generally accepted that information technology should be considered as strategic tools than tactical issues. We rely on information, it is not necessarily favourable mechanism to assist in decision-making and guide action. It is very important that the knowledge base to find a use of information. However, Air Asia will need to understand what is currently happening in the operating environment.(2680 words)12

Critical and Significant Accounting Policies

Critical and Significant Accounting Policies subsequently Enrons scandal, method of report world underwent dramatic changes. Lots of acts were proposed or released. On may 10, 2002, the Securities and Exchange Commission (which is endorsement) proposed a document, that revelation in solicitudes Discussion and abbreviation most the Application of Critical Accounting Policies. One division later, SEC released final rule No.72, Interpretation Commission Guidance Regarding Managements Discussion and outline of Financial Condition and Results of Operations. First one introduces the framework for little history policies second one describes how to genuinely interpret little bill policies in the section off Managements Discussion and Analysis (MDA). However, even till now, muckle ar still in confusion of the differences between those news report policies precise account statement policies or estimates and probative score policies, a way to actually and precisely releg ate these dickens.In a more efficient way, I will go by means of the definition of these two accountancy policies first. afterward that, I will introduce the aim of these two, why we use them. The belong but not least, I will use a 10-K assortment from apple Inc. to make an example, how we present their contents and formats appropriately.DefinitionsIn the accounting metre codification, Financial Accounting Standards Board (which is FASB) has a definition to meaning(a) accounting policies, which is Accounting principles and methods be judged by the appropriate circumstances to present jolly fiscal position, according to GAAP make mo displaceary statement. (Codification, 235-10-05-3) This is very full general presentation of financial statement.While, in contrast to strong accounting policies, the faultfinding accounting policies and estimates ar defined by SEC, which is Critical accounting create on impudence about equivocal matters, including period and affect Co mp some(prenominal)s financial condition (SEC, 2002).It is very obvious, that just from the definition of latter the decisive accounting policies and estimates describe only uncertainties of future changes that also have material impacts.The Differences of Disclosure IntentThe schooling of authoritative accounting policies is important and essential for entities financial statement users. The significant accounting policies and estimates, which is vital part of the entities financial statements, disclose fairly financial position, etc. (Codification, 235-10-50-1). Meanwhile, they are a major cistron of the financial statements as well. They interpret what accounting policies the entity is currently adopting. FASB also states that, the significant accounting policies can affect entitys financial position, and can be utilise for making economic decisions (Codification, 235-10-05-4).Because of Enron scandal, Securities and Exchange Commission intends to give more reading of the en tity to investors. The quality of corporate disclosures needs to be improved. I believe the intent of critical accounting policies is to disclose the accounting policies needed management judgments and estimations with the uncertainties. The critical accounting policies are the vital components in note of the managements discussion and analysis. SECs FR-60 discover as followedFinancial position may imply precisions, continuities and certainties that can be rapid changed in the financial status and operating environment. Thus, even general accepted accounting principles (GAAP) maybe more or less fall apart to present important teaching if it is not appropriate accompanied or clear analytic disclosed to facilitate an investors understanding of the follows financial condition, and the affirm adapted changes in the operating condition (SEC, 2001).According to above information, we should be alert of that, not only the definitions are different, but also the intents of using thes e two accounting policies are substantially distinct from each other. FASBs purpose of significant accounting policies cannot be served for SECs critical accounting policies and vice versa.Contents demonstrationThe significant accounting policies defined by FASB for the applications of accounting principles and methods have a wide range of general description. In contrast of that, critical accounting policies and estimates that proposed by SEC only estimate some of the substantially uncertain and material accounting policies.FASB specifies the disclosure of significant accounting policies should identify the accounting principles and the methods that will materially affect the financial position, and results in different operations, or cash flow. They include judgments, whether principle appropriate between revenue and asset cost during current or future period (Codification, 235-10-50-3).In this paper, I used orchard apple tree annual report as an example. In the phase 10-K/A of apple Inc. (filed in Jan 25, 2010) include presentation and preparation, fair observe measurements, financial instruments, inventories, property plant and equipment, asset retirement obligations, goodwill, foreign capital translation and remeasurement, revenue recognition, shipping costs, payment for indeterminate account, warranty expense, software development cost, income taxes, stock-establish compensation, advertising costs, earnings per common share, comprehensive income, segment information. For example, Apple disclosed inventories item at (LCM) lower the of cost, or market, calculated with first in first out (first-in, first-out) method. In recognition item, the society recognizes revenue when delivery has occurred or any persuasive evidence of an agreement exists. Moreover, in revenue recognition item, for multiple-element arrangements which may include tangible yields that contain software that is essential to the tangible products functionality and undelivered so ftware elements that relate to the tangible products essential software, the Company allocates revenue to all deliverables based on their selling prices (Form 10K/A, 2009).Before application, there are requirements that the critical accounting estimates should meet at the make time of accounting estimates, the uncertain assumption another is, any kinds of estimates used during current period and changes made in the estimate should impact the financial condition materially. There three elements that are involved in the accounting estimation the first is to understand the accounting estimates the second is to give a clearer comprehending to the financial condition for normal investors the triad is to disclose management discussed development (SEC, 2002). Furthermore, the critical accounting policies and estimates should be as the supplements of notes of financial statements, but not duplicate any link up information that already presented. The critical accounting polices disclosure should provide relevance information deeply (SEC, 2003).From the secs intention, accountants should take strongly responsibility for the risk of estimates and changes. Moreover, accountants should be able to explain how they came out with the results and estimates. If last year a bank made a lot of relative new loans, so the report would witness good. But if many of those borrowers later failed to pay, then this years report would tone of voice very bad. So for the next year, the bank management will be required to estimate how many borrowers would fail to pay, maybe a percentage, and gift it in the notes of MDA.In the last years Form 10-K/A of Apple Inc. the critical accounting policies and estimates are related to scroll valuation and size up purchase commitments, revenue recognition, income taxes, valuation of marketable securities, warranty costs, allowance for doubtful accounts along with the legal and other contingencies. In the section of inventory valuation, Apple Inc. emphasize the critical accounting estimate as followThe Company must order components for its products and build inventory in advance of product shipments. The Company records a bring down for inventories of components and products, including third-party products held for resale, which have become obsolete or are in excess of anticipated demand or net realizable value.The Company records accruals for estimated cancellation fees related to component orders that have been cancelled or are expected to be cancelled. Consistent with industry practice, the Company acquires components through a combination of purchase orders, supplier contracts, and open orders based on projected demand information. These commitments typically cover the Companys requirements for periods ranging from 30 to 150 days. (Form 10K/A, 2009The inventory item that disclosed in the significant accounting policies is very unsophisticated and simple, like lower cost or market cost. However, here the participation e stimates the future inventory by forecasting, and later, if the consumers or markets demand changed, which is unpredicted, the company would write-down the records, when it needed.Also, in revenue recognition section analyzes the possible reductions to revenueManagement was making estimates based on historical experience. If a greater parity of customers redeem the incentives other than estimated, the Company would record credits to revenue, which would have a decrease on revenue.Form 10K/A, 2009Although, the revenue reduction is estimated by historical records, the future market condition may change, for example, the incremental price apology obligations incur. The additional reduction to revenue would be resulted in. Additionally, the company gave an estimation of unspecified software upgrade revenue if the Companys ESP for the software upgrade rights related to iPhone would have been fluctuated either higher or lower, the Companys net sales of year 2009, would have decreased o r increased up to $50 cardinal as compared to that of last year (Form 10K/A, 2009).Furthermore, compare with just one reprove in significant accounting policies, the allowance for doubtful accounts section in the critical accounting and estimates presents the very detailed information. Besides the historical experience, the company also considers about the future economic environment, the financial condition. If there is a deterioration of financial condition, the company will have to adjust the allowance accounts, which means the adjustments are going to be made.The formatsThe formats of two accounting policies are significant different, because one is by FASB, and another is by SEC.The significant accounting policies are disclosed in the notes of the financial statement of item 8 in form 10-K. Under FASB codification the disclosure format of significant accounting policies is in a summary of significant accounting policies at the very beginning of the notes of the financial stat ements (Codification, 235-10-50-6). Normally, there is a boilerplate of the disclosure for the significant accounting policies.Compare to the boilerplate formatted significant accounting policies, the critical accounting policies and estimates are unremarkably presented in plain language. The disclosure format should be clear, that the investor could understand easily (SEC, 2002). With a different disclosure place, the critical accounting policies and estimates are only disclosed in MDA.ConclusionAfter studying both accounting policies, I find out the significant accounting policies and critical accounting policies and estimates are substantially generated by separate individuals with different disclosure purposes. Furthermore, as the supplementary of significant accounting policies, critical accounting policies and estimates normally describe some needed adjustments, if the future economic environment and customers or market financial conditions change. Post Enron period, SECs has taken a very discrete stand, for fear of more accounting scandals, by providing more contents about how the uncertainties, assumption, approximation and estimation would affect the companys financial statement in critical accounting policies.

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Luck Be a Lady: Ciroc Vodka Advertisement

Luck Be a maam Ciroc Vodka AdvertisementLUCK BE A LADY CIROC VODKA ADVERTISIMENTStephen AstwoodLuck Be a lady around e very cuffper directly is citing British inebriant readr Diageos CIROC Ultra-Premium Vodka in their lyrics. The grunge name seems to affirm found an interesting niche, much specific wholey that of the premium liquor market. CIROCs Luck Be a Lady advert, synonymous with the song of the same name made famous by Frank Sinatra, c all tolds upon a all-star cast with public celebrities same belt enterpriser and investor in CIROC Sean P. Diddy Combs, and a assortment of male actors and female models. The men argon elegantly dressed in suits with Combs (2011) first statement redeing the strategy of the endeavour, We sport letd. He urges them to go out and amass millions of dollars, wanting the practice reach a regular habit. Combs (2011) first full statement is, Fellas, we dumbfound arrivedwe asleep(p) win a couple million, break the bank out here, thenc e we gone do it all over again. The ads next scene is them disembar tycoon a private jet in Las Vegas, where thither argon beautiful women to k flat them with actual shots of CIROC. (Jernigan, Ostroff Ross, 2005) says, In modern alcoholic beverage markets, the advertising and promotion of alcohol argon central to the harvest-festival itself. Whereas in earlier eras, alcohol whitethorn select been marketed ground on the quality, purity, and price of the product, now the identity of the brand is paramount (p. 314). This run away strives to tell the story that connects a bearing of highlife and leisure with the product itself. The commercial successfully fills the objective of the formerly mentioned narrative, and encapsulates the ace of attainment one sewer appreciate with having consumed CIROC. However, the represendation of this lifestyle tie ind with a brand can set intimately false consequences when classism and consumption becomes more than the product itself (in th is case CIROC), and more rough trying to keep up with the exemplified charge of life. It is of no surprise that the ad echoes the culture of which Sean P. Diddy Combs is a pioneer that of hip-hop, which today is full of human bodys purporting classism, consumerism and to put in urban vernacular, swag over substance. The campaign pays homage to Sinatra and his contemporaries the stern Pack, with Combs (2011) telling Soul grow cartridge that, The Rat Pack defined the art of celebrating in style. I cannot imagine a Spirit more suit up to(p) for commemorating life with family and title-holders than CIROC a brand that has become synonymous with celebratory occasions.Thorstein Veblen (1979) says that, In company to gain and to hold the esteem of men it is not sufficient only to possess wealthiness of power. The wealth or power moldiness be put in evidence, for esteem is awarded only on evidence (p. 24). As Combs (2011) declargons, We book arrived, it not only takes into accoun t the physical arrival at a private jet facility, but the arrival to a tallness of social posture. The depiction of this status in the ad is realized by dint of the army of luxury products exhibited from the Escalades, private jet, the many some other(a)(prenominal) of beautiful women, and of course Las Vegas, which is emblematic for infamous gambling, one of many facets that endorse pleasure as a main motivation for using it as a location to film. swop ilk this form the basis, or give confirmation to what Veblen (1979) notes as, putting wealth and power in evidence (p. 24). It is contrasted with the fact that they argon unsloped drink a brand of vodka it connects CIROC to these high-end products. Essentially, the ad is ma septg the statement that CIROC is not reasonable one of the many premium liquor brands, it exceeds the others. Particular focus is tending(p) to excessgambling in the casinos. While the characters mention that they be looking at to rake a couple mi llion and break the bank, inferences atomic bite 18 that they atomic number 18 looking to spend a great amount of money. If they argon talking about millions, expandable wealth is no object to them. passim the advertisement we be bombarded with messages that say if you argon not a sh atomic number 18 of the wealthy class, then you are not worthy. Likewise, if you buy CIROC then you forget become retributive as happy, attractive, and successful as the hoi polloi portray in the commercial. It has been merged practice that marketers feedoff the uncertainties of individuals who adopt a classist attitude, seeking to elevate themselves up the economic and social ladder. Debra Goldman (2002) states, youthful-luxury consumers account for a lot of this recession resistance. They are paying premium prices not just for material things (which the old mass market supplied very efficiently) but for ablaze ones comfort, adventure, identity, and esthetic pleasure. The commercial advo cate that anything less(prenominal) than CIROC implys you are lose out on the true emotional significance of successes and all that entails.Sean P. Diddy Combs in an interview with the publication Adweek (2011) was asked, What do you think your brand stands for? Combs (2011) responded by maximI think I stand for aspiration. That effortful work pays off. hoi polloi from all walks of life and all over the globe look atme and know my humble beginnings and know that everythingIve done has been through hard work. People respect me as amarketer and brand builder.As mentioned forwardshand, at that moorage are countless references of CIROC in hip-hop culture today, so much so that the brand epitomizes the approach to the music. Such adoration toward alcohol in music, and specifically in hip-hop is not unique to CIROC. For example, MOET and CRISTAL, justly having been observed as premium brands, cast off been use in the lyrics of Combs protg the late Notorious BIG (1994, 1997) in wh ich he says, The back of the bludgeon sipping Moet is where youll find me and Take their spots, take their keys, make my faculty/Live happily ever after in laughter/Hah, neer seen Cristal pelt faster/And to those bastards, knuckleheads squeeze lead. Miller and Muir (2004) note that, As a pagan and commercial force, hip-hops impact is formidable Coke, Pepsi, Gucci, Bacardi, Burberry, Mercedes, Nike and McDonalds are among the brands that have used hip hop to swap themselves (p. 178). While hip-hop was shaped from much more serious questions than which bottle to pop in the club, it is thanks to endorsements from rappers in various lyrics that certain brands have enjoyed a strong boost in prevalentity.The campaign suggests another cultural perception, and that is how the women are represented. Amico (1998) says that, Advertisements promoted the image of women as childlike and sexy (p. 19). From the onset of the commercial, the women appear in a role that is subservient and playfu l, regarding them as another expression of the luxurious life. The women have one speaking occasion following a trend in advertising that rarely do female characters have a voice in a commercial unless it is for something directly marketed to women. Wood (1999) notes, To be female in the United States is to be attractive, several(predicate)ial, unaggressive, emotional, nurturing, and concerned with mickle and relationships (as cited in Turow McAllister, 2009, p. 193). These concepts are depicted in the commercial and emphasize the historic belief about gender roles that women as the protagonist are foreseeed to serve the male. Although the women are dressed in attire that suggests professionalism, as with many modern women, when they are portrayed this way, women are seen as having to work their certify job when they arrive home. There is less evidence than usual to suggest this advert is working to undercut any progress made for womens rights. However, the message sent to the viewers here is that the men is the one with authoritythe one in control, and the womans role is to serve and just because the women appear successful and having a best time, it is only on the condition that she fluent carries out her principal duties as hostess.The campaign, Luck Be a Lady debuted in mid-December 2011 on two US televisions as headspring as online. Diageo said that the ad leave behind run on various channels that predominantly are sacred to music and sports. The 30 second version of the ad campaign air over the holiday season collection of NBA games however the original arrange is that of a short film. CIROC (2011) has stated in their campaign marketing that, Ciroc has taken the stance that their marketing video needed not backstory, narrative release or a connection to reality. No one in a decision-making capacity on their marketing team thought to ask whether it mattered that, theres no reason for these heap to be hanging out, that zero remotely in teresting goes on immaterial of the visual, and that its just considerate of weird. The reason for this strategy forms the basis of advertising success. The intertextuality with the Rat Pack gives heavy basis to what the commercial is endorsing. Olsen et al. (2003, 1993, 1995, and 2004) notes thatAdvertisements have become an integrated part of popularculture which they parody, and by drawing upon sociallysituated codes, myths, cultural discourse, and home(a)ideologies to develop resonant connections for consumergoods, advertisements both constitute prevailing ideologiesand construct naked as a jaybird mythologies and ideologies for commoditiesthrough these dialogical and intertextual relationships.(as cited in Turow McAllister, 2009, p. 134)The references made to the Rat Pack are reflect because the target market is already familiar with them and what they symbolize as CIROC is used as a form of product placement. It isnt a exigent use of it, but still opens links that ar e already wasted by the audiences knowledge.Just as actors, musicians, artist and the like come to personify their brand, Sean P. Diddy Combs has come to personify CIROC. There are very few places and very few songs nowadays that dont associate the two. In Luck Be a Lady a classification of roles become closely tied to the message of luxury and success. The image of the Rat Pack harmonize to Combs was considered because it sought to emphasize what Strasser (2009) says that, through and through advertising, leisure becomes a goal of modern living, not just an attribute used to sell a product (as cited in Turow McAllister, 2009, p. 25). Having the resources to live life the way the campaign projects, is a desire of most western consumers. The commercials statement is made more striking knowing the success Combs has attained personally that this could actually be a day in the life of Sean P. Diddy Combs. The match-up hypothesis is expound by public treasury Busler (2013) as, The differential impact that different types of endorsers, often celebrities, have on the endorsed brand (p. 2). Diageo notes the argument has had significant growth since they affiliated Sean Diddy Combs. merchandising and Research Company Symphony IRI says that, Sales (of CIROC) jumped 41% to $6.8 million in the year ended Oct. 3 2007. Initial brand focus before Combs tended to focus on the grape according to MediaCom, CIROCs media mode until January 2011. When shelter Carat (2011) took over responsibilities they said, That whole grape story just didnt work, because nobody really cared. It didnt carry around enough cachet. Through the success of advertising campaign Lady Be Luck, CIROC is now positioned as a brand amongst the most successful in the world with The liquor origin (2012) reporting that, The sale of 1.5m cases in 2011 has helped Ciroc to become the second largest ultra-premium vodka in the US. Combs statement to Andrew Hampp (2007) in Ad Age, summed up his relevance to the brand and the brands success in the market. He said, Ive branded myself as the king of celebration, and thats what this alliance is all about.ReferencesAmico, E.B. (Ed.) (1998). Readers Guide to Womens Studies. Chicago, IL Fitzroy Dearborn.Combs, S. (2001). Luck Be a Lady (Starring Diddy, Eva Pigford More). Retrieved from http//, K., Ping, S., Cheng, H. (2009). The Construction of Beauty A Cultural Analysis ofWomens Magazine Advertising. In J. Turow M.P. McAllister (Eds.), The Advertisingand Consumer Culture Reader (p. 193). New York, NY Routledge.Goldman, D. (2002). ADWEEK Consumer Republic. Retrieved fromhttp//, H. (2011). The sway Front Deconstructing Diddys Latest Ciroc Branded Film,Ciroc Luck Be a Lady. Retrieved from http//, A. (2007) AdvertisingAge Hes Gone by Puffy, Diddy and Now Brand Manager.Retrived from http// ph rase/news/puffy-diddy-brand- theater director/121489/.Jernigan, D., Ostroff., Ross, C. (2005). Alcohol Advertising and Youth A MeasuredApproach. diary of Public Health Policy, 26, 312-325. inside10.1057/palgrave.jphp.3200038 .Kelly, A., Lawlor K., ODonohoe, S. (2009). Encoding Advertisements The Creative Perspective. In J. Turow M.P. McAllister (Eds.), The Advertising and Consumer Culture Reader (p. 134). New York, NY Routledge.Levine, D.M. (2011). ADWEEK Fast Chat Sean Diddy Combs The rap mogul on the Rat Pack, his brand and building a wear mousetrap. Retrieved from http//, J. Muir. (2004). The pipeline of Brands. Hoboken, NJ Wiley.Stresser, S. (2009). The Alien Past Consumer Culture in Historical Perspective. In J. Turow M.P. McAllister (Eds.), The Advertising and Consumer Culture Reader (p. 25). New York, NY Routledge.The Spirits line of merchandise Vodka-Brand Champions 2012. (2012). Retriev ed from http//www.thespirits, B.D., Busler, M. (2002). The Match-Up Hypothesis Physical Attractiveness, Expertise, and the role of Fit on Brand Attitude, Purchase Intent and Brand Beliefs. Journal of Advertising, 29 (3), 1-13. doi10.1080/00913367.2000.10673613.Toney. (2011). Soul Culture Diddys Luck Be a Lady Commercial. Retrieved from http//, T. (1979). The Theory of the Leisure Class. New York, NY Penguin Books.Wallace, C. (1994). Big Poppa. On Ready to endure CD. New York, New York Universal Music Group.Wallace, C. (1997). Youre Nobody Till Somebody Kills You. On Life After Death CD. New York, New York Universal Music Group.Types of transaction locomotion An overviewTypes of dividing line break An overviewTypes of telephone circuit break motive powerling on business can take many forms. Individuals whitethorn b e be activeling to meetings, to exhibitions to make gross r level(p)ue calls to customers.There are alike a lot of occasions when high amount of assorts of people travel individually, or together, to take part in a concourse or corporate. Companies that cram business travel are operating in a different market to those who organise conferences and events and are often different companies. However, overlap does occur, for example Kuoni is a well known tour operator, heretofore has an arm of its company which specialises in event management.Incentive TravelThe inducement travel is offered by the employer(company) to the employee which is like a entertainment gift for them as they are travelling for free. This will make the employee very happy as they can rest at the same time as well as having fun which overall it effects the work rate of the employee when they are back as it will make them much more actuate to work harder in the future as they whitethorn gain another reward.W hat effect fillip travel gives to the employeeFacilitating communication and net incomeing opportunities, especially in older managementcheering the companys sociallyHaving a better company dedicationCreating eagerness for upcoming company periodStrengthening the relationship among the employee and the companyAdvantages for employeesEvery employee will feel very special and be satisfied in their job as the company has given them an wondrous opportunity to go for an great holiday which they have gain the award. It automatically changes the employees feelings in work by making them feel successful and persuasion they are the best in that work place because they were rewarded an incentive travel. That whitethorn also mean they had one of the best performance in the sales team for that business because they were rewarded as not many people get it on this trip because its not often many people creation offered an incentive travel by their company.Exhibitions and tidy sum fairsTh ere are exhibitions and throw fairs for just about every type of product. Business people attend trade fairs to keep up-to-date on the latest development in their sedulousness which shows they are competing with each other as the find suppliers for products and function and to network with colleagues.There are two aspects of the organisation of fairs and exhibitions. Firstly, there are companies who organise the exhibitions and sell stands to exhibitors. An example is Reed Exhibitions. They have a division, Red Travel Exhibitions, who focus on travel events. Lastly, there are many of business to be gained in organising travel to exhibitions and allowance for attendees.Conferences and meetingsThe meetings perseverance Association (MIA) is the largest association for meetings industry for the UK and Ireland, providing bet on for venues and suppliers in the meetings environment. A company who wants to organise a large meeting, or conference, could approach the MIA to find out abo ut companies who can make the arrangements for them.Corporate eventsCorporate events and hospitality is a specialist industry within travel and touristry that focuses on providing events, hospitality and entertainment to business clients. It can be know as a an incentive to an consumer because they have place a business with a different employer or to have a bun in the oven businesses that may have not yet customers to an arrangement with the business. It is also seen as a good way for a company to network and make new business contacts. Corporate events take many forms from lavish events at Wimbledon or the Henley Regatta to the owner of a business inviting his or her bank manager for a meal in a topical anaesthetic restaurant. umpteen corporate hospitality functions are centred on sports events, much(prenominal) as golf championships, cricket, tennis, rugby football and football matches. There are many specialist companies that handle all the arrangements for corporate event s, from displace our invitations and meet and greet go to providing catering and entertainment.Business AgenciesThis section is the role of business travel divisors and the different types of agents operating in the industry.RoleBusiness travel is concerned with providing products and go for business people travelling to meetings, attending conferences and conventions, and taking part in trade fairs and exhibitions. It also includes incentive travel, where holidays, short breaks and other travel services are offered to members of round as an incentive to reach work targets.big business travel agencies are regularly performing on behalf of two parties when they take on their job. They are providing help needed by their customer, referred to as the consumer, on whose behalf they are making the travel schedules. They are also an agent for the corporation that is proviso the product. These companies are recognized as principals and comprise airlines, hotels and car hire companies. Business travel is an increasingly important industry, since it is often high value tourism, earning hoteliers, caterers, transport providers, travel agents and a host of other companies signicant income. Business travel is considered a high value industry becauseClients often have to travel at short notice, meaning that they are not able to take advantage of discounted advance purchase ratesBusiness people often use high quality accommodationBusiness travel invariably includes an element of entertaining business clientsTravel is often in upgraded services, e.g. business class or rst class.Business travel agencies can be divided into ve distinct types1. Independent agencies2. National agencies3. Global agencies4. Implant5. E-agent. individually type has its own particular characteristics and products.Independent agenciesAcross the UK, there are many commutative travel agents that offer business travel arrangements. They are not part of a national twine and are often managed by the owner and a small team of staff. They may be companies that deal exclusively with business travellers, but are more probably to deal with both leisure and business clients. Unlike national agents (see below), independent travel agents are free to offer their business clients travel services from a wide range of suppliers. Independent business travel agents trade on their ability to offer their clients a very personal service, relying on word-of-mouth recommendation from satisfied customers for extra business. As well as macrocosmness members of ABTA The Travel Association, many independent business agents join consortia much(prenominal) as Advantage Travel or World choice in order to benefit from supplier discounts, make useful business contacts and to have their voices heard.National AgenciesThese are UK- ground companies that are part of a national chain of travel agencies, such as Thomas Cook, Co-op Travelcare and Thomson. These agencies deal to begin with with holidays an d other leisure travel products, but can meet the demand of business travellers as well. Agencies that are located in parts of the sylvan with high concentrations of companies and a large business community often generate a sizeable proportion of their turnover from business clients. Organisations of all sizes and in all sectors of the frugality often need their staff to travel on business. Sole traders, members of partnerships, company directors, public sector staff, junior and senior managers, all travel from time to time on business. This could be in their local area, elsewhere in the UK, to countries in continental Europe or notwithstanding afield.ImplantsImplants are agents operating within a business exposit, so that they are on hand to look after travel requirements as needed. The agent may often work alone and is employed by a business travel agency, not by the company in whose premises they are based.E-agentsAs in leisure travel, there is an expanding demand for online business travel services. Some of them may be familiar with the website offering travel services, Expedia. Expedia claims that is corporate travel business, launched in 2002, is the fifth largest by turnover worldwide.Products and servicesBusiness travel agents may be dealing with small companies sending individuals on business trips to corporate clients who want all of their business travel managed.Basic services will always includeAccommodation bookings leakage bookings either scheduled or low-cost, business, first or even economyTransferCars hire or rail ticketsAncillary sales, such as car parking or insurance.The agency will book accommodation for a customer and that is to find where they will stay, arrange travel such as flight bookings on specific dates, transfers to the hotel etc. Ancillary services such as insurance and parking.Management of a customers travel expendituresThis means analysing data so that a corporation knows exactly what is macrocosm spent on business tra vel and where. The travel management company manage the data and make it available to the customer 24-hours a day in a spreadsheet or database.Negotiation with suppliersThe agent negotiates monetary value on the customers behalf with airlines, care hire companies and hotels for accommodation which this is for the agency to find the best deals for their consumers.Products and services provided by suppliersAll hotels and airlines want to solicit in to the lucrative business travel market and constantly influence out new products and services to entice business travellers.Hotels offer Wi-Fi and business centres as a matter. Business customers may read executive rooms. in time cheaper hotels, such as the premier Inn chain, offer wireless profits and meeting rooms which is what the business customers expects to have.Is Blood Thicker Than piddle?Is Blood Thicker Than Water?Literature Review DraftIs Blood is Thicker than Water?Blood is thicker than water, this dialect expresses the idea that family relationships are stronger and more durable than familiarity ties. This idea is reinforce through customs, traditions, and laws that give familial relationships prerogative over non-familial ties and determine who may be defined as family (Muraco, 2006). In fact this theme is so pervasive in our society that, at times, it goes unrecognized for example should a childs parents pass away all eyes look to the next of kin or juxtaposed living relative. It is the same if there was a collection of debts that need to be paid. In the case of hospitalization in an intense care unit, often the rule is the admittance of immediate family only. In fact, according to the Uniform Probate Code of the United States section 2-103 in the event that one dies without a will, both children and the whole of their estate go to their family (source). Many find it intriguing that it is the conventional assumption within our society that in a time of crisis, it is the presence of those we are most concerned about in our lives our family- that is of most importance. The idea that familial relationships mean more than all other types of relationships, dates back almost 600 years to 1412 (source). The fact that this idea is still prevalent today, so many centuries later, leads the author to believe that there must be something fundamentally, or qualitatively different about the relationships we have with family (mother, father, cognate), and those we have with friends. If so, what is it? The aim of this paper examines these issues and as a result suggests further look into that needs to be done.networks of family support tend to be denser than friendship networks (Wellman Wortley, 1989), creating a context in which responsibilities toward family members develop (Finch Mason, 1993) responsibility is further strengthened by norms within our (Himes Reidy, 2000 Stein et al., 1998). On one hand, family relationships are continued even if there is a degree of animosity a nd conflict (Allan, 1996). friendship, on the other hand, can be seen as an independent relationship that tends to be based strongly on a sense of reciprocity (Buunk Prins, 1998). We therefore expect sibling relationships to be less strongly influenced than friendships by these mechanisms.With marriage being less stable, and with the number of children falling, peer relationships potentially become increasingly important. Friendship offers a way of inventing and re-inventing the self in an authentic way throughout ones life. As such it is particularly important to women whose idea of themselves is typically root in social relationships. (OConnor 1999 118)By virtue of growing up in the same family, siblings know each other intimately and develop a body of shared knowledge that may facilitate a honey oil basis for social pinch. In 2005 Schaf, Schulman and Spitz found that siblings provide emotional support for each other, resulting in reduced anxiety that can come with being an o utcast with peers. The sibling relationship ahs been shown to be increasingly valuable being as it has been found associated with lower loneliness and depression and with higher conceit and overall life satisfaction. Also, sibling support has been found to compensate when there is an absence of not only parental support but friendship support aswell (Anderson, 2005)..In a study about social instinct and interpersonal relationships Clarke and Dunn found that the differences in the relationship between siblings and friends are based first on the fact that there is a choice involved. Children choose their friends however they do not choose their siblings and are typically face up with living with them. They also found that sibling relationships can have attributes like hostility and ambivalence which are rarely found in friendships (2005).Among the differences between these relationships are the expectations involved. In familial relationships the emphasis is not on equality, balanc e, and reciprocity as is the case in friendships (Mills, Clark, Ford, Johnson, 2004). However the sibling relationship, not unalike the friend relationship requires maintenance by regular positive interaction, its does not remain ready at all times to be unrestrained whenever the need arises (Voorspstal, 2007). The general everyday understanding of what family entails is different from everyday understanding of what friendship entails. This does not mean that family and friend relationships have no commonality, nor does it mean that people never regard friends as family or family as friends. It does, however, suggest that different forms of unity and commitment usually differentiate the two sets of relationships specifically, the demands that family and friends for the most part view as legitimate to expect of each other are usually patterned differently, including the consequent effect on the emotional, practical, and material resources that they are prepared to give (Ueno Adam s, 2006). In 2005 a study on the sibling relationship in emerging adulthood was conducted which included interviews as part of the method. One participant gave voice to what is a common cultural belief, he wrote, I dont like my siblingsthey dont like me. If we had a choice wed never see each other again. But a family is a group of people youre stuck with for life whether you like it or not.(Leh Ruppe, 2005). Other participants reported relying on their siblings for immediate help and for care in cases of sickness. Additionally, from the qualitative responses obtained, an overwhelming number of responses contained positive comments about sibling relationships.The shift from having a non-family closest friend to having a family member as closest friend is more apparent to occur amongst women, older people, lower class and, interestingly, both by acquire married or by being widow(ed). That these changes in marital status lead to a shift towards a family member as closest friend is a n important finding. It is well established in the literature that those who are newly separated or divorced are more presumable to look to non-family members as their closest friend.This is often to avoid the feeling of being judged by family specifically parents or siblings who may have developed a good relationship with their former spouse. In the case of the death of the partner, family members are more likely to provide sympathetic support and so it is less likely that the grieving person would be made to feel judged. In the longer term, however, those who remain widowed are likely to move on from having a relative as their closest friend to having someone outside the family as their closest friend.Importantly, at various phases within the lifespan, the particular morphologic circumstances of peoples lives may result in both a greater reliance on friends and a reduced involvement with family (Pahl Pevalin, 2005). For example, for some four-year-old adults who are establishi ng their independence from their family but not (yet) started their own, that is, involved in a committed partnerships or a parental phase of life, friends may be the main component of their emotional and practical support networks (Heath Cleaver, 2003). At this time, they may have relatively little involvement with their family relationships. Without necessarily rejecting these ties, their choice is to place more emphasis on friendships with others who may be in a similar situation like unto themselves (Allen, 2008).

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Spatial Rhythm and Poetic Invention in William Carlos Williams Sunday

William Carlos Williams was fascinated by the ways in which living organisms and inert consider occupy space--how they move in it, or cannot move, atomic number 18 cramped or allowed to roam freely--and how the space inside organisms and matter is charted, perceived, and manipulated. Williamss preoccupation with essential space in the material world is paralleled by his formal experimentations with the placement of words on the page. Without creation nothing is good spaced (P 50), Williams writes at the beginning of Sunday in the Park, raising the question, what does well spaced mean for Williams? How can the world and how can poetry be well spaced? The aim of this paper is to look at the kin between Williamss use of what I will call spatial rhythms and the imagination of poetry that emerges in Sunday in the Park--a section of Paterson oddly important for thinking about Williamss late poetic style because it contains the noteworthy section beginning The descent beckons / as the ascent beckoned, marking Williamss invention of the triadic stanza with variable foot, a form he would begin to use ofttimes in the 1950s. My hope is to offer a new perspective on Williamss poetics by showing how it is rooted in a conception of space, twain external and internal or biological, that is constantly moving in a rhythmic fashion. Although William Carlos Williamss epic poem, Paterson, is about the city of Paterson and a man, also named Paterson, who is that city, the actual physical space of that city tends to be elusive throughout the poem, change state most concrete in the second Book, Sunday in the Park, which, however, does not deal with the city itself, but with the park above it. The park is some(prenominal) a part of the city of Paterson (... ...s A New World sensitive (McGraw-Hill, 1981), 462-63 and 466-67.Hit the gumption button on the upper go away hand control of your browser to return to the text4. Mariani, 462-63.Hit the back button on the upper left hand corner of your browser to return to the text5. Kenneth Burke, The Thinking of the Body in Language as Symbolic Action (Berkeley U of California P, 1966), 340-41.Hit the back button on the upper left hand corner of your browser to return to the text6. The last two descending sequences I have quoted the premiere beginning with She was married with empty words and the second with The descent beckons are also reminiscent of Marcel Duchamps Nude Descending Staircase. On Williamss come to in cubism and in Duchamp in particular, see Reed Whittemore, William Carlos Williams Poet from Jersey (Boston Houghton Mifflin, 1975), 113-124.

Baldwins Attack of Uncle Toms Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe :: Uncle Toms Cabin Essays

throng Baldwins Attack of Uncle Toms Cabin What Frederick Douglass was to the 19th century, it might be argued that James Baldwin was to the 20th century. Baldwin was a leader of the Civil Rights Movement and an African American novelist, publishing many books and plays, including his most popular Go state It on the Mountain in 1953. However, he was also known as an essayist. iodine of his most famous essays, Everybodys Protest Novel, attacks the concept of plain manufacture and more(prenominal) specifically, Harriet Beecher Stowes Uncle Toms Cabin. This 20th century critical analysis discusses the novels downfalls of creaminess, grandiose military group, and racist characterization. Baldwin livelinesss that the protest novel is almost always sentimental. He feels that sentimental fable is inherently dishonest. He writes, Sentimentality, the ostentatious parading of excessive and spurious emotion, is the mark of dishonesty, the softness to feel the wet eyes of the sentimentalist betray his aversion to experience, his upkeep of life, his dried heart and it is always, therefore, the signal of secret and violent inhumanity, the mask of rigorousness (1654). He explains that Uncle Toms Cabin is a very bad novel with sentimentality like to Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Baldwin also writes that Stowe includes an excess of violence in Uncle Toms Cabin. He notes This violence is explained by the nature of Mrs. Stowes subject matter, her laudable endeavor to creep from nothing in presenting the everlasting(a) picture an explanation which falters solitary(prenominal) if we cease to ask whether or not her picture is indeed complete and what grammatical construction . . . forced her to so depend on the description of atrocity - unmotivated, redundant - and to leave unanswered and unnoticed the entirely important perplexity what it was, after(prenominal) all, that moved her people to such deeds. (1654) Baldwin sees the graphic viol ence in the grade as a means to create reality however, Stowe fails, creating only more sentimentality. Baldwin suggests that the characterization in Uncle Toms Cabin is racist in its development. He discusses the master(prenominal) characters of the novel as George, Eliza, and Uncle Tom. He writes, Eliza is a beautiful, pious hybrid, baseless bounteous to pass . . . . George is darker, but makes up for it by being a automatic genius, and is, moreover, sufficiently un-Negroid to pass through town .Baldwins Attack of Uncle Toms Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe Uncle Toms Cabin EssaysJames Baldwins Attack of Uncle Toms Cabin What Frederick Douglass was to the 19th century, it might be argued that James Baldwin was to the 20th century. Baldwin was a leader of the Civil Rights Movement and an African American novelist, publishing many books and plays, including his most popular Go Tell It on the Mountain in 1953. However, he was also known as an essayist. One of his most famous essays, Everybodys Protest Novel, attacks the concept of protest fiction and more specifically, Harriet Beecher Stowes Uncle Toms Cabin. This 20th century critical analysis discusses the novels downfalls of sentimentality, grandiose violence, and racialist characterization. Baldwin feels that the protest novel is almost always sentimental. He feels that sentimental fiction is inherently dishonest. He writes, Sentimentality, the ostentatious parading of excessive and spurious emotion, is the mark of dishonesty, the inability to feel the wet eyes of the sentimentalist betray his aversion to experience, his fear of life, his arid heart and it is always, therefore, the signal of secret and violent inhumanity, the mask of cruelty (1654). He explains that Uncle Toms Cabin is a very bad novel with sentimentality similar to Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Baldwin also writes that Stowe includes an excess of violence in Uncle Toms Cabin. He notes This violence is explained by the nature of Mrs. Stowes subject matter, her laudable determination to flinch from nothing in presenting the complete picture an explanation which falters only if we pause to ask whether or not her picture is indeed complete and what construction . . . forced her to so depend on the description of brutality - unmotivated, senseless - and to leave unanswered and unnoticed the only important question what it was, after all, that moved her people to such deeds. (1654) Baldwin sees the graphic violence in the story as a means to create reality however, Stowe fails, creating only more sentimentality. Baldwin suggests that the characterization in Uncle Toms Cabin is racist in its development. He discusses the main characters of the novel as George, Eliza, and Uncle Tom. He writes, Eliza is a beautiful, pious hybrid, light enough to pass . . . . George is darker, but makes up for it by being a mechanical genius, and is, moreover, sufficiently un-Negroid to pass through town .

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Free Essays - Asides in Hamlet :: Shakespeare Hamlet Essays

Free Essays - Asides in Hamlet Asides... what is an deflections? Unlike a monologue that is spoken when the speaker is the only actor onstage, an out is spoken by an actor when there are other actors present on the stage. The aside is also meant for the audience, just sometimes an aside is spoken to an actor(s) on the stage, but not to all of the actors on the stage. How do the asides in Hamlet by William Shakespeare effect the dynamics of the mutation? The asides in Hamlet have some(prenominal) different dramatic functions Some of the asides are used to add a bit of irony to the play, others are premonitions of what is going to happen in the play (one is even an ironic premonition), and yet others (most importantly) can be used to feeling into the character of the actor by what he says of others or what he says of himself (or alike himself), and finally all of the asi des have the function of helping to set the plot of ground of the play. (I use the male gender because I did not encounter an aside from a female).

Obama’s Appeal to Ethos is Strengthened by His Appeal to Pathos Essays

Senator Barack Obama came to Germany to speak to the tribe of Berlin ab bring out the turbid and enduring bonds Germany and America have with one another. Senator Obamas lyric was to consumption ethos and pathos to electrify and to motive hope to the audience. In Obamas speech, presidential candidate Obamas hail to ethos is fixed/ weakened by his compendium to pathos.To start, at that time Obama was not yet elected for presidency, his speech was for an substance to inspire the people of Berlin. Obama gave his speech as an attempt to the audience to try him as an astute senator, but to see him honorable to be the contiguous president. Obama used ethos in his speech such as, Both views miss the equity that Europeans today are bearing new burdens and taking more province in critical parts of the world and that just as American bases built in the last century still help to stick out the security of this continent, so does our country still sacrifice greatly for immunity ar ound the globe. (Obama, 24). In this sentence Obama uses ethos to inspire the Berlin people and to bring to them the the true that had happened, to walk down memory lane and to see how much the Berlin people all have progressed.Senator Obama also points out how much the United States has helped out in the past and even continues help in the future. They cut forth food and supplies to more than two million Germans in an effort to supersede the last flame of freedom in Berlin, The size of our forces was no apprehension for the larger Soviet Army, when the largest and most unlikely rescue in the history brought food and hope to the people of this city. (Obama, 7-8). As an attempt Obama had mentioned this along with many more examples was to seem trustworthy to the people of Berlin. Ob... ... look filthy to a country which gave aid when that country could least afford it. It is break in to recognize the bravery and the heartwarming help of kindness America has presumptuousness t o many countries at that time and till this day.In the end, Obamas speech had more pathos than ethos. In the beginning it seems that Obama was using ethos as equally as pathos. But, Pathos is more used than ethos, because of the emotion grabbing sentences Obama uses to grab the audience and to manipulate it. From all the pain the people of Berlin had gone through at that time, Obama wanted to use that reason to move the people of Berlin. Obamas appeal to ethos is strengthened by his appeal to pathos. Even though, pathos is used more, it does strengthen Obamas speech.Works CitedObama, Barack. Language Matters. 3rd ed. Debra Frank Dew. Southlake, TX Fountainhead Press, 2010. Print.

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The Patriot Act Essay -- Terrorism Government Patriot Act Essays

The patriot recreate After the dreadist attacks of September 11th, 2001 our outlandish underwent a change that has drastically affected the fundamental values that our innovation fathers instilled in this country. Since that tragic day in September the aftermath of the attacks has started to affect our Civil Liberties that in this country we hold so dear. Just 45 days after the September 11 attacks, with virtually no debate, recounting passed the USA Patriot Act on October 5th, 2001. This spot expanded the direction powers of domestic law enforcement and international intelligence agencies. The controversy that must be discussed is whether or not this legislation fully or in intermit has violated the Constitution and/or endangered our civil liberties in any(prenominal) way. John Kerry former presidential candidate is opposed to the patriot act stating ?We are a nation of laws and liberties, not of a knock in the night. So it is time to end the era of John Ashcroft. That st arts with replacing the Patriot Act with a new law that protects our people and our liberties at the uniform time.? John Kerry is right in suggesting that the patriot act is thinning our freedoms. Those who heart the patriot act is going to protect us from harm peter out to see the dark side of the legislation which is relinquishing us of our rights guaranteed to us in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.The USA Patriot Act or the union and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and freeze Terrorism Act of 2001 is a US legislative law enacted in response to the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks. The bill passed 98-1 in the joined States Senate, and 356-66 in the join States House of Representatives Senator Russ Feingold cast the Senates lone dissenting vote. President George W. shrub sign(a) the bill into law on October 26, 2001. Assistant attorney general Viet D. Dinh was the point architect of the act. In the article written by M ichelle Malkin titled ?Antiterrorism statute law Will Make America Safer? Malkin defends although unpopular the USA Patriot Act has allowed law enforcement to make America safer from terrorists. She Maintains that the act has already thwarted get ahead acts of terror by helping law enforcement break up terror cells, convict people guilty of terror-related crimes, and prevent foreign criminals and terrorists from entering the United S... ...mines the Fourth Amendment to our Constitution, which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures. There was obviously some concern most this by Congress, which is the reason that the Patriot Act was sunset at louver years. One day after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade affection President Bush vowed, ?We result not allow this enemy to raise the war by changing our way of life or confining our freedoms.? Unfortunately, by becoming an aggressive advocate of the Patriot Act, the President is doing sound that. During Bush?s S tate of the Union speech, he emphasized that a key role of our judicature was to protect us from foreign terrorists. However, if the Bush Administration continues to advocate such measures as the Patriot Act, then an eventful question is raised Who will protect us from our own government? I conclude my stance with a quote from Senator Russel Feingold the sole senator who voted in opposition to the USA Patriot Act, Feingold passionately states ?Preserving our freedom is one of the chief(prenominal) reasons that we are now engaged in this new war against terrorism. We will lose that war without firing a shot if we sacrifice the liberties of the American people.?

Cambodian American Essays -- Immigration, Southeast Asia

Introduction- Beauty and DarknessCambodian is champion of the newest influxes of immigrants from Southeast Asia. The beauty and the night cadence of Cambodia imprinted in history. Cambodia, a country of fertile land and dotted sift fields, of famous and breath taking monuments and ancient temples, of arts and crafts, cultural attractions, and close definitely a history like no other. This is the country that exhibits one of the seven wonders of the world- that is the famous Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument that had ever built, significantly in Cambodia. This ancient ruin attracts millions of tourist from all over the world.Unfortunately, set deflection all of those captured beauty that Cambodia has, at one point in time in its history darkness devoured this fragile terra firma and turned it whirligig down. This peaceful nation was once ruled by the French as part of French Indochina. With the struggled that Cambodian government undertaken to restore balan ced and granting their nations independence back from the European colonization, they paid a price. The geezerhood of sad and worn out history of this nations botch up government, turmoil, and followed by years of civil war thus making them in a state of dire emergence. Furthermore, with their bordering neighbors war, Vietnam, with the United States, Cambodia was soft dragged into the state of darkness during the Nixon Administration. The Nixon administration conducted secret bombings in Cambodia in the beforehand(predicate) 1970s because Vietnam forces had their bases camped in the Cambodian province. As a result of this shoddy casualty, it led to the rise of the Khmer Rouge leader, Pol Pot. His influence gained many familiar spirit native supports in Cambodia. Pol Pot and his entourage brought ... ... occupations are at 17.8%. Sales and office occupations are at 23.5%. Farming, fishing, and forestry occupations are at 0.5%. Construction, extraction, and charge occupations are at 5.5%. Lastly, production, transportation, and material moving occupations are at 36.8% (Cambodian the States Census, 2000). The educational take consists in the 2000 census report for Cambodian Americans. to the highest degree 37.3% are attending grade school and to the 9th grade level. The next level is high school with a diploma or none is almost 16.1%. On the other end, nearly 46.8% are of high school graduates. Moreover, about only 13.4% are in college or are attending universities. Degrees obtained are the Associate degrees are at 5.2%, bachelors degrees are at 6.9%, and last but not least of the Graduate or lord degrees are about 2.3% (Cambodian America Census, 2000).

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Essay --

The life of a Greek is typic onlyy average. You go to school, get a job, find the person you want to marry... you know how it goes. all(prenominal) of this changes when you are describing one specific type of Greek, a Karpathian, who comes from a exact little island in Greece called Karpathos. To most non-Greeks, Karpathos is barely a tourist attraction, as there are much bigger and more interesting islands represent within the country. But to us Karpathians, few another(prenominal) places compare to its magnificence. What is troubling, however, is the abstruse process of dating and marriage. This society of people take everything you thought you knew nigh relationships to a whole new level.Everyone whos anyone in the Karpathian community knows that cipher compares to a pass in Karpathos. The beaches alone could easily persuade you never to leave. During the course of the summer, there are multiple weddings scattered across the island. Surprisingly, these weddings ar e the epitome of what it means to be Karpathian. What does it take to reach this climax of a Karpathians life, marriage, one might ask. Well I can substantiate you that this process is anything but simple.To start off, the young are groomed from get to become the highest quality spouse. Boys are expected to be an excellent schoolchild and go to Karpathos every summer. The island is their place to shine, so being seen in familiar clothes could potentially be a big mistake. It is recommended that you pack the outflank brands money can buy Burberry, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, etc. Furthermore, if the brand is not clearly visible, you might as well not wear the article of wearable at all. The girls of the island have standards that are just as important. Ten pounds of constitution is a given, i... ... could quite possibly be What does love have to do with being able to show off all of your cool things during the summer?. The concepts that go along with this strange charad e have not changed all that much throughout the years, but the methods certainly have. With social media now and constitutive(a) part of everyday-lives, maintaing your appearance has now turned into a year-long affair. Since the summer is not the only time your potential spouses will be seeing you, (even if its via social media) you must post the right things and carefully stage photo-ops. Instagram, Twitter, and other social media applications have become virtual extensions of summer socializing in Karpathos. Above all, reputation is key, guard it no matter what. You do not want to risk the island knowing you are actually a ostensible person that is only interested in possessions, now you do?

A New Pollution? Essay examples -- Wireless Communication Pollution Da

A rising Pollution?Abstract be onively our society is being inundated with information wirelessly, through emissions of electromagnetic waves (EMF). any room you enter is being blanketed with ever increasing amounts of, in roughly cases, highly powerful electromagnetic waves. These waves carry everything from cell phone commerce to wireless internet signals, to stock-still conventional AM/FM intercommunicate signals. Although adult males and animals cannot perceive most of these electromagnetic frequencies, they can affect biological organisms in many ways that scientists currently do not even understand. Even further, demand for such wireless applications is growing in scathe of both signal strength and bandwidth. This leads to the important question of whether at slightly point the signals allow for become so powerful and transmitted at so high a frequency that they may begin to energise adverse symptoms in biological organisms as a result. This paper will focus on the ethical implications of developing such technologies without yet having scientific research that demonstrates its safety for humans and animals. I chose this topic because I make believe always been interested in wireless internet (802.11 b/g) and wondered if it could be potentially dangerous. A New Pollution?Wireless communication economic consumption is quickly proliferating through all facets of modern life. Although wireless communication has been just about for nearly a century, its application was very limited in setting through the first 50 years of its development. For the second half of the twentieth century, wireless usage ramped up with the introduction of FM/AM communicate as well as UHF/VHF for television. Then, beginning in the 90s, connectivity of individuals and devices became a paramount concern within the ... ... be stopped pending conclusive safety results. It should also be noted that technologically compulsive market forces will resist any attempt to slo w the progress being in wireless communication. Ultimately, more research involving RF and human safety is needed regardless of the course of action taken. Endnotes1. J. Ulcek and R. Cleveland, Jr. , persona of Engineering and Technology - Federal Communications Commission, Questions and Answers about Biological cause and Potential Hazards of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields , 56 4th Ed. Aug. 1999 7, 2. Ed Hare, The FCCs New RF-Exposure Regulations, QST, Jan. 1997, 3. Hare, How the IEEE C95.1 Standard Was Developed4. Hare, Maximum Permissible Exposure5. Ulcek and Cleveland, 51

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Lowering Tuition at Iowa State University Essay example -- Colleges Ed

Lowering Tuition at Iowa State University The dry trim of the Costs of Tuition at Iowa State UniversityIowa State University is a land grant school which, among other things, means that the university gets m maviny from the press out of Iowa from the taxes that residents indemnify to the state. Because of this in state residents who choose to go to the university do not give up to yield a large amount of money while out-of-state residents keep to pay almost twice as much. Iowa State University does not amaze reciprocity, meaning that even residents from the surrounding states, Minnesota, Illinois, etc., have to pay full out-of-state tuition. Out-of- state residents have to pay about $9000 a year for tuition, while Iowa residents pay only about $2500 per year. (See fig1 for semester costs)Undergraduate Cost of AttendenceFig1.Semester CostResidentNon-ResidentTution $1393 $4673 direction/ Board$2085.50 $2085.50Books/ Supplies$342 $342Fees $109 $109TOT AL $3,929.50$7,209.50Source Iowa State University Homepage, Tuition helps to pay for every of the services and programs of a University. However, some universities put more money into one or two programs or colleges to make them stronger areas of study within the university. non all colleges or departments throughout a university have the same spirit of classes or facilities. For example, Iowa State University invests a great deal of their money in the engineering and agricultural programs and so increases the quality of those programs. This is how students choose which university is best for them. A student bases his decision on what college to attend by looking at what programs a particular universit... ...more information and email addresses of the offices go to the Iowa State University electronic network page at From there you will be able to stress any office or department of the University. Just keep in mind that it is the students line of merchandise to voice their opinions to the University, and it is the universitys job to listen. Without us, there is no Iowa StateWorks CitedHauser, Andrea. Regents Increase Tuition by 4.3 Percent. Iowa State Daily 22 Oct. 1999 1. Iowa State University Office of Financial Aid. (No date). How much(prenominal) Does It Really Cost? Online. (1998). Available http http// General Topics/cost.html 1999, October 29. Iowa State University Office of institutional Research. (No date). ISU Fact Book Online. (1998-1999). Available http http// 1999, October 29.