Sunday, April 21, 2019

World Peace and Prayer Day Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

World Peace and Prayer Day - Research Paper Exampleent epoch crisis were over consumption, population offshoot, pollution and natural resource depletion have damaged the life-sustaining capabilities of our Earth. Nuclear, biological and chemic technologies be wiping out humanity and making the planet unable to self-sustain (Susie, 2013). We have a short meter to cherish the earth and thus the message by the White Buffalo of global harmony, peace and wholeness should be sent worldwide.In the year 1985, the message of justice was addressed to the worlds concourse while inviting them for a new social order consideration. The greatest process of world peace and the foundational elements are addressed within The Promise of World Peace, a document drafted by the Universal church building House of Justice. World peace is a tool for peace, happiness and freedom among all the nations and plurality of the world. All nations should cooperate voluntarily or under a governance system, thu s preventing warfare. The term very much refers to absence of hostility among all humanity. It crosses boundaries finished technology, medicine, diplomats, engineering and human rights, and in this way, it aids in addressing or so of the worlds problems such as climate change, desertification and global warming that has to be addressed through a peaceful global consensus (Susie, 2013).Ancient prophecies have predicted the time when overconsumption, pollution, natural resource depletion and population growth is damaging the life-sustaining capabilities of the Earth. The personal commitment of the Chief Looking horse as a keeper in the sacred bundle is assisting in the fulfillment of the Mending Hoop of Nations. Besides working with his community, he also conducted meetings with the spiritual and global leaders worldwide in addition to offering prayers and speaking at environmental symposiums and universities. The mission of the Chief Looking horse with the Prayer and World Peace Day has make tremendous contributions to the progress of World Peace

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