Thursday, April 18, 2019

Define and discuss the relationship between language variation, Essay

square off and discuss the relationship between oral communication interpretation, wording attitudes and linguistic discrimination, drawing on particularised examples from prehistorical research - Essay ExampleTo this end the paper will examine the relationship between language variation, language attitudes and linguistic discrimination. In order to attain this end, the following objectives will be exploredLanguage variation is the differences in systems of a language that result from historical, geographic, social and fundamental changes. This affects a dialect and divides up a language to sub-groups1. Language variation therefore signifies the ways and systems through which people who speak the same language vary the way they speak and convey ideas and communication through a peculiar or specific approach to conveying their messages.Language variation therefore hinges on the fact that unlike people confound different approaches and different processes of presenting their in formation and message and this varies from person to person. In throwing more light on the union of language variation, Thomson identifies that language is a historical entity. It is intended to communication ideas and concepts. Variations are persuasive and change with beat2.Thomsons view of language variation has to do with the fact that language is meant to present ideas and concepts. And within cartridge holder and space, these concepts and ideas might vary and change as per the changes and modifications in the society. Hence, there are different variations and different approaches and processes through which this communication is carried out and through which different people have and build different views on presenting their ideas and concepts.To attention deficit disorder more explanations to this, it can be said that homogeneity in society and in perceptions in the kind-hearted race is fiction3. This implies that language, which is a product of the wider society within which people lives is bound to be as tangled as the society within which it is used. Therefore, linguistic variation allows linguistics to study about the different versions and different processes that influences and

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