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Death is my best theme Essay Example for Free

Death is my silk hat theme EssayDeath is my best theme, dont you think? (Williams). explore the varied uses Tennesse Williams makes of finale and go pasting in A Streetcar Names entrust Referring to A Streetcar Named Desire, I completely agree that demolition is Williams best theme, closely followed by sex. There atomic number 18 many references to expiry as well as imagery and symbolism. He alike uses many varied points on wipeout. The first off major speech close death is when Blanche is talking about her losing Belle Reve Blanche All of those deaths The long parade to the burial site Father, mother Margaret, that dreadful authoritySo big with it, it couldnt be put in a jewel casket This is the first thing that Blanche says that has any power and real feeling behind it and the thing is death. This is showing that death is going to play a large part in the feeling in and behind the story. Blanche You however came home in time for the funerals, Stella. And fu nerals are pretty compared to deaths. Funerals are quiet, only when deaths-not always. Stella is universe associated with the funerals and Blanche with the deaths. This is showing Stella being quiet and Blanche being louder and more highly strung as that is how she has described the difference in her speech.Although on the outside this speech made by Blanche may sound like she is just talking about the deaths of all her family members but it is as well relating to the death of Belle Reve and how the ii are connected Blanche How in hell do you think all that sickness and dying was paid for? Death is expensive, Miss Stella She describes death in instead a lot of detail in this speech it is showing that death is going to become an fundamental topic in this play. A lot of the deaths seem to be because of the men and their gambling and this could be a view of Williams. Blanche Honey-thats how it slipped through my fingersWhich of them left us a fortune? In A Streetcar Named De sire a lot of the times when death is being discussed, sex seems to come into the conversation to. There is a strange relation in the midst of sex and death here. I let the place go? Where were you. In bed with your-Polak This is not the strongest reference to death and sex combined although it is a slight one. A such(prenominal) stronger one is Blanches speech about her late husband- Blanche Then I found out in the slash of all possible ways. By coming suddenly into a room that I though was empty-which wasnt empty, but had two tidy sum in it. Blanche Hed stuck the revolver into his mouth, and fired-so that the back of his head had been-blown away Seeing her husband ingest sex with another man and then blow his head off within the time cover of two hours causes a strange equation and connection between sex and death. The way he killed himself could also be perceived as a homosexual reference sticking the gun in his mouth. A vendor comes around the corner. She is a blind M EXICAN WOMAN in a dark shawl, carrying bunches of those flamboyant tin flowers that lower class Mexicans display at funerals and other festive occasions. Here, the woman carrying the funeral flowers is symbolising two things Death and Blanche. It is ambiguous whether or not any of the other characters can see or are aware of the presence of the Mexican woman except from Blanche. Blanches thoughts seem to be provoked by the Mexican woman and it well-nigh seems as if the Mexican woman is a representation of Blanche herself, and the Mexican woman is walk of life around celebrating death which shows the death within Blanches past and presence. Mexican Woman Corones para los muertos.Corones Blanche Legacies Huh. And other things such as blood-stained pillow-slips You can really see Blanche going mad in this scene as she is almost talking to herself rather than to Mitch and this symbolises the dying of Blanches mind. She also has fragmented speech patterns here and if talking about ton gue-tied memories that only she can really understand. Blanche -and on the way back they would all stagger on to my lawn and call-Blanche Blanche The deafen old lady remaining suspected nothing.But sometimes I slipped outside to answer their calls. afterwards the paddy-wagon would gather them up like daisies. the long way home. Another view on death Tennesse Williams uses is the death of Belle Reve. Shown using Blanche and Stanley, there is a clash between two worlds and the Belle Reve world is dying communicated by Stanley taking power of Blanche and bringing her into their world and getting rid of her airs and graces. He breaks her and makes her realise that her old way of living is dead and that she has to enter the real world.In A Streetcar Named Desire the conflict between two ways of life is concentrated within the battle between Blanche and Stanley. The old civilisation vested in Blanche is demonstrably decadent her only means of survival in the modern world is to batt en onto mortal else and live off their emotional, physical and material resources, like a decorative fungus. (Commentary). Blanche I will die with my hand in the hand of some nice-looking ships doctor, a very young one with a lower-ranking blond moustache and a big silver watch. Blanche And Ill be buried at sea sewn up in a clean white sack and dropped overboard-at noon-in the blaze of summer-and into an ocean as blue as (chimes again) my first lovers eyes. Blanche brings the equation of sex and death together again here as she is planning of dieing with a man by her side. This speech made by Blanche nearing the end of the play also has a slight reference to Othelia in Shakespeares Hamlet. Othelia died in water and that is what Blanche is dreaming about doing. Queen whiz woe doth tread upon anothers heel, So fast they follow. Your sisters drownd, Laertes. Laer Drownd? O, where? (Hamlet).In conclusion Tennesse Williams uses a lot of different views on death, the connection b etween sex, the death of other things except people like the death of Belle Reve and Blanches mind, and the death of people who happen to all be someone in Blanches Past. Williams uses different angles to express the theme of death, symbolism of the death of Belle Reve, the Mexican woman symbolising the death of Blanches mind, and the outward talking of real death of people. This makes it an important topic as it depicted in so many ways. Death is defiantly in the running for Tennesse Williams best theme in A Streetcar Named Desire.

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