Sunday, February 10, 2019

free speech or just offensive -- essays research papers

Free Speech or entirely Offensive?     A highly debated topic as of late has been the amazing rise of offensivelanguage and topics of the harmony industry, which aim infiltrated through. Should the artisans of this medicament be punished for corrupting the minds of the people who listen to it?Or should the musicians rights be protected by the first amendment?     The main problem to be seen is that this music has occasion extremely popular tothe y awayh. With this popularity get laids blow after blow from the media, parents, andorganizations putting dump the music because they believe its corrupting the children. All of these criticisms towards music take on level made the government step in and putparental informatory warnings on the CDs. This lets the consumer know that the CD theyare buying has adult language, violence, or sexual references in the songs. Thegovernment has besides set an age minimal of seventeen years old to eve n purchase theoffensive CDs. afterwards all of this is said and done, the albums are still selling millions ofcopies.     It is a undivided different market today, set on exploiting the rebels "fuck you I wontdo what you tell me" attitude of the youth. "Big bucks is the name of the game. saysmusic critic Harvey Bickle. This implies that these stars that have risen from this musicare only doing so to make themselves a quick buck. Whether or not this is true, we stillsupport these stars and will draw out to do so. But is there any evidence that the music is bother anyone?      Many reasons offensive music has been blamed can be enter through pastincidences. During the Columbine shooting, the media was blaming the music of MarlinManson because of his dark songs. This idea of music creating violence is not a newone. In 1982 ACDC put out a song called Night Stalker on their album. Later on thatyear, a killer roamed the countryside w hile assuming the alias Night Stalker, and was persuade that the lyrics from ACDCs song drove him to do these disgusting acts ofmurder. Many cases like this have been brought to court, but notably, not one has provedtheir case against the artist.     How could we come to the oddment that the music caused these mass killingsand riots a... ...r a redress of grievances." (Duemler, David34). This basically means that as an artist or regular person, one may speak or illustrateanything without being punished or revised as coarse as it is done so in a respectablemanner. there is even an entire organization supporting and fighting for the firstamendment for artist called the Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA. Itis ironic that the amendment that protects the artist is also the amendment that allowspeople to protest against it. Overall the point is that most of our basic laws come fromthese amendments, and they are what America was built on, so how can we accuse artistsof gap the law when all they were doing was following it?      Although the music industry is becoming to a greater extent and more controversial, it stilldoes not give anyone the right to ban or prosecute someones music, because an artist hasthe right to a independence of expression. People who disagree with this, can choose not buythe music or change the station when its on the radio, but they cannot destroy it or theartist because freedom of speech is what makes this country so great and free.

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