Wednesday, January 16, 2019

It’s up in the Air, or Is It Essay

The article elaborates on how individual sociological resource send packing connect social structure to life history. In this case, sociological imagination refers to understanding of individual behavior as the product of historical processes that affects a persons social environment. The rules of social structure are considered to hold the conduct of individuals and also mould cases for them. However, school-age childs are not able to trance the connection between individual action and structural outcomes.In sociological imagination, social structural explanation can be used to serve well the several questions of social stratification. It is evident that other forces than individual characteristics shape the outcome and distributions of societal rewards (Renzulli, Aldrich, Reynolds, 51). Organizations help to reduce unlikeness in the society by allowing prospective entrepreneurs from different social origins to access to wealth-generating assets.In order to learn how social structure of society shapes the results for individuals, the students can be engaged in a multiple rounds of coin tossing game. The game will also intromit some rules and regulations to be followed. The results of the game will be highly prophetical on how the social structures mould the outcomes of individuals. From the distribution of the coins, the students will realize that inequality and personal prosperity are not the result of personal characteristics (Renzulli, Aldrich, & angstrom Reynolds, 56).The alteration of the rules of the game will help the students to see how real solid ground processes generate inequality in the community. It is clearly acknowledged that, structures and rules affect a persons ability to access an opportunity regardless of his or her talent. However, some improvements have to be done on the game in order to give the best results to the students. Therefore, coin tossing game can be used to effectively demonstrate how sociological imagination incre ase student understanding of the social world.

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