Thursday, January 17, 2019

Interpersonal Relationship and True Friend Essay

Tens of thousands, or one million? How many people provideing we meet in a whole lifetime, and how many of them do we claim births with? Every somebody is born into a family with stunned their choice, so they canvas to funding a legal relationship with all family members to live happily, but sometimes it can be a misfortune for some people to evolve along with family members. However, we can choose to have unassailable a relationship or not with acquaintances. Ive met with lots of people, sometimes I dont get the chance to introduce myself, sometimes I had a good time with them, Sometimes I was disappointed by their behavior, and decided to prescribe good-bye forever.There atomic number 18 many characteristics that determine whether a person is a takeoff booster or acquaintance. Considering my experiences, at that place are three types of acquaintances received friends, ex-friends, and temporary acquaintances. I believe for a person to be considered a true friend they m ust be trustworthy and loyal. Someone whom will always stick by your side through thick and slew and would not sell you out. A true friend needs to be fair, caring, and loving. A true friend is someone who can make you smiling or laugh a person that will make you keen when you are sad.However, a true friend needs to be right and must be open to tell you the truth even if it isnt pleasant to hear. A true friend needs to be qualified to tell you something that you might not want to hear. At the same time, a true friend needs to be someone who wont try to change the way a person is and needs to be able to accept different personalities and characteristics. A true friend must cheat that it is very hard to gain trust however. it is easy to lose it. sight might say that a life without a true friend is no life at all.On the other hand there are people who I cant say are friends anymore, so I consider them ex-friends. I was once close to them because of good times, humor, first impr ession, or similar interests, but later found out they used me, lied, and were selfish. I sometimes felt resentful, and realized I had ruin

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