Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Baz Luhrman’s Romeo and Juliet: Movie Review

Romeo + Juliet take on review The film Romeo + Juliet was released in 1996, with Baz Luhrman as director. This is one of the most renowned contend plays written by Shakespe be, screenplay was by Craig Pearce. Romeo and Juliet is a film close to forbidden love and how tragic love can end. The film was knife thrust in Miami, but most of each in Mexico. The main actors are Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo and Claire Danes as Juliet. Romeo and Juliet is about two teenagers that fall diabolically and deeply in love in Verona, italy, it takes place in the amaze succession.Romeo is an 18 years old, poor rebel and son of the Montague family. He has chestnut hair, soft olive skin, charming blue eyes and a resolute but kind mind. Juliet is an 18 years old, rich daughter of the Capulets. Juliet has coherent dark hair, gorgeous green eyes and clear pearl skin. She doesnt like being pushed into doing topics she cant decide for herself. Juliet loves Romeo and vise versa. As if it werent eno ugh problems with relationships at a young age, their families were great enemies. This makes it physically unsurmountable to for them to be together.This particular film is a renewed version of the true story written by Shakespeare. Therefore you can relate a bit more to the actors actions and drama. Romeo is a smart guy, and come up with round clever ideas for the two of them to meet. In one of his last attempts to end the state of war mingled with their families, something goes totally wrong and destroys their chances forever. The music and sound was made and pose by Nellee Hooper. The sound effects were really intense and aggressive, but that moreover made the story come more to life.The way they talked was extremely special, it sort out the mood of Shakespeares originality and realness. The message the film wanted to give was that you should always follow what you want. Forbidden love is possible to make unspoilt love, you just have to fight with everything you have. When teenagers get determined about something they do not forget it easily. Romeo + Juliet will always be an incredible and beautiful love story, that many can relate to. I loved the tension between the two families and the problems that kept on coming during the film.I was really exited every time Romeo and Juliet were secretly meeting. The frighting thought about being caught and killed was constantly there. The only thing that was difficult to understand was the language. In the film they talked the original old side that Shakespeare used in his time. It was not easy to understand everything they said. Since I had comprehend about the story and read it before, I knew what was going to happen. Over all Romeo & Juliet is a beautiful love story that will never be forgotten.

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