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Human behavior as it relates to safety Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Human behavior as it relates to recourse - Essay ExampleTheory X proves, that most actors do not like work and submit to avoid it, so the top hat incentives for these workers are either forcing them to do something (using total control or methods of punishment), or provide them with additional rewards (financial or real(a)). Thus, a worker will keep to safety rules if he receives a reward for this, or if he is punished for not doing this.On the contrary, theory Y states, that a worker is eager to take responsibility, and he can get satisfaction from his work. The main incentives for him are self-affirmation together with tangible and intangible rewards, and even enforcement (in some cases) (Mroszczyk 2012). Thus, a worker usually keeps to the safety rules, if he is satisfied with his job, or if the companys management motivates him to do so.Theory Z differs from the previous theories, as it suggests a brand new onward motion to treating and motivating workers. This theory sugge sts to put emphasis on care about every worker as a person, attract them to group decision making and organize constant feedback between workers and managers. Thus, a worker himself is attracted to make decisions on his safety and is encouraged to do so for the sake of himself and his personality. Psychologists proved, that increasing attention to a worker, holding a constant dialogue between him and his leaders, encouraging him think differently are give methods to increase safety at a working place, than to use incentives or enforcement (Geller 2001, Hofmann and Morgeson 1999). Thus, theory Z is the best for predicting a workers behavior towards safety.Hofmann, D. A., Morgeson, F. P. (1999). Safety-related behavior as a social exchange The role of sensed organizational support and leadermember exchange. Journal of Applied Psychology, 84(2),

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