Monday, May 6, 2019

How the New, New York State Annual Professional Performance Review Essay

How the New, New York raise Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) Regulations changed the Employee plectrum Process - Essay ExampleThis paper critically analyzes the impacts of the sore NYS Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) Regulations on employee endurance process. How the new NYS APPR Regulations Have Changed the Employee (Teacher) Selection Process Introduction In the year 2010, New York State approved the adoption of a new instructor evaluation law that requires the performance review of the teachers to be based on evidence of teacher effectiveness, student growth, student achievement as well as a number of other topically selected measures. Generally the primary objective of the new annual professional performance review (APPR) has been to provide a timely feedback on the effectiveness of the teachers as well an opportunity to acknowledge the strengths and the weaknesses of the educators in their capacity as employees. Previously the recruitment and sele ction process has been found non to focus much on choice since it led to poor selection by not factoring in other aspects of teaching which may not be inherent during the normal selection process (Odden, 2011). Consequently the new APPR regulation were introduced to supporter improve the quality of learning in New York State particularly through enhanced determination making during the teacher selection process. ... This implies that the education system extremitys highly qualified teachers capable of inculcation what is required to enable students to be successful for college and/or post-secondary c areers. The need for more quality teachers is currently position many a(prenominal) states under intense pressure to conform to the NCLB act which aims at ensuring that only quality teachers are hired, those who can provide quality education to students(Freeport Public Schools, 2012). New York State is one of the states in the States that have successfully made bold steps aimed at improving the quality and value of teachers. With its credence for the Race to the top incentive program, hiring effective teachers is now paramount. (, 2012).This paper critically examines how the New York States (NYS) APPR regulations have changed the employee selection process since its introduction. The relationship between the New NYS APPR Regulations on human resource activities For many years, organizations have always used referrals to help them carry out their human resource activities particularly during the employee selection process when hiring or promoting their employees (Hays and Kearney, 2001). Studies have confirmed that the use of performance reviews in employee selection processes is one of not only a reliable option but is also an easy and cost effective go about that ensures satisfaction both to the organization and to the employees. On the other hand, with the current high number of lawsuits those organizations are progressively facing as a re sult of their decisions to hire, promote or terminate an employee, there has been an urgent need to develop new regulations

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