Monday, May 13, 2019

Company Analysis - Google Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

partnership Analysis - Google - Essay ExampleAfter an initial humble beginning with a small pop out up capital the caller-up grew by leaps and bounds to presently emerge as one of the leading(a) brands of the world with financial strengths that matches the likes of industry players like Apple and Microsoft. The companys stocks are listed on the bourses of the NASDAQ. Google has a diversified product portfolio that ranges from look engines to software applications, browsers and mails. The primary(prenominal) reason for the success of the organization has been attributed to the highly progressive approach of the organization as well as the strategy of the company to keep its products as plain and highly efficient. In addition to this authoritative other strengths of the organization also includes a unique algorithmic rule for its search engine operations that provides quick and accurate response to web users without any hassles (Google, n.d.). Diversification scheme of Goo gle Google has a wide array of product offering that range from web browsers to social networking sites and video sharing. The company has diversified into umteen segments in an attempt to leverage the benefits of the opportunities of the different product segments. The company began its operations with the search engine division. It diversified into the online video sharing and masking segment by acquiring You Tube which was acquired by the company in 2006 for a whopping 1.8 billion US dollars. The company got a good response as it became the most popular video sharing site across the world with about one hundred fifty minutes of video added every hour. However the diversification strategy of Google of entering into this segment has been straitsed by many researchers as they feel that the segment only increases the number of uses and adds to the popularity. However the fact that the segment generates only 240 gazillion dollars as revenue towards an expenditure of about 500 mil lion to 1 billion dollars raises serious question over the sustainability of this segment in the long run. This is mostly because of the fact that every video is free for viewing and there are very few advertisements on the site (Grant, 2009, p.827). The company went further ahead in its diversification plans and announce the launch of its new browser named Chrome. This browser was launched in 2008 and was increasingly seen as an attempt by Google to throw a competition to its main rival Microsoft which launched the internet web browser internet explorer 8. The company stated that this product would have the aspect of simplicity and would discover a complete blend of innovation with simplicity. The company claims that this browser would allow faster access to cultivation and would have better security features and would be compatible with the latest web platforms. Experts however state that the main reason behind this diversification strategy of Google was that the new version of the internet explorer launched by Microsoft had certain protective elements that would delete the cookies which in turn would not allow Google to track down the browsing habits of the users. This was a vital issue for Google as its entire advertising and search engine business model was ground on the aspect of tracking users browsing habits. Google believed that the simple nature of the product and its appeal and brand frame among the target audience would largely help in giving Microsoft a run for its money. Google also announced that it would launch an operating system that according to experts was a

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