Thursday, March 14, 2019

Philosophy Of Science Essay

The topic of essay is There is more to computeing than meets the ball. These argon words of N. R. Hanson, and Ill try to show here my heading of view. In his work Observation Hanson says that if two different people (for theoretical account, microbiologists), run into at prepared slide, they give different answers for apparent motion what did they agnize there. It means, they come across the same object, and their feelings and understanding of object, as well their definitions regarding it are different. Hanson gives the undermentioned answer These are different scanations of what all observers see in common. retinene reactions to figure are virtually identical so too are our optical sense-data, since our drawings of what we see will have the same content. There is no place in the beholding for these differences, so they must lie in the variations put on what we see. (Hanson, p. 9) So, everything depends on interpretations of the object the characteristics are given by us, while seeing the same by different people. Lets take a picture and will try to find come out what washstand be seen there. Again, some people can see only birds they see an opened bick of some big bird, the others see horns and antelope.Another question do the people, who have never seen antelope, see an antelope in this picture? We can see the picture as one shape, then as of another(prenominal). We interpret it and see it as we interpret it. (Hanson, p. 7) Another idea which Hanson gives is that this kind of interpretation depends on experience. So lets take as example the picture of an X-ray tube viewed from the cathode. Some experienced physicist will bed here an X-ray tube, but a small bobble and a driver, for example, will have another interpretation based on their visual experience.They see the same object, but have different interpretations. Hanson says visual perception is not only the having of a visual experience it is also the way in which the visual experienc e is had. (Hanson, p. 8). A physicist saw this object in school, but from his visual experience he saw only an instrument make of metal and glass. When he studied at the university, he learned near this instrument and saw the construction in the book and had completely another interpretation. The object didnt change, but the visual experience did.So, in separate for driver to see the same what physicist sees, he needs to learn physics. The baby is blind to what driver sees, although he is not blind and sees the same object. Seeing means also some kind to have knowledge of authoritative sorts (Hanson, p. 11). Lets take another scientist, Hacking, with his article Do we see through a microscope? He speaks about the ways we throw bran-new kinds of perception when we use different objects to manipulate a world we cannot see by our normal eye-sight.Hacking says that we dont see through a microscope, we see with a microscope. For example, we can use electrons in order to get other r esults, and by doing this, we are convinced of their existence with their stable properties. It doesnt mean that we have an entire knowledge regarding those electrons, but we have those properties as known because of our experience. Here comes the slogan If you can manipulate them, they must be real. (I. Hacking, p. 150). So, really, we can make a conclusion that There is more to seeing than meets the eyeball.

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