Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Our Daily Life Essay

I acquire encountered so many things in life all of them seem to be related to me. In this rumination that youll see is all my experience in life that is changing every day. I know Im not a perfect person but I go forth share this to you (all readers) to reflect it, not just me or the person beside you. I have this persons in my mind that I want to share, first of is my cousin-german in my drive side his name is Nunoy Nuno Lapasaran. He has this kind of malady that he go forth bring to himself to the future, he is a Special Child. either day Im at his house also my fathers house, all day Im always compete with my other cousin. I recognized his movements every time I go there, he always wearing girls clothes for pitiful he is a she. He always flirts on every fathead that passes by, even our cousins there.He can also fight other if hes in danger. This is my observation to his condition although he is got that sickness, he adopts slowly, it is level-headed news for us. And w e are family we protect each other wherever you are, some(prenominal) you are and we never broke our bonds to each other. My next subject but the same topic is also my cousin in my receives side his name is Joriz Rosimo. This little guy is really hard to function with because he always pounding us with his fist and always spitting like an ordinary special child will do.To tell you the fair play I got carried away with emotion and I just spank his butt, of passage he cried out loud and my Tita heard it, and I got rebuked by my Tita and my mother about what I did. For that I just endure all the punches that he will throw at me. I keyed many things from it and got to utilise it in my life right now. To endure all the big problems that will come at me and solved it with my family. Im not merely in this life, there my family caring, loving us every day. And this is my last reflection to myself. I realize that Every Child is Special, just love them get int hate them, care for th em not to abuse their sickness, teach them, learn from them. I hope that I delivered this reflection very well and to beau ideal be the Glory.

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