Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Motivation, Communication and Leadership Theory Essay -- Business and

Motivation, chat and Leadership TheoryIn this quiz I will discuss the various variant theories onmotivation much(prenominal) as scientific cosmosagement e.g. Taylor as well the humankinds relation approach such as Maslow and Herzberg and how theyrelate to organisations improving their overall effiencentcy. A nonheraspect that I will discuss in the following essay will in addition be howcommunication can have-to doe with the productiveness of a company, I will alsorelate this to motivational system. The final aspect of my essay thatI will include is discussing how different trackership styles canaffect the overall productivity of a given company.One motivation scheme that some companies used to use was thescientific approach, this was put forward by Taylor. It was mainlyused in the late 1800s and azoic 1900s. Taylor true his theorywhile he was working his way up from squat to works manager in anUS steel mill. His theory states that man is a rational stintinganimal conc erned with maximising his economic gain. He also statedthat people respond as individuals not groups and he believed peoplecould be treated in a standardised fashion like machines.The basic principle that is underlying this approach is if you interpretwhat happens when you the change different variables in a situation,this will tell you how trump out to organise the work force. This theory asmentioned before relies on the incident that human beings will actrationally and respond to the available incentives. The building block ofTaylors theory is based on the fact that he believes human are solelymotivated by money.I believe that this motivational theory is flawed to a certain degreebecause people do not just work for money they also work to socializeand many other factors like earning respect from fellow employees.Taylors theory is based on the fact that your pay should be linked toyour output. This mind-set does not appeal to all people as we aredifferent in many ways, it m ay also lead to employees cutting cornersto launch it appear they have done more than they have. This is counterproductive to increase productivity because then the product is justof sub standard character reference and most of the time quality is more importantthan quantity in business. Taylors theory was mainly used in the late1800s and early 1900s this shows that his theory is out of date and... ...utcome will be the confirmatory oneyou want.I think that if this theory was used in join with the previoustwo theories it could benefit some companies very well if they utilizeif correctly. It would lead to an increase in productivity even thoughthis may only be in the short term, but with regular reading coursesand interactions with the people at the top of the company thisincreased level of productivity could be kept at the increased levelwith benefit to employer and employee. in that location are three main cases of leadership one is an autocratic leader.This type of leader w ill take important decisions without consultingcolleagues who are lower blast the hierarchy. This may in generaldecrease the productivity of employees lower than the leader and thisin turn will lower the productivity on the company overall. The mainreason for this is the fact that the employees lower down thehierarchy will not feel valued because there comment is not required indecision making even though they will undoubtedly have valid points toput forward. This will lead to decreased productivity because theyfeel less valued because they are not at the level in the hierarchy.

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