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J.D Salinger gives his percentagel vision of the world successfully through his somebodya Holden Caulfield in the Catcher in the Rye. Caulfield struggles with the background of New York to pose Salingers theme you must live the world as it is, non as you would similar it to be. There by exposing Salingers vision on the world. Salinger went through many of the experiences Holden went though. Salinger much like Holden had a sister that he loved very much, in the novel Phoebe is the only person that Holden speaks highly of both men also spent time in a mental institution Holden is telling the story from inside a institution they were both kicked out of prep school and most signifi quartertly they were both a recluse from society. This is why Salinger uses Holden as his persona all in all though out the book. The catcher in they Rye is almost like an autobiography for Salinger. He is using Holden as his persona to let us, the reader, descend into his eyeshot pattern and find out some of the thoughts that he kept locked up in there. Salingers view of the world is lived out thought Holden his persona. The novel is Holdens steam of conscience as he is talk of the town to a psychoanalyst what would an psychoanalyst dogets you to talkfor one subject hed help you to recognise the patterns of your mind. At the mystify of the novel it is addressed directly to us if you really want to detect about it. This gives us a sense of reality as though it is us that is the psychiatrist. We see the random thought patterns of Holdens mind as he starts to feel more comfortable, Holden goes off on to many variant tangents while he is talking. Salinger is using Holden as a type of piano way out to confess his view of the world. This view is portrayed though two main aspects of the novel. Firstly theme - you must live in a world as it is, not as you would like it to be. Holden cant seem to accept the world as it is and finds New York passing phoney. Holden has a great di sliking for the movies, he finds them the phoniest of them all I despise the movies like poison and he cant believe that people truly make time to go to the there.

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