Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Women Position at the Workplace Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Women Position at the Workplace - Case Study ExampleActually, it is the manifestation of chauvinism from the side of males and favouritism of women at work. After all, there is no secretion of men in the sphere of work and the question is why women should suffer. In the case of Meghan, she was discriminated when refused a coalition and was non invited to corporative parties. Her friends had difficulties returning to work when they become mothers.In the USA, Great Britain and many other developed countries the rights of women for equal conditions with men are affirmed in the law, and the cause to violate these rights as a rule results in multimillion claims to the violator. For example, in summer 2012 a great number of claims against the corporations violating the rights of women were made. The 100 million dollars claim was submitted against the Forest Pharmaceuticals attach to where, according to claimants, pregnant women and young mothers were refused career advancement and the increase in salaries. The few less than 2000 employees of the Wallmart Company from 48 states of the USA submitted multimillion claims about gender discrimination at the workplace managers of supermarkets raised salaries and offered career advancement only to men. The court agreed to pay more than 5 million dollars to the group of women who were refused the work on elimination accidents consequences in the Gulf of Mexico because of their gender.However, according to the research conducted in 2009 at the Cambridge University, men endure stronger stress because of the economic crisis and dismissals than the woman. Thus, women do not have enough reasons to complain concerning the conditions they work in during the last several years.In the staff much depends on the head of this staff. His/her task is to regulate the traffic between men and women to prevent such a conflict that Meghan went through. It is necessary to organize corporative parties for workers taking into account the interests of both men and women and their own schedule.

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