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Stakeholder management project Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 13000 words

Stakeholder management project - Dissertation Example...30 Chapter 5 Discussion...50 Chapter 6 Conclusion....52 Reference be given.54 Abstract The aim of this dissertation is to illustrate how different stakeholders influence an system. This is with the intention of helping management in making effective decision regarding stakeholders so that they faecal matter reap the positive benefits of making good decisions in relation to stakeholders management. General Motors A company which collapsed as a result of having scummy stakeholder management is employ as the cases study. The first chapter is an introduction of the content of the dissertation. It gives the significance of stakeholder management and how this affects an organization. It outlines the various stakeholders and how each influences the management decision. It furthers gives the historical development of the General Motors company. How it started, what made it succeed and how poor stakeholder management let to its even tual downfall. ... The fifth chapter is a discussion that outlines lessons learnt from each stakeholder interaction and explains how organization can capitalize on these lessons to manage their stakeholders in a better look. This involves the prediction of the outcomes of each interaction thereby making the right decision to avoid negative outcomes. Chapter six is the conclusion consisting of recommendation for further research on the topic of stakeholder management. It also gives a summary of new insight gained on the topic. Lastly we brace the reference list on the last page. Chapter 1 Introduction and rationale Today, we ar living in a highly dynamic and competitive business climate. Businesses which fail to adapt to the changing climate are at the risk of stagnating and being driven out of the industries. To stay on top of the game, organizations are using different strategies that keep them ahead of their competitors. One way that has been seen to be effective in achieving this has been the management of stakeholders. There are different groups of stakeholders that influence the management decisions. How these different stakeholders are treated can affect an organization either positively or negatively( Muller, 2008 32). The stakeholders are the people who have interest in an organization. These stakeholders include the shareholders employees, the competitors, suppliers, customers and the community in the region where a business is located. The shareholders have been recognized as the most important stakeholders in an organization. This means that the management should always give the shareholders interest priority in case they are in

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