Sunday, June 16, 2019

Nursing experiential learning paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Nursing experiential learning paper - Essay Examplem a find to the grammar school point to the effect that basic knowledge about communities is of paramount importance to community wellness agencies with regards to the provision of care which increases autonomy to the individuals, families and communities as well. In this particular case, gaining knowledge about the religious and cultural beliefs of a certain group of people would greatly help especially in demystifying the myth that conventional rites and prayers are effective remedies to illnesses than conventional health care. It would give the local people a sense of independence and self sufficiency in primary health care issues. For instance, immunization against killer diseases in infancy much(prenominal) as tetanus or diphtheria is the most effective remedy in the prevention of such diseases. This knowledge would enlighten the families especially on the essence of primary health care.On the other hand, this visit was also enlightening in that gathering discipline about communities made up of a diverse population would enable effective communication between client populations and other health care providers in the management of healthcare. This would also enable practises in established roles to provide cost effective, quality heath care in both structured and unstructured settings. This would be based on the notion that prevention is better than cure since it would be cost effective to prevent a disease at grassroots train before its outbreak.This visit was also effective in building a sense of personal and professional development as part of the life-long learning transit in the nursing fraternity. Getting first hand information about aggregates and communities enables a health practitioner to be objective especially when dealing with a diverse population with diversified needs as well. The main objective would be the provision of quality health care regardless of creed or belief system.Another v isit to the town health department also found that the population

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