Thursday, June 6, 2019

Homelessness & state Essay Example for Free

Homelessness state EssayHomelessness is a state that population do not grant to assure. It is the remediate of every human to live in a decent ramble and to guard all the necessities in heart. Homelessness is not merely being with break through a place to stay in. Homelessness reflects the lack of lifes basic essentials and the lack of decent means to secure it. Homeless people live under bridges, in parks, and in any other place that they can find temporary shelter. Shelter, that seems to be the word that most people associate with the state of homelessness. Sadly though, people run to forget the homeless need more essential things that merely shelter. These people, just like everyone else, need and deserve food, water, and clothing. These are the essentials of life that both law and morals consider as the right of every human being. It is the basic right of all humans. Every human being deserves the dignity of life. This does not mean complete ways of living. It onl y means that the basic needs of daily life are provided or available. I do not speak of the luxuries for it is a situation of life that not everyone can have these.I only speak of the things that we need to survive. These are not hard to get, nor are they hard to give. However, it seems that the right to lifes basic essentials has become a forgotten right especially for those who are in the position to help the needy in acquiring these necessities give out to act. I speak of both the civil political sympathiess and private entities who possess the capability to help the homeless. The homeless live primarily from the excesses of other people. The scourge through dumpsters and drivel cans to find the things they need to survive.It puzzles me why these people need to wait for others to throw away their excesses before they can actually get a hold of them. If people can afford to throw away these things, why cant we all just set these aside for the homeless? Why do we have to wait fo r food to rot or for clothes to become out-of-fashion for our taste to throw them away? Our excesses are valuable to other people. We do not have to throw them away. We can simply give it to those in need. It is not very difficult. In fact, it is very simple. Homelessness is a problem not just of the people who experience it but of society in general.It is just much of the homeless peoples right to have their basic needs as it is the duty of the political sympathies to provide these people with the means to acquire what they need. Employment opportunities must be given. Training programs to acquire the necessary skills to join the labor market must similarly be provided. Although these might not completely eradicate homelessness, these measures can help the homeless move up in life and to live a more decent and dignified life. Homeless shelters are not the answer to the problem for these place only serve as temporary spaces for the homeless.Once they step out of the shelter, they are right back in the state of homelessness. What the government needs to do is to give the homeless the means they need to provide themselves with their own needs. Lars Eighner is an riddance for prior to becoming homeless, he actually had skills and talents to move up in the world. Other homeless people are not so fortunate. Thus, it is the duty of the government and of private corporations as well to give the homeless the chance to overcome the state of homelessness for no one deserves to become homeless.

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