Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Collage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Collage - Essay ExampleThen I thought that since I in reality cannot run away from my circumstances, I might as well face everything. I braved myself and approached strangers for directions whenever I needed to go to a new place. It felt so good to finally overcome my fears and simply be like everybody else. I felt then that I really belonged to my new environment. Life became more endurable as I learned to deal with other people. I gained new acquaintances who have been very helpful to me as I adjusted to the American lifestyle.I noticed that there atomic number 18 a lot of foreign students in school. Instead of befriending them, I shied away because I thought that they might have their own friends. Moreover, they might not really be interested in me. Unexpectedly, an American stranger spoke to me, talking about everyday things such as difficulties, struggles accompany by many good things as well that might simply happen to anybody. She somehow influenced me to change my perspe ctive about new environments. I pass on be forever grateful to that young woman. We may have talked for just a a few(prenominal) minutes plainly her gesture of taking the first go bad to really acquire me feel comfortable was just reassuring. Now, I have befriended some students because of that incident. I did not feel out of place anymore but I have discovered that people are actually accommodating here.Things have been going quite well in school. I gained a few friends and I find the classes interesting. However, I always fear examinations because they will show how I am performing in class. It is not that I am fearful of the results. What I am more afraid of is how my mother would react to my grades if I fail. You see, Chinese mothers have always been known to demand high performances from their children especially if they are successful in their own fields. Chinese parents always regard the success of their children as a reflection of their own accomplishments so they work hard to make their kids work even harder. In my case,

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