Thursday, May 16, 2019

Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 50

Reflection - Essay ExampleI still remember when my pigeonhole Mr. Simbiel drafted a memo and gave me the mandate to spread to staff member offices and put them on the notice board. The memo never achieved purpose intended for because in had no date printed on it. I assumet the importance of scrutinizing a business document right from the plain paper to posting and even after. No detail should be left unattended to.In business field, establishing a professional relationship with clients through available meals like letters, emails and fax are key to consider. In additions, contracts are importantly documented in invest to reverse disagreements from brewing. Throughout the session, I was an intern I have applied this key writing issues I learn from crystallise and my mentors in the field and have sure achieved great results from it. Sending letters electronically and nurture email etiquette came in handy because it is my area I was not well exposed to in class but had the chanc e to implement.Most companies have pitched tent on social platforms and it is essential as a business hopeful and intern to master the effective communication of the business in order to attract customers, maintain and meet social media terms and conditions. This includes blogging for the company and replying to customer requests on the internet via both emails, social platforms or the fax system. Using the right term during communication is important to relay a message intended across. Without which causes a false alarm. I became pray to this when an episode crept up because of wrong word use. I emailed a customer about the debt owed to the company without putting into mind the effect of the words I used. The client complained bitterly to our manager who explained soberly to the client about me and the purpose of the message and rested the exercise amicably.Internship in a learning session that students should take time to grasp concepts particularly the practical aspects so

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