Friday, May 10, 2019

Captain Vere Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

tribal chief Vere - Essay Examplealthough he felt that Budds crime is a result of Caggarts provocation and false accusations, he put Budd in trial and eveningtually chose to hang the man. This is quite similar to Pontius Pilates decision as to Jesus. Captain Vere believed too much that law can bring order, and that no one and nothing is above it. As he claimed that his vowed responsibility was to follow the law. Melville states about him however pitilessly that law may operate, (he) adhere(s) to it and administer(s) it (124). He argues that even if Budd neither purposed any mutiny or homicide, Budd still committed an act against their laws and he needs to be punished as stated by the law, which was death (111).In the light of Captain Veres decision, he made a good point. No one and nothing is above the law no return how innocent the intentions of the accused might be. He justifies his decision by arguing that Budds intent or non-intent is nothing to the purpose (108). Captain Ve re is clearly an intellectual person who doesnt like peace to be shattered. Understanding his argument, you can clearly see that he wanted his crew to know that they cannot just scratch up death to a person without facing its consequences. The law is there to ensure that there will everlastingly be order on the ship. If Budd is exonerated, his crew will question the laws he broke. This will shatter the trust, self-reliance and order on the ship. And this will pose a bigger problem in managing the ship. Captain Vere exactly adhered to the law because he knew that not imposing the punishment will make his crew question his leadership. What he didnt think about was how his crew would think about his morals.Captain Vere may have been booming in keeping the ship in strict order. He may have been successful covering his crew that even innocent men, like Budd, he who commits an act against their laws will be punished. He may have shown his crew his tough shell, that no matter how he liked Budd

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