Wednesday, May 22, 2019

American Nightmare Essay

Lets face it, the economy is in a horrible condition and it foot be seen all across the nation. Education, employment, and balancing life is an everyday struggle for most Americans during these hard time. Citizens are stuck in their social class and can not apparent motion up, instead they might even fall below their current standard of living. Immigrants are still migrating to this once marvelous country, but their chances of success are sooner slim. Job availability is steadily decreasing, and people are not making enough income to live a decent life.The truth is, the American ideate is dead. The dream everyone of this nation hoped to achieved has ultimately become a nightmare. The main reasons why the dream is dead is because of the deteriorating economy, no governingal support, and lack of individualism. A dollar today is no longer what it used to be in the aboriginal years of America. Everyone needs money, there is no doubt about that. A person without money is a typically seen as worthless and can not afford to live a decent life. The problem is, all the necessities we need in life are be feeler expensive.It has become very difficult for many to citizens to earn enough to live their life. On a personal basis, my family was forced to put our house on foreclosure. The cost of maintaining a house has become quite expensive. Thousands of people are losing their homes and forced to move into less costly homes. This is seen on the internet, T. V, and even in our neighborhoods. well-nigh separate example of the economy breaking knock off is our nations gas prices. Gas prices are steadily rising, and it has become difficult for many Americans to receive that large tank of gas.So it begs the question, where does society get the money to accept these things off? In other words, a majority of the nation can not pay off their dues. There are less jobs available to the public which equals less money around. Most citizens are forced to live their lives on a cast down minimal wage budget. America should not be in a situation in this, the government should help stabilize the economy. The government which is composed of officials, constabulary makers, and congress who created this once prosperous nation. However, where are they now?The government seems to be worried about their own campaigns are affairs outside of the US. They do not seem to have any interest in fixing this nations problems and help citizens achieve their dreams and goals. Most especially in broken down ghetto neighborhoods , where governmental help is needed the most. The nation must be equally supported in all cities, to result in a stable government system. An excerpt from When Work Disappears by William Julius Wilson describes the changed environment of a once great and prosperous city.When I walked down 63rd street when I was younger, everything you wanted was there. But know, coming back as an adult with my child, those resources are just gone, completely And hou sing, everybody has moved, there are vacant lots everywhere (199). If the government took time to reconstruct the foundations of cities wish well these, the motivation to follow the dream would live on. The government needs to focus on current affairs and problems in the nation, then focus on other tribulations in different countries. Environments like the one describe, demoralizes the citizens making them ultimately give up hope.However, within these depressing times the American dream applies to one person, yourself. The American dream is created by what a persons belief, goals, and dreams are. But, can a person achieve their dream if they have no palpate of opendom or individualism in this nation? There are numerous restrictions on the common man, for us to truly express or goals and aspirations. The people of this nation can not pursue anything, if they are chained down by society. This statement is clearly evident is a quote in an article by an unnamed writer, Corpus Chrsti Caller Times.The first part of the American stargaze is a country where any of us is free to think, believe, say and do anything we want (within some limits) without worrying about being arrested and jailed by government agents(Corpus). The government needs to be more lenient if a persons free speech and ideals. If the government always stops us from reaching our goals, we will never be able to. There must be a sense of balance between the control and freedom on each individual in this nation. The American dream once thought to be attainable during the early years of Americans foundation, is no longer or very difficult to attain in these day and age.These problems are Due to the fact of the short(p) economy, unsupported government, and lack of individuality. All these problems, and much more within the system of the United States destroy the very ideals of the American Dream. The reality of attaining the so called American Dream has become difficult. To most Americans the will to live life anymore has turned into a nightmare. The constant struggles and tribulations thousands of Americans face in this current era. America can experience the dream, only if the heart of American changes.

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