Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Administrator challenges Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Administrator challenges - Essay useDiscipline is a single word but it has clutch of meanings i.e. order, control, arrangement and organization. It is a continuous serve up of training and educating ourselves to live under control of certain rules and regulations Gondal (1999).According to a poet (1976), life is the combination of a few elements under some discipline, and death is the indiscipline among these elements. Men live in a society which is governed by certain laws to keep the individuals in discipline. If the discipline is not maintained properly, the result willing be chaos, anarchy, disturbance, and ultimately ruin. Thus a society can function peacefully only if its individuals argon disciplined. Even an individual cant make progress in life if he does not discipline himself. Law-breakers and undisciplined persons bring ruin not only to themselves but also to society Wallace (1987).The primordial origin for any miserable justice system is the law of the society, and it plays an important role in a democratic society. The course of growth of law in a democratic society makes sure an evaluation of community permission for the law through approval expressed by the elected government. The whole criminal justice system in a country, thus, moves around the laws those are passed by the Union Parliament and reconcile Legislatures. Police department comes at the phase as the main law enforcement authority available to the State. macrocosm a police commissioner, it is my responsibility to administrate and control the discipline in the department. I faced lot of problems in this occupation. As the role of police in keeping public order have evening greater restrictions especially in a democracy. Preservation of order involves a certain evaluations of peace and shunning of violence of any kind. The typical features of the existing social structure in many countries are, inter-group disagreements on description of religions, language, caste,

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