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Lowering Tuition at Iowa State University Essay example -- Colleges Ed

Lowering Tuition at Iowa State University The dry trim of the Costs of Tuition at Iowa State UniversityIowa State University is a land grant school which, among other things, means that the university gets m maviny from the press out of Iowa from the taxes that residents indemnify to the state. Because of this in state residents who choose to go to the university do not give up to yield a large amount of money while out-of-state residents keep to pay almost twice as much. Iowa State University does not amaze reciprocity, meaning that even residents from the surrounding states, Minnesota, Illinois, etc., have to pay full out-of-state tuition. Out-of- state residents have to pay about $9000 a year for tuition, while Iowa residents pay only about $2500 per year. (See fig1 for semester costs)Undergraduate Cost of AttendenceFig1.Semester CostResidentNon-ResidentTution $1393 $4673 direction/ Board$2085.50 $2085.50Books/ Supplies$342 $342Fees $109 $109TOT AL $3,929.50$7,209.50Source Iowa State University Homepage, Tuition helps to pay for every of the services and programs of a University. However, some universities put more money into one or two programs or colleges to make them stronger areas of study within the university. non all colleges or departments throughout a university have the same spirit of classes or facilities. For example, Iowa State University invests a great deal of their money in the engineering and agricultural programs and so increases the quality of those programs. This is how students choose which university is best for them. A student bases his decision on what college to attend by looking at what programs a particular universit... ...more information and email addresses of the offices go to the Iowa State University electronic network page at From there you will be able to stress any office or department of the University. Just keep in mind that it is the students line of merchandise to voice their opinions to the University, and it is the universitys job to listen. Without us, there is no Iowa StateWorks CitedHauser, Andrea. Regents Increase Tuition by 4.3 Percent. Iowa State Daily 22 Oct. 1999 1. Iowa State University Office of Financial Aid. (No date). How much(prenominal) Does It Really Cost? Online. (1998). Available http http// General Topics/cost.html 1999, October 29. Iowa State University Office of institutional Research. (No date). ISU Fact Book Online. (1998-1999). Available http http// 1999, October 29.

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