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Enchanted Kingdom Case study Essay

I. Point of View In this case, the group would take the point of view of the top management/ selling manager. This is because the group thinks the top management/merchandising manager has the capacity to strategize and bug out the necessary actions in this situation. II. trade Situation Analysis A. SWOT a. Opportunities Visitors glide slope in groups could be corporate (handling company anniversaries, parties, product launches, company and family outings, cheer fests, wedding receptions, birthday parties, concerts and fund-raising activities), travel (handling tour groups), and school (handling educational cogitation trips, graduation b tot whollyys, and prom nights) Majority of those who visited the super acid were young bulk mingled with 13 to 29 years of age. A big chunk of the special Ks revenues came from its admission fees and retail operations. Continuous contain for refreshmental activities stack celebrate different springs every throughout the year gain postulate on semestral breaks and vacation of students People are attracted on buying group or corporate packages b. Threats Precarious economic conditions (currency crisis) in late 1997 Competition from other recreational establishments. Fluctuating take The financial Crisis in Asia People began cutting unnecessary expenses including leisure expenses Fluctuating demands all throughout the year Negative responses of the disappointed customers Competition from other recreational establishments such as malls. c. Strengths Pioneer theme park world-class themed leisure, recreation and entertainment Seven fantastic theme zones Spacious land tender to semipublic (close to Metro Manila) Rides imported from United States, Germany, and Japan. With musical entertainment (popular guest bands and in-house bands). With fireworks display every weekend Accredited with the International Theme park Inc. (complied to international safety standards) Highest standards in safety , services, products, facilities, and attractions Crew members trained in Disney, the States Allowed to mouth only fluent English at all propagation for their target market-AB class Conducts regular survey among customers making prior just the ticket purchases Park was open year-round from Mondays to Sundays except Maundy Thursday and Good Friday during holy place Week. Unlimited use of rides and attractions within the park. Park owned fare horse barn and souvenir stores d. Weaknesses Almost four years since it last introduced a natural major ride or attraction (novelty of the place started to wear off) Plunged attending by 1997 Maintenance made up the bulk of its expenses Usually took 30-40 transactions for the visitor to wait (waiting lines) for a major ride during peak seasons because of overcrowding The park had to continue incurring fixed overhead costs to serve a very thin crowd during lean months Late and/or absence seizure of any gross revenue blitz in th e form of posters and flyers to universities and colleges B.Product bread and butter Cycle Introduction Upon opening, the EK started at high price yet the demand is high Growth There is an increasing trend for the demand since EK has been well- publicise Maturity There was a stable demand for some m then went down due to critical events that took place Decline The demand decreases after financial crisis and ineffective publicity/promotion offers. C. Target Market The target market of enchant Kingdom mainly belongs to the AB class. later having two critical events in 1997, the management decided to change their marketing strategies, and targeted the general public like students, government activity workers, and those who are planning to exhaust parties/celebrations/tours. D. Product Positioning Enchanted Kingdom has positioned itself as a Philippine leader in world-class themed leisure, recreation, and entertainment committed to provide guests of all ages a total and unique exp erience of fun and enjoyment. E.Current merchandise Mix or Marketing Strategies a. Product Enchanted Kingdom offers their customers a world-class magical experience of entertainment and leisure through long variety of good outlets, new-sprung(prenominal) rides and attractions imported abroad, wide variety of food outlets, specialty shops, and video games center. Visitors could also swing to the beat of live electrify of musical entertainment from popular guest bands and in-house bands.And fireworks display was available for public viewing every weekend. b. Physical Evidence Enchanted Kingdom has distributed take materials (i,e, print ads, poster, flyers) for their services and discounts. c. Place The location is a 16. 6 ha land quite accessible to the public because it was just 30km away from Makati. d. promotion 1997 second half of the year Price-decrease First time EK visitors were given lesser enamor fee on certain days and months 1997 April-May Twicket with Pepsi 1997 no ble CALABARZON promo 1997 August Government Promo An exclusive day was set aside for employees of government institutions, SSS, and GSIS.(100 entrance fee) 1997 September Magic Treat Promo 1998 April-May Barkada Treat Promo Summer vacation sell for students, walk-in guests with big entrance fee discount 1998 June-September Government Promo and Calabarzon Promo 1998 periodical break Sembreak treat Promo For four tickets, two were given for free f. butt on management How- To avail the service, EK has two customer segments. These include walk-ins and those who pre-book their visits through the sales office as a group. When- all throughout the year within specific days including peak and non-peak seasons Where- EK entrance location and online pre-booking g. People Internal-employees (crew members and cater received service training from Disney USA and are advised to speak in fluent English at all times. External-customers (i. e. adults, children, senior citizens, students, government employees) III.The parapraxis Problem How does the top management/marketing manager of the Enchanted Kingdom even out its demand throughout the year? IV. Case Objective This study aims to ? To effectively formulate a strategy that would step-up theme park attendance ? To ensure theme park attendance even-out during peak and non-peak seasons all through the year ? To increase the number of people going to the park despite financial crisis and other challenges/threats both for the think customers and the management itself V. Alternative Solutions to the Problem Alternative Courses of Action A.Addition of new major rides and attractions in the park. B. Adjusting of prices depending on the season, month, day, or role. C. Intensive Promotions during non-peak seasons Alternative Pros Cons A ? allow for encourage returning customers. ? allow attract more attendances and increase the demand for the park ? Will increase the customers mirth ? Will provide more thrilling and exciting n ew rides ? Will provide more entertainment options due to additional attractions ? Very pricey ? Impractical for the management due to financing and weak demand ? Doesnt necessarily stabilize the demand of the park.B ? Will increase demand during peak seasons ? Will make the demand closely the same all ? Will require annual price planning due to ever-changing circumstances in every season through the year ? Will avoid overcrowding ? Will attract celebrants for various occasions on variable season ? Will require the management to ensure just and just discounts to varying occasions C ? Will increase the peoples awareness of the park ? Will attract more attendances ? Will kindle good image for the theme park ? Will open possibilities for partnerships and collaborations in exchange of services (i. e. entrance tickets) ?Will stabilize demand during non-peak seasons ? dear(p) ? Doesnt necessarily lead to customer satisfaction ? Customers promotional needs vary from one type of custom er to some other ? May not reach all the target customers VI. Recommendation base on the pros and cons table, alternative B is recommended. Prices testament be adjusted depending on the season, month, day, or occasion. Implementation Planning Surveys and past records could determine the demand on certain seasons, months, days or occasions and then develop a price index from the demand records of the park. Implementation Proper Advertise and interpenetrate information about the new pricing scheme both online and offline. This pass on encourage visitors to go to the park during lean seasons because of the low price and will even out the number of visitors during its peak seasons. Control The special prices during occasion or season will be advertised. Price changes depending on the occasion or season will be continuously advertised or disseminated all throughout the year. Surveys may also be conducted to monitor the customer satisfaction.

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