Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Cambodian American Essays -- Immigration, Southeast Asia

Introduction- Beauty and DarknessCambodian is champion of the newest influxes of immigrants from Southeast Asia. The beauty and the night cadence of Cambodia imprinted in history. Cambodia, a country of fertile land and dotted sift fields, of famous and breath taking monuments and ancient temples, of arts and crafts, cultural attractions, and close definitely a history like no other. This is the country that exhibits one of the seven wonders of the world- that is the famous Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument that had ever built, significantly in Cambodia. This ancient ruin attracts millions of tourist from all over the world.Unfortunately, set deflection all of those captured beauty that Cambodia has, at one point in time in its history darkness devoured this fragile terra firma and turned it whirligig down. This peaceful nation was once ruled by the French as part of French Indochina. With the struggled that Cambodian government undertaken to restore balan ced and granting their nations independence back from the European colonization, they paid a price. The geezerhood of sad and worn out history of this nations botch up government, turmoil, and followed by years of civil war thus making them in a state of dire emergence. Furthermore, with their bordering neighbors war, Vietnam, with the United States, Cambodia was soft dragged into the state of darkness during the Nixon Administration. The Nixon administration conducted secret bombings in Cambodia in the beforehand(predicate) 1970s because Vietnam forces had their bases camped in the Cambodian province. As a result of this shoddy casualty, it led to the rise of the Khmer Rouge leader, Pol Pot. His influence gained many familiar spirit native supports in Cambodia. Pol Pot and his entourage brought ... ... occupations are at 17.8%. Sales and office occupations are at 23.5%. Farming, fishing, and forestry occupations are at 0.5%. Construction, extraction, and charge occupations are at 5.5%. Lastly, production, transportation, and material moving occupations are at 36.8% (Cambodian the States Census, 2000). The educational take consists in the 2000 census report for Cambodian Americans. to the highest degree 37.3% are attending grade school and to the 9th grade level. The next level is high school with a diploma or none is almost 16.1%. On the other end, nearly 46.8% are of high school graduates. Moreover, about only 13.4% are in college or are attending universities. Degrees obtained are the Associate degrees are at 5.2%, bachelors degrees are at 6.9%, and last but not least of the Graduate or lord degrees are about 2.3% (Cambodian America Census, 2000).

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