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AirAsia Information Systems

phone lineAsia Information SystemsOne of the best known frameworks done by railway line Asia is inviteing the low airf ares in the region. This concept is main revolve around to note cost perpetually. As agate line environments rifle more rivalrous and in some cases more volatile, business disposal swallow become more concerned ab emerge the price.Price is the key area of the selling tools to generate revenues or profit. earnings pricing strategies are of import as traditionally confirm been, this entrust lead to more price competition and price standardization. According to Quelch and Klein (1996) pointed kayoed that the counteracting effects of the lucre on price. A vendor crumb use the internet to discriminate pricing globally. However, if they do not observe this precaution, consumers can quickly find out the price discrimination and opposition.2.2 Information SystemAir Asia use computers in its core- gentility impact centre of merchandiseing and scatterin g, reservations, gross sales, and telecommunications. Information technologies, much(prenominal) as computerized reservations systems, assist Air Asia in commercializeing and distributing. The randomness system link together to its de divulgemental and outsider may be necessary for the efficiency and cost effectiveness. taci formity systems, depending on the software can be used to generate forecasts on expected departure, return and mesh.Communications systems used at Air Asia have been substantially modify to incorporate features. The telephone systems help to transform the calls into important profit centre. The integration of breeding technologies may allow Air Asia to hold back its mundane operations from a single integrated commission system.23.0 PEST ANALYSIS3.1 Political / LegalPEST analysis assumes that the achievement of an organization is dependent on the way in which the organization manages its interaction with its external environment (Johnson et al., 2008 ). The environment presents the organization with series of challenges, risks and opportunities. Such a business would clearly be affected by changes in the governmental environment.One of the well-nigh obvious aspects is Government policies can have a huge impact on the Internet, and through the introduction of novel policies and delimitate its development potential. For the entire e-commerce and commercial potential of the Internet, there are several(prenominal) issues indigence to be considered, these include an append the security of transmissions across a network, legal issues, reduction of user dissatisfaction and confusion for the IT, develop the pricing structures for dissemination of information and reservations procedures (IvoryResearch 2010).Policies and procedures should be implanted to promote understanding of the legal liabilities. This result encourage the organization to decrease the legal risk.3.2 EconomicThe Internet is not severely impacted by economic cy cles. However, it is needs to be considered that the sales from the internet will be dramatically been affected by national and global economic changes.These include changes in net disposable income levels that can influence the business performance (CIPD 2010). If disposable income declines the clearly the effective learn is deally to go down.33.3 Socio-CulturalSocio-Cultural changes are often long bourne in the impact but should be monitored all the same. Shift in values may for example affect general attitudes towards internet technologies, in which have a direct impact on information technology and airline business industries respectfully.Attitude changes and demographic changes will change the market as well. and then, the ability of information technology to offer services at lower cost would deliver strong growth in airline market share.3.4 TechnologicalTechnological change may affect the business outcomes in many ways. Simple issues such as the development of internet online reservation system launch by Air Asia in recent course. This do Air Asia offer the ability to check in online and print out boarding passes online (Wikipedia 2010).There may influence the size of the potential market and the number of people able to travel to some other countries. Increasing annoy to the internet may change the way in which the customers can reservation the air ticket immediately, neither to wait long queue in the counter. Potential customers may withal have changed expectations as a way out of experiencing new-made technology.As a result, improved channel distribution has meant that, increasingly, customers are exposed to, and aware of the outputs in other parts of the world.44.0 grind ANALYSISSWOT analysis can play a priceless part in any strategic planning, it deliver the goods a simplistic framework and common language through which strategic options can be identified.4.1 StrengthInternet will help to access new customers globally and enab les to simplify the procedure. Such as the integration of sales, marketing, travel distribution and the daily operation as well as provide special share for corporate travelers.4.2 WeaknessesHackers can hack into a particular data depot and access to the network. There is a crisis of identity and invasion of privacy issues. Hence, the digital security needs to be regulated.4.3 OpportunitiesBy using internet as a marketing tool to distributing electronic brochures and reservation forms via the Internet right off serve the consumers needs. This approach provides an important advantage for the industry to collect information and will help them better develop products and improving the quality of services.4.4 ThreatsThe emulous environment is improving and its impact on the aviation industries is widely recognized as being complex and highly segmented. Growing competition from other airlines carriers are entry into the marketplace. This increased downward pressure on fares of Inte rnet and increasing level of competition in travel distribution.5B. labour 25.0 MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM5.1 Resource Management nurture and development will concerned with the provision of learning, development and training opportunities which encounter that the employee has the skilled, motivated and committed it needs now and in the future. Air Asia stresses the training and development of the staff to keep abreast with changes. The normal one hebdomad on the job training is given to new employees. Training is on-going for three months within the period of probation. Employee skills and friendship will be upgraded with ongoing course using Air Asias academy (Idris, 2007).It ensures that the employee has the skilled to handle quaternate jobs in the organization. For example, the ability of computers to store, handling, processing and dissemination of information has greatly improved the efficiency of Air Asia. Reduced the time from the paper-pushing functions, this can gr eatly arouse the opportunities for employee utilization in the quality of service that offer to the customers. The training will help the employee to facilitate the business mission of its organization through managed information and technology, in which they are trained to learn new skills and develop new capacity to respond to these changes in the organization.5.1.1 closing making Developing gay CapitalAir Asia will partners with Canadian Aviation Electronic to establish an aviation training centre and selected Kuala Lumpur as the location for its Southeast Asian training hub. Air Asia has locked a partnership with CAE for mutual benefits where CAE will provide navigate training for all of Air Asia current and future pilot in the region ( 2010). These will improve the quality of training and world capital development within Air Asia. Partners with CAE will help the organization to develop high quality manpower in ensuring seamless business growth.65.2 Information T echnology ManagementThe information technology has had a greater impact to display the products that can be touchn worldwide curiously useful for linking Air Asia with customers or business partners. It provides a worldwide distribution channel for information and ability to link market demand to takings planning, and helps the management to communicate quickly with those at lower level.Air Asia have became the first in the world to introduce SMS betrothal where customers could book their seats, analyze flight schedules, and obtain the latest promotional announcements through their mobile phones (Idris, 2007).5.2.1 Decision Making Information TechnologyAir Asia keeps introducing innovative ways for online booking and ticket sales. It has locked a partnership with its IT vendors for mutual benefits where Air Asia can ever improve the system while IT vendor learns to create innovative products concord to customer requirements. It offers a wide and innovative range of distribut ion take to micturate booking and traveling easier for its guests.5.3 guest Relationship ManagementCustomer Relationship management is important to pursue mutual benefit among customers and vendors. man-to-man customers can enjoy the benefit, with appropriate advice on getting the best out of their purchase while the organizations able to improve retention and profitability (Buttle, 2008). In fact, CRM enables to simplify the processes and close deal faster. In long term, customer relationships should be cultivated for Air Asia to maintain competitive advantage.75.3.1 Decision Making Customer RelationshipAir Asia has invented to new CRM system in stratum 2009. It has customized their service after sales by providing variety choice of service, such as hotel, hostel and car rental. In Air Asia website, we can see that information on travel destination, hotel, transport, climate and recommendations is provided to customer for decision making before purchase.85.3 Area of Improveme ntStrategic information management and strategies effectiveness is a source of competitive advantage for Air Asia turn into their strength across a range of different product markets. A number of positions are normally can be improved to increase its competitive advantages and proficiency, in which enables Air Asia to achieve and maintain the business growth.5.3.1 assistantOrganizations depend on their customers and therefore the organization should meet customer requirements and accomplish to exceed customer expectations. How customer expectations are the standard against which service is judge. Thats the mission. Therefore should understanding customer needs and expectations.In recent years, one of the most obvious aspects of Air Asia done is upgrade their online booking system and retribution system to improve efficiency. This will enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve perpetual proceeds of its performance in pursuit of organization objectives. But unfortunately, lugga ge does not continuously arrive or with something missing still always happened. So, how to trace the missing luggage in short period and minimize a similar case happened again. It can help Air Asia to improving the quality of products and services provided to the customer.95.3.2 Strategic AllianceAir Asia introduced a first direct B2B engine to its agents in Asia, through one of its strategic partners, Citibank. The agents make immediate payment via a virtual Air Asia source card through the internet based real inventory booking engine. The question is why its formed up the strategic alliance between the parties? The popularity is business growth and get in on opportunities.The strategies needed in a specific market. A gap emerges between what organization goals would like to achieve and what it can do with available resources and capabilities. Air Asia must adopt new technology to compete against traditional rivals, as well as entrants that build the latest technology enterpris es. The gap can be bridged by the alliance. For example, in order to compete on a global outperform and at the same time maintain its independence, Air Asia must make alliances in partnership together with others countries to use facilities, information system, produce components and distribution channels to meet a critical business need.In year 2004, Air Asia formed two joint ventures in Thailand and Indonesia. Why? Because Air Asia able to extend its marketing reach and build credibility with a particular target market. Its also giving the opportunities to access needed information and greater resources including specialized staff and technology, increase sales in an real market and enhance technological capabilities through research and development underwritten by more than one party. Another approach is once business is constituted it has provided the Air Asia with the opportunity to gain new capacity and expertise.105.3.3 growth ImprovementProduct melioration is the result of consistent, deliberate effort to chance on the developing organization to a higher level of capability. Product improvement entails developing and launching new products for sale in existing markets (Condensed GSAM Handbook, 2003). It also requires a planned and guided path to excellence, reaching various levels of improvement as intermediate goals along the way such as products with redundant features, different packaging, different quality levels etc.For example, Air Asia Go pass and Air Asia Tune Hotels which offer travelers a comprehensive package. Many cypher travelers prefer to book their air tickets and hotels together and Air Asia will offer its customers with the facility of online booking and reservations as they book their flights. In other words, the product will be improved as a natural consequence. Today, the Internet is firmly established as a marketing strategy. It becomes an integral part of the marketing tools for the digital distribution channels and e-sto re services (Hofacker, 2000).116.0 terminalSince Air Asia entry the market, it is rapidly becoming the most popular airline and profitability organization. Why? Because it focuses on the strategic information system on ways of promoting and developing the product ranges. It is beneficial for Air Asia to combine new IT into the entire operation. It is generally accepted that information technology should be considered as strategic tools than tactical issues. We rely on information, it is not necessarily favourable mechanism to assist in decision-making and guide action. It is very important that the knowledge base to find a use of information. However, Air Asia will need to understand what is currently happening in the operating environment.(2680 words)12

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