Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Prenatal care and testing persuasive speech outline Essay

IntroductionAttentionI. Attention work out that you or a close loved one of yours is in the infirmary about to give line when suddenly, before you can even fix eyes on the little one or hold them, the nurses spate them out of the room and your lives are turned upside down in a matter of seconds. II. Connect Unfortunately this is something that happens to many unsuspecting families any day and could happen to you or someone that you know.OppositionSome plead that antepartum care and testing is immoral and wrong because of the concern of women using it to prevent and abort babies with disabilities, but this is not the case at only. antepartum testing is through with(p) to allow doctors to treat them early. Another argument is that the personify of antenatal care is just too much, but that is why at that place are many foundations to help mothers as well as wellness departments that offer free or no costs at all care. Preview As a witness to one of these traumatic events I would like to show you why it is so important that women gain prenatal care and testing and encourage you and your loved ones to receive it.Body primary(prenominal) Point One-NeedI. Sadly about one third of the women who give birth give have some kind of pregnancy related torsion which is most of the reason why prenatal care is extremely important.A. Receiving prenatal care reduces the risk of pregnancy-related complications such as anemia, preterm birth, preeclampsia, complications of diabetes, or poor return of the bumble in utero. B. Unfortunately one million women in the U.S. give back babies without receiving prenatal care C. According to, mothers who receive late or no prenatal care are three times more presum commensurate to give birth to a low-weight baby. D. Babies whose mothers dont receive prenatal care are five times more likely to die. principal(prenominal) Point Two-SatisfactionII. With prenatal care and testing doctors can spot health enigmas early when they see mothers regularly. A. The tests done for the mother aregenerally done in the first trimester to determine things such as her blood type, whether she has diabetes, anemia, or other health conditions such as and STD. B. In a create child testing can identify treatable health problems, characteristics of the baby, and the chance that the baby has certain birth stigmas, or genetic or developmental problems. important Point Three-VisualizationIII. There are many benefits with receiving prenatal care. It can stay fresh lives if not better the chance at a great one. A. daily doctors are helping expectant mothers provide their developing child to determine a great head start at a reasoned life. B. There are many health problems that healthcare professionals have been able to take care of before the child is born or the problem gets worse. C. The chance of a child developing a birth defect is significantly lessoned when the mother receives prenatal care.Conclusion- ActionI. So, I encourage you to please receive prenatal care or make sure your loved ones do so. II. If you or your loved one receives prenatal care your child will have the best chance possible to be born healthy.

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