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Week 2 Cmgt 554

Patton-Fuller fraternity infirmary is a prominent infirmary that is known for specializing in radiology, physical therapy, pharmacy, and surgery. Patton-Fuller residential area infirmary was founded in 1975. Patton-Fuller confederation infirmary has been providing type apprehension to all its patients some(prenominal) children and adults alike. Patton-Fuller society hospital patients are prone to the quality service that the hospital houses with a focus on the different programs and service to help maintain a richly degree of burster for its patients.Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has an abundance of technology and can be divideed into many different areas providing an in-depth analyse of the advancements and shortfalls of organization. The neting department has the challenge of dissecting and breaking tear the current floor to underwrite a comprehensive analysis is through to provide a solution that will destination for the three to five years. Identifying the right solutions and computer architecture is key to ensuring the growth of the vane infrastructure to foul the demands of the current health care industry.The methods of how Information transmits indoors the hospital and outwardly are Based on the network Diagrams the Network has two segments Administrative and Clinical. The book binding network structure for the entire hospital is atomic number 19 Base T. The nodes of the administrative thing network utilize CAT 6 cabling. The nodes of the administrative functions network are connected to an Ethernet backbone. A single vogue quality cable, transmitting 1000 Base F, physically connects nodes abandoned to the clinical segment. All nodes attached to the clinical function segment is physically connected by single mode fiber cable and transmitting 1000 Base F.Both segments connect via a network bridge. A DHCP server provides all workstations on the administrative function segment with IP lotes. A good security serve for the network black/white and colouration laser printers are to utilize a static IP, so the MAC address is registered with the DHCP server to impede malicious natural process. To prevent any unwanted malicious activity the Nodes on the clinical function segment IP addresses are static IPs. The DHCP service is run on the step in Server housed in the IT information center. The subject field naming solution is also hosted on this server.Active Directory centrally manages user account commission in the domain. All web dealing is relay through a procurator that masked the identity of the IP address. To ensure the hospital has adequate Disaster retrieval (DR) capability the entire hospital has a complete power backup frame that automatically cuts over to a giving diesel motor generator set. The Patton-Fuller Community hospital network bridge connects to the perspicuous network. The bridge connects multiple internal segments at the selective information combine seam, which is Laye r 2 of the OSI model.The Data Link Layer enables info to be transferred amidst network entities and susceptibility provide the means to detect and mayhap correct errors that may occur in the Physical Layer. The hospitals network is an Ethernet network. Within the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital architecture the physical layer can be found within the appliance in the operating room and intensive care unit along with the patients rooms. The selective information link layer is where the physical transmission of data is managed. This creates and distributes messages boundaries. At the network layer the focusing of the data is routed where the routing takes place.This is the Internet level of the communications protocol stack. Routers are designed to forward packets of data to other routers and active switches. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital data center uses a cisco router model 7609 to perform these tasks. At the carry layer it is responsible for breaking bighearted strings of data into manageable littler packets. Error checking and elimination of duplicate packets is done at this layer as well. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital utilizes a network introduction device to interface both their clinical and administrative networks with the Internet. At the sitting layer it manages the session for all users on the network.The session layer also manages the amount of snip spent to transferring the data. A network gateway is considered a session layer device. At the presentation layer this layer is concerned with formatting, and resolving differences of data format between two different machines. It also takes the data from applications format to the network format. One type of this method is the Advanced Encryption meter utilized by the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital. At the application layer it defines the interfaces for communication and data transfer. This is also the end users access to the Internet.One good example of the application layer would we b pages. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has the backbone infrastructure that provides adequate bandwidth to support video and other high quality of service services. However it does not birth the necessary requirements for future needs. With the sale and deployment of networked equipment within the medical industry it is becoming more than apparent that Patton-Fuller Community Hospital apparel their future. References Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Virtual Organization, (Apollo group, 2011) https//ecampus. phoenix. edu/ reassure/aapd/cist/vop/Healthcare/PFCH/index. asp

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