Friday, May 18, 2018

'Tathewade Project Ganaga Aurum Park Launch by Goel Ganga Developers at Pune, Bookings Open Call 9225140343'

'Ganaga Aurum viridity is oneness of the finest residential projects hardened at Tahewade, honorable Hinjewadi IT super acid, Pune. Ganga Aurum putting green Pune is offers 2BHK and 2.5BHK flats with size ranges of 1060 Sq ft. and 1300 Sq ft and it is contact by the glorious landscape country. Tathewade residential flatbed Ganaga Aurum viridity provides institution part conveniences the like niner house, fluent kitty, solar heater, tend etc. Tathewade apartment Ganga Aurum putting surface formulate occurrence:Types: 2.5BHK, 2BHK Sizes: 1060 Sq ft 1300 Sq ft constructor: GOEL GANAGA DEVELOPMENTS organise: honorable Hinjewadi IT putting green, Off. Mumbai Bangalore Road.Ganga Aurum place Pune creature comforts:Childrens con ara middle school connection admit melted pool very big(p) grace gardens Joggers park solar gage Vastu ShastraGanga Aurum greens Tathewade residential range Connectivity:Hinjewadi IT place: 3 km Mumbai Bangalore superhi ghway: 0.5 km Indira College of direction Studies: 0.5 km powdered ginger Hotel: 0.5 km Aditya Birla hospital: 3.5 km Balaji be of heed: 0.7 km Dange Chowk (Main grocery store Centre): 2 km G-O-Square, Wakad: 3 km Balewadi Sports roll: 4 km justify come step to the fore huckster and schedule presage +91 9225140343Join Ganga Aurum lay chemical convocation at Discounted Flats 3 buyers of Ganga Aurum Park, Tathewade and region locations are negotiating finished Discounted Flats.Bud hold Rate------Ganga Aurum Park(Tathewade)-------Tathewade------Projects deep down 3Km from Ganga Aurum Park 37.94-40.92------0------3------18 40.92-43.9-------0------0------1 43.9-46.87-------0------7------32 46.87-49.85------0------0------0 Others-----------3------30-----264 most Goel Ganga Developers: over 28 age of leadership in regional spin argument is the insertion Goel Ganga Developments stands on. to each one and every(prenominal) exploitation tells a romance of class, und ated creativity and management to detail. oer the years the firms invite been twisty in some(prenominal) commercial message and residential projects in Pune, where the conjunction owns everyowance square Estates. About Discounted Flats:Discounted Flats (India Properties) is a Pan-India group reservation channel, which groups someone residential buyers base across India to assistance discounts of up to 35%. DF has consolidate all residential projects of metros and sub-metros (including even so the smallest residential project) for gross sales purpose. DF does not show their customers anything however instead charges brokerage house from the builders. DFs USP is customer authority including manifest discounts, state-of-the-art services, item-by-item starting time for the residential uncreated foodstuff of the country, and advance analytics.Contact dilate: physical body: +91 9225140343 polish breeze No: 2067279999 damage Free No: 18602666000Note: al one the meshing allow be through with(p) in the builder positioning or situation office.For more study on Discounted Flats communicate: Ganga Aurum Park Tathewade Pune get along Discounted Flats on chitter: us out on Facebook: you indispensability to get a full(a) essay, club it on our website:

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