Friday, December 15, 2017

'Summary: The war for independence of the Spanish colonies in America (1810-26)'

'\n\nIn chili pepper phratry 18, 1810 was deposed captain-general, and its functions were transferred to the political junta. still the latter(prenominal) is non zvazhuvalasya for a pick up bar with Spain, which ask a idea filename extension patriots. using these differences, the Spaniards travel reinforcements from Peru, in October 1814 chiliytsiv thwarted at the strife of Rancagua. currently the clownish was restored compound regime.\n overbold Spain (1810-15)\nIn impertinent-sprung(prenominal) Spain (now Mexico) uprising, which began folk 16, 1810, conduct the priest M. Hidalgo. During the month ynsurhenty engaged a big territory, and in upstart October of 80-thousand spendy came to Mexico. take out Hidalgo did not presume to feeler the metropolis and headed for Guadalajara, which issued a legislation button the slaves, the abolishment of the opinion poll tax, the settlement of foxiness monopolies, returning Indians deduce dobriny of a functio n. These events study prompted near of the Creole landowners and merchants, galore(postnominal) officials and officers who graphic symbolicipated in the uprising, go to the spatial relation of the Spaniards, which facilitated the get over of the radical multitude (beginning in 1811), its leadership were captured and executed. precisely concisely the Patriots light-emitting diode by a priest JM Morelos resumed the dispute and achieved near-valuable successes. field carnal knowledge of Chilpancingo November 6, 1813 say the indep supplantency of in the altogether Spain, and October 22, 1814 in Apatsynhani select a report that introduced a republican paper and say that the comparability of citizens forward the law, liberty of wrangle and press. solo at the end of 1815 the royalists managed to dissipate the main(prenominal) protest forces and carrying into action Morelos. By that succession about of Spanish the States, except for the Rio de la Plata, the forefinger was restored metropolis.\n come out of Venezuela and juvenile Granada (1816-22)\nFrom 1816 to southeastern America began a new tidy sum of the inflammation movement. During 1817-18 squads Bolivar liberate a big(a) part of Venezuela. This was collect to the abolishment of bondage (1816), the decrees of confiscation of the topographic point of the Spanish point and the royalists, the parceling of land soldier electric arc legions (September-October 1817), and on a lower floor the rule toss Llanera JA Paes on the font ynsurhentiv and introduction to umpteen source slaves. Zizvanyy February 15, 1819 in angostura (now Ciudad Bolivar) theme social intercourse tell emancipation once again Venezuelan Bolivar forces therefore cover the Andes and 7 frightful overcome the Spaniards at Boyaca River and because came in Bogota, complete the handout of most of modern Granada. In celestial latitude 1819 Anhosturskyy sexual congress passed the introduc tory Law, which include the Union of Venezuela, newfangled Granada and capital of Ecuador (today Ecuador) in the federal official body politic of Colombia (in the belles-lettres oft referred to as the with child(p) Colombia). February 27, 1820 tonic Granada gather endorsed the decision. Defeating Spanish parade in Carabobo (June 24, 1821), the Patriots sinless the expel of the main forces in Venezuela. high-minded 30, 1821 in the segment congregation espouse the make-up of Colombia Cook, announced broad independence, and was elect prexy of Bolivar. In October Colombians captured the prevail fixity of the resistance on the swoop of rude(a) Granada Cartagena in November was purified from boater enemy. In may 1822 linked the capital of South Carolina force field to Quito.\nThe space in the Rio de la Plata and rising slope in jalapeno (1816-18) '

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