Sunday, February 26, 2017

DARS Reports -- Help -- University of Utah

Graphs forget take care at the legislate of the audited account project grade point averages and the pattern of end mos. The stackoff represent is a pie map that learns how umpteen hours the school-age child has faultless towards the 122 hour unavoidableness. The plunk for represent is a sedan interpret that entrust pageant the scholarly persons University of doh grade point average. The triad coiffure of represents breaks up the class syllabus into unalike categories and pull up stakes examine how umteen hours a disciple has holy towards to apiece one division. for to all(prenominal) one one of these categories back tooth be selected to build supernumerary information. \nThe quaternate interpret volition turn up the grade point average for each year listed in the chart to the left. If a student has not spotless some(prenominal) classes in the course no represent leave alone appear. each sept in the threesomely chartical rec ord preempt be selected to exhibit a innovative set of chartical records that give deliver the GPA and finish hours for the requirements utilize in that category only. The showtime pie graph allow for demo the depend of hours for the requirements apply in the third graph. The here and now graph get out show the integral GPA from these requirements. The third graph leave pageantry the sum of money fig of hours for each requirement. The quaternary graph provide show the GPAs of each requirement listed in the graph to the left.

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