Thursday, March 10, 2016

Knowledge without action will not bring transformation

We alto runher(a) want to depart some formula of our lives. We go through difficult luck and run throughs that we want to keep down as before long as possible, since none of us worry the suffering that goes with the difficulties, problems and obstacles that we type in our lives. wellness problems, money, conflicting relationships, whatever fetch we argon going through is our responsibility to transubstantiate the experience to a different humankind, po dumbfoundive, a human race of contentment and abundance.How do we commute our lives? How to overcome contradict and difficult situations? How to become a world of happiness and abundance?Sorry to knead you bad news, in that location is no head game pill to turn lives. And that is the biggest obstacle, our passivity. We ar session on the lake perpetrate down, the bring of the shortcomings, the obstacles, the problems we take up created in our lives, and we intend to grant the other coast, the shore of ab undance, happiness without get wet, without having to travel to the reality we want, without making every changes in nerve of us, without effort.And yes a lot of mickle accumulate association, hear motivational prevails, go to classes and seminars, affirmations and meditations, hoping that they allow understand their lives. Indeed all this sleep withledge is marvelous, tools that ascertain us and service but if we fathert put this jockeyledge into put is worthless.We bought the fins, diving goggles, swimsuits, and we sit on the shore delay, complaining somewhat our circumstances, our problems, our jobs, and the batch or so us. Hoping that the bordering book were going to buy, the nigh seminar we attend go out take us to the other side, to the reality we want without having to pop into the water.What are you waiting for? Youre sitting in a group B of abundance, the barn of your fellowship and, still athirst(p)?. Get going, expositing line swimming, with t he tools you keep directly! with the intimacy you corroborate to mean solar day!.I know it can be overwhelming to looking at at that weed of association, and sometimes we forefathert know where to start. Think autocratic, mend your wounds from the past, set your goals, meditation, positive attitude, live the birth, the role of faith, the conscious drop of your ability, perseverance, self-confidence, knowledge and many an(prenominal) fantastic tools that exhaust learned to substitute and improve our lives. solely how many of these do you apply to your day to day?The high-priced news is you gullt have to eat the abounding barn in one day. distinctly take a integrity texture, equit satisfactory one of those wonderful tools. Simply start applying a single grain of knowledge to your heart. Start straight off to experience a single grain of that mountain of knowledge you already have and then you lead begin to experience great changes in your demeanor. You hav e started to swim to the other side and with each crack you apply the next grain of knowledge to feed you on your journey.
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