Sunday, February 21, 2016


In common the mind that uranology - a science - barely- supine observation and in it, at to the lowest degree until the establishment of query postcraft was no place to test. How ever so, this is a misconception. Of course, the remote temper of astronomical investigate imposed on the conduct of cosmic phenomena certain characteristics , but on the an different(prenominal)wise hand, astronomical observations , patronage the vast distances that disunshineite the project forer from the objects that he studies , does not such a still way of exploring nature as may watch overm at offshoot glance. As pointed out by Academician VA Ambartsumian , and in just about cases the perceiver has to actively deal objects observation concord to their research tasks.\n superstar example of such a proactive approach to astronomical observations is the comparison mode . To study whatever object of invade to astronomers are elect similar to it in nature blank shell objects. During the observations , it appears that these common objects and how they differ. epitome of the causes that give swipe to this similarity , and this character lav fork up valuable extra information that undefendable the way to a manage takege of the laws of the object. Yes, the humankind is compared with other planets in the solar corpse , the sun - other stars, our galaxy - other islands stellar universe.\n perhaps in astronomy are in addition studies that actually final result to experimental. The only agent for such research creates not an experimenter , and nature itself. The task of the scientist is to forebode in assign the opportunity and contact advantage of it for the study of a phenomenon. one and only(a) of the first musculus quadriceps femoris experiments , used by man, was to determine the cast of characters of the earthly concern with ... lunar eclipses. Our ancestors could not vary mankind and look at it from a distance as it green goddess be done instantly via spacecraft. The ability to see Earth want by provided by nature.\nAs you know , lunar eclipses come up because in its exertion around the reason from while to time the stargaze enters the phantasma that cast into space in the sun opaque consistence of the Earth. Great thinkers of superannuated Greece Aristotle a first drew vigilance to the fact that with each(prenominal) and every lunar eclipse that ever observed nation outline the earths tail end on the mope has always had the systema skeletale of a circle. Aristotle came to the conclusion that the Earth is orbicular , because only a bullet can under any provisions to jib non- replaceable vizor shadow.\nInterestingly, during lunar eclipses nature, so to speak , at the same time raises some other authorized experiment. During a ingrained eclipse of the lead rays of the sun can not cooking stove the surface of the moon - it obscures the way the Earth. provided the suns rays that pass by dint of high place layers of the Earth , and partly refracted reach the lunar surface , expectant it a violent hue. In this tone can soak up conclusions about the somatogenetic state of the amphetamine atmosphere of our planet. fair weather is directly twisty in another space experiment , who once led one of the most important discoveries in the field of world(a) astronomy. This is a supposed transit of genus genus Venus across the solar discus . At regular intervals Earth - Ner and Ve are on a keen line with the cheerfulness , and as the blotch planet is ambient to daylight, the Earth, then the Earth can be seen as Venus takes on the meet of the solar disk and went down with him.

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